Summer of Cupcakes – A Photo Spotlight on Cupcake Picnic Displays & the Lime n’ Licious from The Cupcake Shoppe


I have SO much to share with you all for the next Cupcake Connection post but, first things first: a photo spolight of the cute and sweet summer window display and seasonal Lime n’ Licious cupcake from The Cupcake Shoppe!  This time around the ever-changing storefront display carried a giant picnic basket equipped with all the wine glass and grape bunch fixings with a pretty mountain of Frost Me cupcakes in shades of baby blue and bright cherry red!  Given the ridiculous heat in the city though, I really wouldn’t recommend grabbing cupcakes for an outdoor picnic unless you decided to bring an ice pack along; just think of the melted, mushy mess!  And I speak from heartbroken experience.  I love me my picnics, but for the time being, I’m more than happy just taking the cupcke and stuffing my face on the way out the bake shop door. 

If you can believe it, this post marks the 10th Cupcake Shoppe post on Ate by Ate and are there ever so many delicious cake and frosting memories since the beginnings of the blog where I first featured the James Brown and Red Velvet in my second day of blogging and posting.  And to think that I’m still nowhere near showing off all their best flavours!   

After many months of patient waiting though, I finally caught the juicy, sweet and sour Lime n’ Licious cupcake with lemon-lime frosting swirled over top vanilla cake with a cute little lime jaw crusher candy to decorate.  I’ve wanted to try this cupcake for what feels like eternity and it was every bit as delightful as the my beloved Lemon Drop.  Vanilla cake is truly the best flavour to go with the frosting because the sweetness of the vanilla doesn’t compete with or muddy the bright citrus flavours in the frosting and sort of acts like a blank cupcake canvas for the thick, creamy frosting.  The juicy flavour is incredible in this one and it tastes exactly what limeade would taste like if it were made into a cupcake frosting.  The Cupcake Shoppe makes some of my favourite vanilla cupcakes and combined with lemon-lime frosting, this one is a total winner and I love that the frosting is the thick, creamy, juicy sweet kind.

So many cupcake shops are dishing out summer flavours and it’s so exciting to see (and taste!) all the new and creative flavours that are available along with the exisitng summer favourites.  I’m working on the next Cupcake Connection post as we speak and this is just the beginning of all the yummy stuff we can take advantage of this season and beyond!  


The Cupcake Shoppe is located in the Yonge and Eglinton neighbourhood at 2417 Yonge St., north of Eglinton on the east side of Yonge St.  They JUST opened up their second location in Vaughan last week on Bathurst St. and Rutherford Road at 9340 Bathurst!  Hurray for more cupcake options in York Region! 

They have a rotating menu of cupcake flavours each day and each cupcake is priced at $2.85.  For more Cupcake Shoppe goodness on Ate by Ate, click HERE!  There are write-ups, scrapbook layouts, and tons of photos on The Cupcake Shoppe’s following flavours: Cookie Dough, Eh? (maple), Lemon Drop & Lov’n Lemon (the first one is one of the most amazing lemon cupcakes you will ever eat and the latter, not so much), Red Velvet, Naughty n’ Spice (fall seasonal), After Ate (mint chocolate), and most recently, Pretty in Pink (raspberry cupcake with raspberry buttercream).

For All the Pink Monsters Out There – The “Pretty in Pink” Raspberry Cupcake from The Cupcake Shoppe

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I love pink.  Not quite as much as I used to, but the bubblegum shade still occupies a soft spot in my heart.  At one point in my life for a span of about 5 years, my middle school friend, Ella, and I were known as the Pink Monsters.  We wrote on pink stationery.  We used pink construction paper to make cards.  We chose pink for everything.  And our friends would gift us cute trinkets “because they were pink”.  I even dedicated an entire page in my high school memory scrapbook to stationery and magazine cut-outs that were pink-themed.  It was bad.  This obsession never extended to food (with the exception of cotton candy, there isn’t much to work with!), but if we’re talking about a treat that fits the bill for a pink lover at any age, The Cupcake Shoppe’s “Pretty in Pink” takes the cake – literally.

For every person out there who loves, and I mean LOVES pink, this cupcake is for you!  Not only is The Cupcake Shoppe‘s sweet and sassy “Pretty in Pink” cupcake ($2.65) outfitted with the most delectable, soft, whippy swirl of fruity raspberry buttercream, it’s also dressed in a yummy psychedelic pattern of raspberry and vanilla cake!  This cupcake is pure specialness.  While some cupcakeries will do a vanilla or chocolate cupcake with raspberry buttercream and/or frosting to go on top, few – if any – do raspberry for both the frosting and the cake.

Off the top of my head, I know Short & Sweet does a raspberry filling for their Ooh La La red velvet and a raspberry frosting on their Lemon Drop cupcake, Mabel’s Bakery does a raspberry frosting on vanilla and chocolate at both of their west end locations (one on Roncesvalles and the other on Queen West), Dessert Lady does a mean raspberry cocoa, and Prairie Girl Bakery dishes out a gorgeous mango raspberry every once in awhile on their rotating Treats of the Week menu!  Raspberry is definitely a flavour I look forward to having (anything berry is fab in my book!) and lucky for me, The Cupcake Shoppe doubles up for one heck of a great cupcake.  The raspberry flavour in both the cake and frosting pack a punch and you get a balance of both sweetness and tartness.  I wasn’t anticipating loving it as much as I did, but I do.  Eating cupcakes should always be enjoyable, but we know there are ones that we enjoy eating just a litte bit more and this falls under that category.  I LOVED IT.  It’s one of the prettiest cupcakes to look at and it’s definitely one of The Cupcake Shoppe’s best.      


The Cupcake Shoppe is located in the Yonge and Eglinton neighbourhood at 2417 Yonge St., north of Eglinton on the east side of Yonge St.  They have a rotating menu of cupcake flavours each day and each cupcake is priced at $2.65.  For more Cupcake Shoppe goodness on Ate by Ate, click HERE!  There are write-ups, scrapbook layouts, and tons of photos on The Cupcake Shoppe’s following flavours: Cookie Dough, Eh? (maple), Lemon Drop & Lov’n Lemon (the first one is one of the most amazing lemon cupcakes you will ever eat and the latter, not so much), Red Velvet, Naughty n’ Spice (fall seasonal), and After Ate (mint chocolate).

The Strawberry “Pinkalicious” Cupcake & The Not-Quite-So-New Cupcakery – Bakes & Goods by Yonge & Eglinton!

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I thought I was so savvy.  I thought I was one of the first people to know.  I thought I was on the cutting edge of something totally new, and I couldn’t wait to share the news with all of you!  Then my bubble kind of burst and I felt kind of silly.  So, what eaxctly has gotten me into this topsy-turvy tizzy?  Cupcakes.  I know, I know.  “Oh, Deb, only you would zero in on a cupcake sign on the sidewalk like a honing pigeon, race into the new shop squealing like a fangirl, and leave your friend behind”.  It’s true.  I couldn’t help myself.  Let me explain. 

Last Saturday, I was out and about with my dear friend Wini around the Yonge & Eglinton neighbourhood.  We walked north on Yonge Street, stopping along the way to browse at cute housewares, and to drool over the cupcakes at The Cupcake Shoppe.  And then it happened.  I saw the pink and brown sandwich board sign with its swirly cupcake image, looked up and over to see a cupcake shop I had never seen before, and lost all control.  And I mean all.  My breath caught in my throat (to save face I could tell you it was because of the heat, but we all know the truth), I let out a high-pitched, “ohmygodisthatanewcupcakeshop?!”, and left my dear Wini behind as I raced in.  Call it seeking refuge from the heat, call it cupcake insanity – my body went on autopilot, my eyes were locked in tunnel-vision, and there was no stopping me.

Bakes & Goods, located at 2523 Yonge Street, north of Eglinton Ave. between Sherwood and Keewatin Ave., is bake shop that sells nut-free cookies, cupcakes, cakes, shortbread cookies, and customized foodie gifts.  They create special order cakes for birthdays, baby showers, weddings, and seasonal occasions, as well as special giant, pull-apart cookie pies, cookie bouquets, and and cookie baskets!  They also have an adorable selection of decorated sugar and shortbread cookies available for purchase ($2.99 each, and on a stick!) on their retail shelves by the front of the store, similar to those at Yummy Stuff

Now, I’m always excited when I see cupcakes but I was extra excited because I thought for certain I was seeing and walking into a brand spankin’ new cupcake shop in town.  I thought to myself, “YES!  An honest-to-goodness discovery!”  Little did I know that Bakes & Goods was actually not a brand new cupcake shop but an already-exisiting bakery that had simply relocated. 

While I was perusing the cupcake selection, I eagerly asked them if they were new and I was told that they had just moved in from their Bathurst location.  I smiled and congratulated them on the move but on the inside, I was dying a little.  How.  Embarrassing.  And here I thought I had made some miraculously discovery!  Previously in the Bathurst and Lawrence West vicinity, Bakes & Goods moved into their new Yonge & Eglinton home (with adorable heart shaped exterior to boot) last Saturday and are fitting in quite swimmingly – the gentleman in front of me bought 2 dozen cupcakes on the spot!

Bakes & Goods has about 7 or 8 cupcake flavours to choose from on a daily basis including red velvet, cookie crumble, cafe mocha, choco ganache, and others.  While their selection isn’t particularly kooky-crazy, their flavours encompass many of the classics that cupcake lovers fall back on time and time again.  If you love the unique, the different, and the out-of-this-world, it might not be for you.  However, if you’re a diehard red velvet devotee, a committed chocoholic, or a lemon lover, the shop is definitely worth a looksee. 

To me, if you genuinely love cupcakes, there is absolutely nothing that will deter you from trying out a new shop or a shop you’ve never tried, even if the flavours are ones you’re extremely familiar with and accustomed to.  Much like sushi, everyone has a different interpretation of the classics and it’s worth it to see (and taste!) the differences and to experiment.  I am definitely going back to try their cookie crumble, lemon, mocha, and maybe their red velvet.  I’m not the biggest fan of red velvet (please don’t throw things at me), but like I said, it’s worth it to give it a whirl because you never know when you’ll be unknowingly surprised by something awesome.

At $2.75 a pop, their cupcakes rank mid-range on the cupcakery price ladder and their cupcake sizes are very decent and reasonable for the prices they charge.  Being the strawberry and pink lover that I am, I chose their very special Pinkalicious cupcake!  Their Pinkalicious cupcake is a vanilla cupcake topped with strawberry buttercream and a pretty little hot pink edible candy star. 

Knowing the topping was a buttercream, I anticipated the flavour to be very subtle but I was incredibly and pleasantly surprised at how fruity and sweet (and I don’t mean cloying or disgustingly sweet) and yummy the buttercream frosting was.  The buttercream didn’t leave that greasy film behind that so many people complain about and it definitely lives up to the strawberry flavour.  The whole cupcake from top to bottom was so light and fluffy and it was an absolute joy to eat.  This is such a great cupcake for spring and summer and definitely fit for all of us cupcake princesses out there.


Bakes & Goods is located at 2523 Yonge Street in the Yonge & Eglinton neighbourhood.  The bake shop is situated on the east side of Yonge Street between Sherwood and Keewatin Ave., several blocks north of Eglinton Ave.  They have recently moved into this new home from their original Bathurst and Ranee location (around the Lawrence West area) and are open 6 days a week (Monday-Saturday) at 11am.

Caution: Mouthwatering Grilled Cheese Ahead! The Blueprint of a Grilled Cheese Sandwich at The Construction Site


A classic sandwich lunch: the grilled cheese!

Ever since I found about National Grilled Cheese month in March, I’ve been mulling over all the city’s grilled cheese offerings (at least the ones I know of!) and hemming and hawing over which one would be my first grilled cheese experience of this special month.  I’ve had a few yummylicious homemade grilled cheese sandwiches at home (I made a grilled cheese, dill, and tomato on a crusty baguette a few days ago and a tuna cheddar melt on French white for lunch today!), but we’re talking grilled cheese outside my kitchen in TO.  Introducing The Construction Site: Grilled Cheese at Work on Yonge & Eglinton! 

The Construction Site at Yonge & Eglinton opened up late last year in 2011 and it is so, so cute.  Not fa-la-la cotton candy cute, but clever and thematically cute!  You can tell a lot of thought went into the particular look the grilled cheese spot was going for, especially in the details.  First off, we have the decor and aesthetics.  You won’t find anyone drilling or hammering away inside (thank goodness, could you imagine?!), but you will find construction-esque things like smooth wood pillars (donning the freshly sanded and primed look!) with nuts and bolts screwed in, yellow construction signs, and wooden frames showcasing pretty posters of cheese hanging on the walls.  Oh, and the walls!  Think of construction drafts and blueprints, but instead of floorplans and architectural drawings, we have outline drawings of sliced bread, swiss cheese, wedges of cheese, cheese graters, and slotted sandwich flipping spatulas on a pretty shade of pale cornflower blue wallpaper.                        

Love the walls!

Ooo, someone's having a grilled cheese & tomato...

The scrapbooking, patterned paper lover in me hyperventilated.  Can you tell I’m smitten?!  I LOVED themed places!  I love it when places brand their image based on, and according to, a specific theme and then run with it.  It makes the atmosphere and overall look so much fun to work with and you get to be really creative when executing the details.  My absolute favourite aesthetic detail about The Construction Site aside from the wallpaper is the food boxes.  Forget the paper bag, styrofoam box and ho-hum take-out container – everyone gets their grilled cheese sandwich order in an adorable flat, square, cardboard flip-top box with a cute-as-a-button construction cheese sign sticker emblazoned in the corner!  I was in conniptions over this!

One of the cutest food boxes ever!

Funny enough, I actually wanted to grow up to be a construction worker when I was in the 3rd grade.  While many other friends wanted to be ballet dancers, models, makeup artists, and doctors, I wanted to build stuff, carry a toolbelt, and lay bricks.  You guys know I don’t lay bricks (not real ones anyway – I lay Lego bricks with my boyfriend!), but I do construct things out of paper and have a scrapbook “toolbelt” at my disposable.  That’s not too far off the mark then, right?  I felt like I was on a construction site (minus the long, deafening clanging noises and hard hats), sitting on a workbench (or a crane on a sunny day) with my cardboard box on lunch break.  Open up the box and there’s your lunch greeting you like an old, reliable friend.  What a wonderful feeling.

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Breaking Out of the Veggie Buffet Comfort Zone – Scrumptious Tofu Burgers at Kale Eatery!


For all the vegetarians, vegans, and veggie food enthusiasts in and around Toronto who have been to Kale, I pose a question to you: when you think of the magical land of Kale Eatery, what comes to mind?  The wonderfully delicious expanse of rice, steamed kale, hummus, curry, beans, tofu, stew, and salad in the self-serve buffet?  Grabbing a plate at the head of the line and heaping spoonfuls of food onto it?  The feeling of happiness and satisfaction you get bringing a mosaic of healthy food to your table?  All of the above?  I know, me too. 

However, amidst all of these heavenly thoughts of food, I have had major food tunnel vision.  Yes, that’s right, food tunnel vision.  And I feel rather awful about it.  I’ve been so fixated on Kale’s vegetarian and vegan buffet, I’ve overlooked their entire regular, made-to-order, magical menu!  The buffet has stolen my heart and my love has blinded me all this time.  Sigh. 

Every single time I make plans to go to Kale, all I can think of is, “I wonder how much food I can fit on my plate without making a mess out of everything?”.  I walk in, quickly claim a table (Kale gets busy!), throw my bag and outerwear (if I’m wearing any) on my chair, and make a beeline for the buffet.  I grab a plate, survey the selection, and start piecing together a nice a little food puzzle for myself.  I don’t know why I do what I do!  It’s not like the buffet is going anywhere or that I’ll die of starvation if I don’t get that portobello mushroom rice on my plate that very second.  The self-serve buffet is one of my favourite things in Toronto though and when you love something, you do nutty things.  There’s a first time for (almost) everything and during my last visit, I knew it was time I ate out of my comfort zone and that meant enjoying something off their menu.

Kale has an amazing menu of food and drinks that cater to both big and small appetites.  Their regular, made to order menu has a large selection of soups, wraps, veggie burgers, smoothies, and fresh squeezed juice along with coffee and tea drinks and some appetizers such as samosas and hummus and pita plates.  Soups include green lentil with spinach, barley mushroom, curry yellow split pea, butternet squash with millet (a type of grain that can resemble fluffy rice and couscous or creamy mashed potatoes and polenta), and mixed vegetables with pinto beans among others.  If you’re in the market for veggie wraps, Kale has a mouthwatering lineup of portobello quinoa, black bean avocado, tempeh, and spicy sundried tomato.  Finally, the all-mighty tofu burger rounds out the veggie menu, with an option to have it on either a bun or on a bed of greens.  Combined with the buffet, the dizzying array of choices becomes a veggie lover’s dream world!

What I really love about the menu at Kale is how well it complements the buffet options.  There are endless possibilities when it comes to mixing and matching to create that perfect vegetarian or vegan meal.  You can have a wrap and have some rice, tofu, stew, potatoes, or other veggies to go along with it.  You can have a soup and have some fresh, crunchy kale on the side.  There are so many ways to go about it and that’s what makes everything so versatile and easy to love. 

In addition, the menu prices are extremely reasonable ($6-$8 for mains and $3.25 and $4.25 for soups) and that is a huge relief for those who want to eat healthy, but hesitate to eat at vegetarian and vegan establishments because the food is often pricier.  This is a whole other important issue entirely though, one that I’ll address at another time.  For now though, just know that the buffet option may not be the best bet if you’re on a budget, but that the soups, wraps, and tofu burgers are right on par with all other non-vegetarian places.

I love tofu (as you all know) and this was my very first time having one so I was incredibly excited!  The burger ($6.95) was served on a soft, yet sturdy bun with sesame seeds with juicy tomatoes, onions, mounds of baby spinach, thick, creamy slices of avocado, and scrumptious hummus all over the tofu burger patty.  The tofu burger blew me away.  I couldn’t believe how delicious it was.  I wasn’t expecting anything awful, but I was truly taken aback by how good it was.  

For those of you who are meat-eaters and who’ve never had a tofu burger in your life but want to know what the taste and texture is like, the tofu patty was like a breaded chicken cutlet only, in my opinion, 100 times more fabulous.  It was juicy and savoury and it had this crisp goldeness to it on the outside that made it so much more burger and diner-like, and combined with the thick, creamy hummus, it was heaven in my mouth.  It was like eating savoury falafel balls dunked in hummus only with a mouthwatering tofu patty.  With the thick avocado and tomato slices and rings of raw onion, the burger was so tall I could barely fit it into my mouth and that’s saying a lot considering I have the ability to shove an entire cupcake with frosting in my mouth (my boyfriend can attest to that).

And the bun!  There was an option to go bunless and to instead have the burger on a bed of greens or spinach and when I realized that, I thought to myself, “oh geez, I should have gone the greens route!” since I’m a bigger fan of leafy greens than I am of most burger buns.  The burger bun showed me up though and I ended up loving it!  It isn’t dry or overly chewy or so crunchy it makes eating the burger uncomfortable.  It was soft on the inside with a wonderful toastiness to it from the sesame seeds on top.  I would probably hold the onion the next time around (I’m a wuss when it comes to the spiciness of raw onions), but otherwise, the tofu burger knocked it out of the park completely and I am that much more excited to have it again and to try other regular menu items! 


Kale Eatery is located at 2366 Yonge St. (near the intersection of Yonge and Eglinton, just north of Eglinton).  Their website is up and running which you can check out here.

Getting Warm and Cozy at the Indoor Farmers’ Markets – The Eglinton Market at North Toronto Community Centre


I love visiting different community centres.  Growing up, I spent a lot of time at my local community centre, and bouncing between different ones around the city to ice skate and swim with my dad.  I spent 3 years swimming like a fishy full-time, winter after winter strapping on ice skates that were way too big for me because my dad bought me skates he thought I would “grow into” (which I obviously didn’t), and almost all my life popping in and out of community centre libraries with stacks of books I would stick my nose in for weeks on end. 

Community centres are so important not only in providing neighbourhoods with lifestyle, sports, and exercise programs, but they’re also vital in creating and maintaining our social relationships.  You meet people, you make friends, you get to know your own neighbourhood better, and you learn about events going on in the city you otherwise wouldn’t have known about.  At the very least, a community centre can function as a physical and mental refuge for some, a home away from home for parts of the day.

The Eglinton Farmers’ Market (in conjunction with Appletree Markets) moved indoors this past November, setting up camp on the main floor of the North Toronto Memorial Community Centre every other week from 3pm-7pm.  I finally got the chance to see the market in its indoor form since its winter move and I was really excited to see what January would bring.  Even though I think I arrived at the market before every single vendor was able to set up, I was still able to snap some photos and I even took away some fabulous new foodie reading material for myself! 

The market was in full-out winter mode, with barrels of cabbage, potatoes, leeks, onions, apples, pears, brussel sprouts, and beans ready for the picking.  I was so amused by the brussel sprouts – they looked like jolly green giant beanstalks with little green nubbies on them!  In its natural form, there they were with brussel sprouts literally still on the stalk!  Brussel sprouts have become one of my family’s favourite vegetables over the past two years and that’s because we don’t do the brussel sprout no-no: we don’t steam them!  For years, my mum hated brussel sprouts because she had an awful dining experience where the cooking method used didn’t do them justice and they ended up being reduced to mush.  Roasting (or in our case, a quick boil) does the trick and sprinkle some olive oil, garlic, sea salt, or cracked black pepper and you have yourself a tasty meal.

The winter markets are all about warmth and comfort and there was plenty of that at the little market.  There were homemade jars of soup, baskets with mounds of Italian beans perfect for making salads and warm soups (it was the first time I had ever seen Italian borlotti beans!), and plenty of fair trade coffee from Chocosol!  I picked up the most recent issue of Edible Toronto and The Golden Horseshoe from Chocosol where they were featured on the cover and in the magazine as the featured cover story, and the most recent issue of Post City magazine: North Toronto from the community centre.

I’m sad that the market is every other week as opposed to every single week, but I feel lucky enough that I have markets to go to and great community centres to visit and explore.  The winter is still young and I’m crossing my fingers I’ll finally be able to visit the market at Wychwood Barns and the 99 MRKT when it comes back later on this month!  No matter what, I’m making it a priority to visit whichever ones I can so I can get the goods on what’s good this winter at the market. 


The Eglinton Appletree Markets are held indoors during the winter season at North Toronto Memorial Community Centre at 200 Eglinton Ave. West from 3pm-7pm.  From November 10th to May, the market is held indoors in the community centre every other Thursday from 3pm-7pm.  Check out the Appletree Market website here for specific dates and for more information.

Bidding Farewell to the Outdoor Markets and Cozying Up Inside – Veggie Pies & The Eglinton Park Farmers’ Market!


We’re nearing the end of October and many markets and summer events are closing up shop for the year, either to head indoors or to map out plans for next spring.  Leslieville’s last market is this Sunday (the day before Hallow’en), we’ll be saying goodbye to the market by East York Civic Centre next Tuesday, and Kensington Market’s last Pedestrian Sunday of the year is taking place on Sunday. 

To commemorate the very last outdoor farmers’s market in Eglinton Park tomorrow, I’m dedicating this post to everyone who’s helped make this market a fabulous success this year!  Even though the market may have caused a bit of confusion for foodies and locals alike throughout the year with its revolving door of locations and times, you know a market has been successful when it needs to move around to accomodate the crowds!  The farmers’ market by Yonge and Eglinton has been ping-ponging back and forth between several different locations and I think it’s kind of cute that they needed to do that because it’s highly indicative of the overwhelmingly positive response the market has had over the past number of months. 

Let’s start from the beginning.  When I first found about the market back during the spring, the Eglinton Market was located behind the North Toronto Memorial Community Centre in Eglinton Park where it took place every Thursday from 3pm-7pm.  Much like Dufferin Grove, the green space had an adorable community garden for everyone in the neighbourhood and vicinity to pitch in, learn about, and enjoy.  It was green, it was peaceful, and it felt homey as I perused the market tables bursting with bright yellow tomatoes, chocolate chip muffins, and summer fruits and vegetables.

Fast forward to the depths of summer in August.  The Eglinton market moved it fruits, veggies, baked goods, and other yummies to a much more high-traffic location smack dab on Yonge St. in the Pedestrian Square by Northern District Public Library.  Organizers of the market upped the anti by extending market hours from 3pm-7pm to 11am-7pm to attract lunch crowds and morning market birds like me!  At this location, the market was able to cater to the throngs of summer passersby around Yonge and Eglinton and you can bet it had the vibrant street feel to it!  The grill was fired up, market goers sat out on patio tables having lunch, there was music playing, and it was all hustle and bustle.  

The market then entered the crisp, chilly days of fall in October where it said goodbye to Pedestrian Square and headed back to the greenery of Eglinton Park and its original 3pm-7pm hours.  We’re now looking at our very last outdoor market in the park tomorrow before it heads into warmer headquarters indoors to the North Toronto Community Centre beside the park starting November 10th.  From then on, the market will operate every other Thursday from 3pm-7pm.  So we’re looking at going to market on November 10th, November 24th, December 8th, December 22nd, and so on.  I’ll definitely miss the weekly markets, but I already feel very lucky to have a market to go to in one of my favourite parts of town.  And the way I see it, having it indoors in the community centre means I’ll get to know more about the activities and programs that are offered inside which is a great thing.

One of the things I love most about the Eglinton Market is the presence of The Canadian Pie Company!  Their storefront is located on Queen Street East, just east of Broadview on Boulton Ave. and I am so looking forward to going sometime and eating inside their shop.  To my knowledge, this is the only market they’re currently a part of, so this makes the market even more special.  (Oct.27th: Scratch that, Canadian Pie Company also makes their appearance at the Leslieville Farmers’ Market.  That’s okay, they’re still super special).  We’re not just talking about the run-of-the-mill fruit pies and dessert pies – oh no, we’re talking warm, savoury, delicious pies that you could eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!  Because I eat pie for breakfast.  Let me rephrase that: I don’t actually eat pie for breakfast like it’s part of my daily routine or diet, but I would if the opportunity arose. 

They have a delicious selection of meat pies and vegetarian pies and by george, I am all over their vegetarian pies.  They sell them in large sizes and small ones and the small ones make me squeal because they’re cute and they perfect size for me as a dinner.  I want to stuff my face into all of their vegetarian pies: spinach and goat cheese, cheddar and asparagus, wild mushroom, and everything other veggie pie they have.  Much like chili, I prefer veggie over meat kinds.  Just thinking about them now is making me hungry.  If I can get myself to the market tomorrow, I am so picking one up for dinner.  And eating it on the subway ride home.


The Eglinton Appletree Market will be having its last outdoor market TOMORROW in Eglinton Park behind North Toronto Memorial Community Centre at 200 Eglinton Ave. West from 3pm-7pm.  Starting November 10th, the market will be held indoors in the community centre every other Thursday from 3pm-7pm.  Check out the Appletree Market website here for specific dates and for more information.