Welcoming the Royal Baby – Cupcake Hugs & Kisses to William & Kate’s Baby Boy!

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royal baby collageIT’S A BOY!!!!  I can see we’ll be hearing and seeing that phrase a lot over the next 24 hours!  So many people all over the world have been waiting with baited breath for the birth of William and Kate’s baby what with holding tea parties, royal-themed baby shower and dessert parties and more.  And now their bundle of joy is finally here and for years to come so many of us will remember the day and where we were when we first heard the news (for the record, I was in a staff meeting where one of my coworkers scared the crap out of us with an excited shriek of, “IT’S A BOY!” after checking her phone).  Time has passed us by in a fuzzy blur and I remember William and Kate’s wedding like it was yesterday when my boyfriend humoured me as I watched their nuptials on television 3 times.  Sigh.  While I’m by no means a tried-and-true royal family follower, this is such a happy time and I want to use this post to send my hugs and kisses and best wishes to William and Kate and their baby boy!