What’s New, What’s Hot – What’s Hot: The Butter Tart Trail in Wellington North, Ontario!

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Welcome to Ate by Ate’s brand *NEW* feature: What’s New, What’s Hot!  This new feature is my way of sharing all the foodie things I’m currently loving, new and exciting food things that might be happening in the city (or in this case, outside the city!), maybe new cookbook releases that I’m really looking forward to, and everything foodie under the sun!  This is not to be confused with my Bits & Bites segment which is only dedicated to blog site news and updates.  This is purely me firing away and tooting about things that have captured my fancy!

Most of the time, I go into a lot of depth in my posts and I write A LOT (with the exception of the Photo Spotlights), so What’s New, What’s Hot will be my way of talking about things at a much faster pace, dishing about whatever new, yummy things come my way.  Sometimes I don’t have enough photos to make a real, substantial blog post (shocking, I know!) or sometimes all I want to say is, “I’m so in love with this right now!” with nothing but a link directing everyone to the thing I love.  In a nutshell, it’s just another way for me to connect with you guys on a daily basis and to share what’s on my mind.  So, let’s get started!


What’s New, What’s Hot – Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Butter Tart Trail

The Butter Tart Trail map!

For fab local butter tarts in Toronto, try Yorktown Pie Company!

Yes, The Butter Tart Trail!  Think of it as a road map to sweet, flaky, decadent goodness and a bright, shiny spotlight on one of the most classic desserts!  The Township of Wellington North in southwestern Ontario is known for their famous Butter Tart Trail, a designated group of restaurants, bakeries, and shops devoted to putting butter tarts and butter tart related goodies (butter tart dog treats?!) on the map!  The Butter Tart Trail functions as a way for tourists to get to know some of the beloved places in the area, specifically around Mount Forest and Arthur, Ontario, and for foodies to totally foam at the mouth!  Just think, it’s like a road trip for foodies and a treasure hunt all in one!

The trail features 16 spots, each with a special butter tart offering including butter tart pie, butter tarts and ice cream, butter muffins, and even butter tart scented candles!  For those who wish to join in on the fun, you can visit their website HERE and download their Butter Tart Trail passport which allows you to get “stamped” at each location you visit on the trail.  And if you stop by at least 12 of the 16 spots, you can mail in your fully stamped passport (or drop it off if you’re in the area) for a prize in the end!  Even if you can’t manage all 16 locations, even making it a point to visit maybe 2 or 3 would make for such a fun weekend trip outside of the city.  I want to do this SO BADLY!

I thank my coworker, Pat, for clueing me in to this.  She’s an avid road-tripper and she loves exploring different areas in Ontario.  Toronto is my home, yes, and I love it dearly (I wouldn’t be blogging about it so passionately otherwise!), but there’s so much to see and do outside the city in the rest of the province and this is just one of the numerous fun food journeys you can embark on.