Ate by Ate’s Bits & Bites, Vol. 004: Valentine’s Day 2012 Edition!

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Dish out the frilly pinks and reds and puffy hearts – it’s t-minus 7 days until Valentine’s Day!  I know everyone feels differently about this annual occasion, but I adore Valentine’s and not just because I’m in a relationship.  I have always loved Valentine’s ever since I was little and it’s something I look forward to every year.  I loved exchanging the little boxed Valentine’s cards with friends and classmates, I made some very memorable memories working three Valentine’s in a row at my old flower shop job, and when I was single, I would either stay home and scrapbook or do fun dates with my best friend or other friends whether they were part of a couple or not.  It’s also no secret among my friends that pink is one of my favourite colours (in high school, it was THE favourite colour), that I’m a sucker for seasonal, themed celebrations, and that I will take advantage of any excuse to indulge in extra cute stationery, scrapbook goodies, accessories (kitchen and fashion!), and themed desserts. 

I had one of the sweetest Valentine’s Days ever last year and I hope that I make memories this year that are just as heart-warming and special.  Over the next 7 days (and possibly even beyond) I’ll be posting a bunch of fun Valentine’s related posts in between some of the regular, non-Valentine’s posts, so here is Ate by Ate’s Bits & Bites: Valentine’s Edition from my heart to yours!

  • Valentine’s is exactly one week from today so for those of you who want to celebrate with some romantic plans and special meals over the upcoming weekend or on the actual day, head over to the DineTO’s Valentine’s webpage!  I found the link to the page through my Twitter about a week ago and I was floored.  They have gone through the task of compiling ALL the restaurants in and around the city that offer Valentine’s Day restaurant menus into ONE site!  It’s so convenient because you get to browse through a bunch of different menus from restaurants all over the city.  Some of the menus are so adorable.  Biagio Ristorante is offering heart-shaped ravioli while Cafe California has an entire love and romance themed menu complete with cute names for all their courses!  Some menus are downloadable through PDF, some can simply be viewed in a separate pop-up window, and others can only be obtained by giving the restaurant a ring.


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