Yours Truly in the Summer Issue of Eat In, Eat Out Magazine & The Introduction of the Summer Patio Dining Series!

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My poached egg photo in Toronto Life magazine hasn’t been the only thing I’ve kept mum about over the past month and a half: I have my VERY FIRST food magazine article and spread in the newest and latest of issue of Eat In, Eat Out magazine!!!  AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!  The summer issue JUST came out today and I’m so happy and excited that my beloved good eats from Toronto were made a part of this issue’s special Summer Patio Dining Across Canada series!  For the goods, my spread is on page 68 & 69

Eat In, Eat Out magazine is Canada’s first and only digital food magazine, publishing 4 times a year and completely and solely devoted to all things food!  Every issue brims with recipes, seasonal food features, restaurant reviews from coast to coast, food blogger profiles, and LOTS of gorgeous, mouthwatering photos.  The magazine covers everything from desserts, baking, grilling, roasting, meats, vegetarian dishes, and everything in between.  I found out about EIEO from FBC (Food Bloggers of Canada) and have been reading since their holiday 2011 issue.  Even though I loooove my novels, books, and magazines in tangible form, EIEO really resonates with me because it reminds me SO much of Homemakers’ magazine and its legacy of recipes and food features.

And the best part?  It’s purely Canadian,everything is written and photographed by homegrown talent (so many of my fellow Canadian food bloggers from FBC have been – and are – featured in Eat In, Eat Out!), and it strives to bring the Canadian food community together by shining a spotlight on each and every single part of the country, paying an homage to both the places and people that make the food we love so wonderful and worthy of publication.  Eat In, Eat Out simaltaneously celebrates our common love of food and the beautiful, unique diversity and regional food differences within Canada.

I was given the opportunity to write and photograph my very own Toronto feature for EIEO’s Patio Dining Across Canada series and I had SO MUCH FUN doing this assignment!  I had free reign on how I wanted to structure my writing and the type of food I wanted to photograph and profile, so I decided to have a little fun in one of my favourite neighbourhoods in the city: Yorkville!  Now, Yorkville doesn’t hold a candle to my beloved Kensington Market as my all-time favourite neighbourhood, but I do love strolling through the area, window shopping, and indulging in the food!  Let’s not forget how much I love Mela Cafe, Ginza, Veda,  La MexicanaWindsor Arms Hotel, and Summer’s Ice Cream among many others!  Yorkville is what I like to call “Patio Central in Toronto” – I don’t think any other neighbourhood in the city could compare in numbers!

After hemming and hawing and mulling over my options, I chose a gorgeous spot that I had been wanting to try for ages: Wish Cafe and Restaurant on Charles St!  So, in addition to finally letting everyone know how excited I am about this piece (my first published article with photos!), this is also my segway and introduction to Ate by Ate’s Summer Patio Dining series!  I’ll be dishing out the eats from Wish Cafe & Restaurant over the next 2 days and I can’t wait to show you all the photos I took and the great food I ate!  Here’s a photo teaser of Wish Cafe’s gorgeous decor to get us started and be sure to check out Eat In, Eat Out’s summer issue and even all their back issues on their site!  I am head over heels in love with the blueberry lime pound cake and raspberry shortcake recipes! 


Eat In, Eat Out is a Canadian, digital food magazine published quarterly.  Visit their official website HERE for more recipies, features, and food blogger profiles.  Click HERE to view the summer 2012 issue