I’m a Little Teapot, Plump & Cute, Here are the Cupcakes, Here is My Spout – The Ate by Ate Daily, Vol. 002

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What’s better than an adorable teapot?  An adorable teapot with CUPCAKES on it!  When I found this teapot at HomeSense during a recent trip to the mall, I wanted to squeal out loud.  I mean, c’mon, two of my favourite things in life combined into one pretty package!  What are the odds?  There was no possible way a cupcake and tea-loving girl like myself could resist.  But by some sheer force of who knows what, I managed to convince myself that while I loved it and wanted it, I didn’t reeeally need it.  I knew buying this teapot would undoubtedly open up a can of worms whereby I would never be able to resist another cute teapot again (I’m exaggerating a little for dramatic effect; I do have some willpower and self-restraint!).  So I reluctantly walked away from it.  That day.  Judging by these photos you can clearly tell I caved and went back for it!  I don’t regret it all all, it makes me feel all light and fluffy inside every time I look at it.

I’ve been absolutely smitten with cute teapots and teaware to go along with my ever-growing tea collection over the past year so I was beaming from ear to ear when I carried it home in my shopping bag and added it to my small but cute collection.  It gives me so much inspiration for possible party and menu themes and photoshoot ideas.  And it looks quite dapper beside my other tinier teapot dressed in bright red if I do say so myself.  The red one says “Keep Calm and Drink Tea”; a fine statement to live by indeed.