Green Tea Latte Mornings, Loose Leaf at ING Direct Cafe, and New Spring Collections – Tea Love News!


I’m no coffee drinker, but I am one very enthusiastic tea and coffee shop drink junkie!  This post comes in the wake of recent tea drinking developments that have transpired over the past two weeks, developments that have me pretty excited.  For starters, I found out last week that one of my vegan friends loves tea just as much as I do and that my brother’s teas of choice are earl grey and chamomile.  I was shocked out of my pants.  My brother likes earl grey and soothing chamomile?!  I never in a million years thought my brother, who skims 6 feet tall, watches wrestling, and enjoys crashing cars in video games, would enjoy a tea with floral notes!  I always think of earl grey as the fancy pants stuff and just knowing he likes it makes me beam with pride like a proud mama.  My little man of a brother is all grown up and has fantastic taste in tea!  And my vegan friend who shares my adoration?  I cannot wait to haul her tooshie to L’Espresso Bar Mercurio for vegan lunch and loose leaf tea!

Second, call me a bandwagoner, but yours truly finally has a thermo mug for her tea!  In honour of International Women’s Day last week, the ING Direct Cafe was giving away free thermo mugs with a choice of coffee or tea, which I happily took advantage of during lunch hour at the Lunchtime Office Market.  Even though having a thermo mug will mean an extra item in my already bulging bag (I used to carry small purses, but I have turned into a “I carry my life around with me” type of girl years ago and never converted back), I’m excited to have one to tote around for tea whether I steep it from home or get it filled up at a tea shop.  The tea and drinks selection at the ING Direct Cafe is one of the greatest things ever because 1) the tea is so reasonably priced for loose leaf – just $2!  and 2) all proceeds go to the Canadian Red Cross. 

The tea love has also been spreading because spring has arrived at our doorstep!  I’ve been seeing new tea and coffee shop drink collections crop up left and right: Second Cup’s new vanilla and maple collections, the decadent chocolate tea line at Teaopia, and the bright and shiny new spring collection from David’s Tea.  I haven’t been able to snag anything new and delicious from the aforementioned collections just yet, but I did sniff through the spring collection at David’s Tea and enjoy a sample of their new Tea of the Month, Organic Gold Rush, and it is a winner!  It’s a deliciuous white dessert tea and one everyone should try.  It’s been some time since I last did a fun cupcake and tea post so I’m hoping I’ll be able to do a few this spring. 

These photos that I’ve posted are part of what I call the “green tea latte morning” set, taken at Starbucks on a chilly morning.  I know the fuzzy mittens are a little out of place at the moment, having taken into account our balmy spring weather forecast this week, but the mornings are still a bit cold!  I’m still feeling my way around coffee shop drinks, but I have to say that green tea lattes are my absolute favourite.  The bright, grass green hue is gorgeous and so spring-like and I love the rich, matcha taste.  I sprinkled a little bit of vanilla and nutmeg in my drink for fun and enjoyed my frothy drink with visions of green tea desserts dancing in my head.  In addition to the special Oreo series that I’m doing, I’m excited to get a green tea series off the ground and I think this latte is a nice way to start!  Here’s a tea toast to many more lovely cups of tea and tea drinks this season. 


Photographs taken at Starbucks, located at 5954-5956 Highway 7 East, at the corner of Highway 7 and Main Street Markham.  A big thank you goes to my sweet Richard for taking the 1st and 5th photos.