Weekly Feature: The Grad Lounge – Sweet Potato and Mushroom Pie

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It’s a snoooow daaaayyy!  If you live in the mid-to-East coast, you are probably snowed in like me.  Schools are closed and if you live in Markham like I do, you have most likely noticed the snow has only taken a breather for several minutes at a time since the middle of the night.  Although the hyped up snowstorm didn’t deliver quite the punch everyone was expecting, I had a neighbour this morning who tried to start his snow blower almost 30 times with no luck – I seriously would have given up after 5 and just shovelled the damn driveway myself; either that or collapse on the ground and make snow angels to soothe my frustration.  And hello, it’s never a good thing when the snow is blowing horizontally!  So for those who are snowed in, I hope you’re enjoying the day off and for those who had to trudge off to work at an ungodly hour, I hope you’re at least staying warm!

Alright, so in lieu of snow day, let’s churn out some comfort food for this week’s Grad Lounge feature!  I have never met a potato I didn’t like, and like many foods that have grown on me over the past 5 years, sweet potatoes (or yams) is one of them.  My mum and brother loooove sweet potato anything (sweet potato fries, mashed and roasted sweet potatoes, the list goes on) and when I first tried them, they were just okay to me.  But I’ve definitely learned to appreciate their versatility, especially in dishes like this one! 

A quiche-like pie made with sweet potato mash and savoury portobello mushrooms and a spring mix green salad on the side with sun-dried tomato dressing.  The pie crust is nice and thin, and the filling is deliciously moist and whipped airy soft.  The bold flavour from the mushrooms complements the sweetness from the yams, and it’s the kind of bakery dish that screams warmth and comfort.  Mmmm.  Take note though that this dish is part of the rotating daily specials and not a part of the permanent, everyday menu.  So hopefully if love sweet potatoes, you’ll be able to catch it sometime! 

Stay safe and warm everyone!  Annnd Happy Chinese (Lunar) New Year Eve to everyone who celebrates!  I’ll have a special Chinese New Year post for tomorrow, so I’ll see you all again then! 


The Grad Lounge is located at 166 South Ross at the York University Keele campus and have extended their hours to 9pm in the evening from Monday to Friday.