Gay Pride, Gender Diversity, and…Chocolate? Displays of Affection at Teuscher Chocolates

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In honour of the Pride week we just celebrated in Toronto, I had to show you all these photos.  When I saw these adorably sweet storefront window displays by Teuscher Chocolates in the Manulife Centre, it made my heart swell.  As a girl with a number of gay, lesbian, and bisexual friends, this display of love and affection in the heart of the city means a lot to me.  The politics of gender diversity will always be a contentious topic and without getting all sociological on y’all, these images will mean different things to different people.  There’s something to be said about such a front-and-centre display of gay pride in a rather wealthy, ritzy neighbourhood.  There’s something to be said about the idea that identity will ultimately always come down to something consumable.  There’s the recognition of same-sex marriage and partnership, but at the same time, a void in racial representation.  My city is far from perfect and so are these images, but I take them for what their worth.  Their cuteness makes me happy.


Teuscher Chocolates is located at 55 Bloor St. West inside the Manulife Centre in William Ashley China.