What We’d All Love to Sit By the Fire With – The Sweet Creaminess of the S’more Cupcake at Prairie Girl Bakery!


If you’ve been following some of my tweets on Twitter, you might have noticed how giddy I’ve been over paper food as of late!  Paper food…wait, what?  No, I haven’t been sticking paper in my mouth (I love food but I’m not that desparate!), but I’ve been instead making my own scrapbooking embellishments for my scrapbook layouts!  I have a hefty collection of scrapbook supplies with everything from alphabet stickers, ribbons, embellishments, adhesive jewels, and everything in between.  But every once in awhile, I plan out some scrapbook layouts knowing I either don’t have certain supplies for them or not enough of a particular item.  No matter though – I would just go out and pick up one or two things and I’d be good to go.  When my bank of disposable income was a little larger, I would even order things online without batting an eye.

This time around, things didn’t go exactly as planned.  I had been meaning to go to Michael’s for weeks, but my timing, for a lack of a better word, stunk.  I wasn’t willing to wait around any longer to do my layouts so I did the most logical thing: make them myself.  My days of making food out of construction paper date all the way back to the age 6.  There I was at my kiddle table with my first pair of pink scissors and my first pack of construction paper, so excited to cut and paste to my heart’s content.  Guess what I did with my first stack of construction paper and my first pair of scissors?  I made eggs out of the beige construction paper, bananas out of the yellow, and ham out of the pink.  Paper dolls?  Pish, I was making my own supermarket.  Two decades later, I’m still snipping away making my own paper sprinkled donuts, and marshmallows and s’mores for today’s Prairie Girl Bakery post! 😀

The first Prairie Girl post I did was back in July and it featured their juicy lemon frosted golden vanilla buttermilk cupcake from their everyday, permanent menu.  This post features one of their many Treats of the Week!  Prairie Girl has a permanent menu available every day from Monday-Sunday in both regular and mini sizes, but they also have a weekly Treat of the Week that changes every Sunday.  I’ve already developed a routine every Sunday where I check their website to see what their weekly treat will be!  These special flavours are only around for a week until they decide to repeat it at another point in the year and although I’m not certain how often they repeat special flavours, I know for a fact that they have brought a few back for another Treat of the Week stint. 

Obviously, if you work or live nearby, you could feasibly snatch every Treat of the Week and believe me, I ache for the opportunity to do that but it’s just not possible for me.  I’m going to try my darn hardest to try as many as I can though!  Some of their past Treat of the Week cupcakes include peanut butter and jelly, cafe au lait (coffee), pumpkin and cinnamon, cotton candy, and cherry cheesecake.  I’m still heartbroken over the ones I’ve missed and because I’m still bitter, I’m not saying which ones! 

This particular Treat of the Week is the kind you’d happily eat and eat over and over again as you sit by a toasty fire: the amazingingly fudgy, creamy, get-it-all-over-your-hands-and-mouth s’more cupcake!  The special s’more cupcake was outfitted with lots of creamy graham cracker flavoured frosting, mini marshmallows, and a crunchy piece of chocolate biscuit chocolate bar on a fudgy, dark cocoa cupcake known as Grandma’s Dark Cocoa cake – cute, right? 

I know I described their sizes in my first Prarie Girl post, but it’s worth mentioning again.  These cupcakes eat like a meal.  I’m not kidding.  If you intend to eat this after your lunch or dinner, I’m warning you, you’re going to have a massive food baby so if you care about your level of comfort, decrease the amount you eat during your lunch or dinner.  Because the cupcake is worth every bite and you’ll want to eat the whole thing 😉  There are a number of places in the city that price their cupcakes for $3 and I am telling you, Prairie Girl’s are the most bang for your buck at that price point.  The cupcakes are big, they give you ample frosting (so much so that I have to make sure it doesn’t dribble down my chin as I’m eating), and their boxed packaging is really great because it’s 1) recyclable and reusable and 2) it does the job because the cupcake(s) fit snugly in their slots.

The dark cocoa cake is extremely moist and soft with a rich fudgy flavour to it and their s’more frosting was out of this world.  It was more than just a “graham cracker flavoured frosting”; it tasted like sweet cookie dough ice cream married with sweet graham crackers.  You know that taste that hits the back of your tongue when you eat a graham cracker and you let the cookie melt in your mouth a bit?  Imagine that mixed with those sweet cookie dough balls in cookie dough ice cream and you have this frosting.  It tasted amazing with the dark chocolate cake and was super creamy. 

However, a frosting is just a frosting and if you’re going to execute a s’more cupcake the right way, you need that crunchy texture somewhere in there.  Ah, that’s where the crunchy chocolate bar biscuit piece comes in.  Atop all the s’more cupcakes were 3 mini marshmallows and a crunchy chocolate bar piece and this rounded out the theme and flavour of the cupcake really well.  And even though I think my 2-point perspective drawing is a bit off, I think my paper s’more does it justice ^_^


Prairie Girl Bakery is located at Suite 106, 18 King St. East off King St. E and Victoria St.  The cupcake shop itself actually faces Victoria St., so it’s just a smidge north of King on Victoria St.  They are open 7 days a week from 10am-6pm from Monday-Saturday, and from 11am-5pm on Sundays.  A special thank you to Jean for allowing me to take photos in the shop, it is very appreciated.

Scrapbooking materials used: to be added!