Love Potion #31


Pft, like we need a scientific concoction to convince us to love ice cream, right?  😀  I’ve had a ton of fun skipping around town to different gelato places and ice cream pop shops throughout the years and since I haven’t posted any ice cream photos on the blog so far, I’m starting a new series: Scream for Ice Cream!  I’ll be posting everything from frozen yogurt to gelato to sundaes in here, so along with cupcakes and cookies, a little something else to sweeten the tooth!  And today’s special: Love Potion #31 ice cream from Baskin Robbins!  White chocolate ice cream swirled with raspberries and chocolate chip chunks.  Not that I’ve ever met an ice cream that I didn’t love, but this one is especially yummy and decadent ❤ 


Photos taken at Scarborough Town Centre.