Happy First Day of March! To Celebrate: Lemon Thyme Porkchops and Veggies


Happy first day of March, everyone!  I know for those of us living in snow land, it looks disgusting out.  Snow is melting, it’s kind of rainy, and it’s gray, brown, and black out.  Spring is just around the corner though and there’s so much to look forward to!  I was out and about today with my boyfriend and although it was a bit chilly this morning, it warmed up by the afternoon and it was beautiful out.  Maybe not aesthetically beautiful, but it FELT beautiful.  The sun was out, the air was breezy and fresh, and it made you feel invigorated just walking and being outside.  And given how I love seasonal things and celebratory occasions, March and April are full of them: Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, the first official day of spring, and Easter.  Seeing pastel colours gets me excited and I’m SO looking forward to spring activities and outdoor farmer’s markets busting out, so I’m crossing my fingers that spring will makes its appearance sooner rather than later.  So, to kick start the month, a dish with vibrant colour: lemon and thyme porkchops with lots of veggies!

So much veggies they all covered up the porkchops except in the first photo, ha.  The porkchops were marinated with lemon juice, black pepper, and fresh thyme and served with lots of chopped red bell peppers, sliced button mushrooms sautéed with white onions, and a heaping handful of freshly chopped flat leaf parsley finished off the dish.  You can either marinate the porkchops overnight or do them first thing in the morning if you’re preparing them for dinner.  My mum tenderizes them real good with her butcher knife before marinating as the meat needs to be loosened up and softened before cooking.  I absolutely love the pairing of bell peppers and mushrooms, especially red ones because they have a bit of sweetness to it that complements the savouriness of the button mushrooms.  And thyme is our new favourite herb!  It smells and tastes amazing and we’ve been buying a lot more of it for things like pork and fish.

Enjoy every ounce of sunshine and breath of fresh air and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!