Winter Vegetables, Kale, & Garlic Focaccia Buns – The Indoor Rinkhouse Farmers’ Market at Dufferin Grove

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Aside from the beautiful, vibrant farmers’ market sign, soil, patches of grass, and some tree trunks, what do you see up top?¬† If you said ice rink, you are right and you get a big fat cookie! ūüėĬ† I went to my first official winter indoor farmers’ market yesterday at Dufferin Grove!¬† Now I know I’ve been to the indoor lunchtime markets at the Centre for Social Innovation¬†a number of times since they started in September, but the CSI markets have always been indoors so technically, my visit to Dufferin Grove yesterday was my first¬†in what I call “the¬†indoor market circuit”.¬† Markets such as Dufferin Grove, Eglinton Park, Sorauren Park, and Wychwood Barns have all moved indoors for the winter season and the new kid on the block, 99MRKT, is taking the city by storm with its indoor fall and winter market emporium.¬† I’m so excited to see what the winter will bring and I’m already looking forward to my holiday visit to Evergreen Brick Works later on this month!

I had such a fabulous day out yesterday, but unfortunately nature took its course¬†and I came down with a nasty migraine in the early part of the evening that left me incredibly nauseous and sick, hence why I couldn’t write and share these photos¬†with you all yesterday.¬† I feel awful that I had to skip a day like that (especially after all the gushing I did for the blog’s 1st birthday!), but I feel much better now and I’m excited to¬†fill you all in on my first indoor winter market visit of the season.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again:¬†the market at Dufferin Grove exudes such a sense of belonging and community.¬† There’s a board right outside the rinkhouse with¬†a weekly newsletter posted on it with great bits and bites about some of the goodies at the market, recipe ideas, and much more.¬† I arrived at the market only a half hour after¬†it started and¬†the market grounds were already packed with eager shoppers, ice skaters, and hockey players coming in and out and milling around.¬† Yes, ice skaters and hockey players!¬† The Dufferin Grove farmers’ market takes place in the indoor rinkhouse¬†during the winter season, right beside the outdoor ice rink located at the northwest corner of the park.¬†

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