Black-and-White Damask & Tomato Focaccia Sandwiches – Hip, Posh, Modern Atelier Cafe Lounge, Part I


Looking back at these photos makes me “Ooo” and “ahhh” as I remember the gorgeous black-and-white decor, plushy seats, and yummy sandwich lunch I ate here, all the while knowing this foodie encounter was completely accidental.  When Atelier Cafe and I first met a number of months ago, I was thoroughly confused.  I know I can’t be the only one in the city to have made this blunder, but I went to Atelier thinking it was still Spice Safar.  Atelier Cafe Lounge, located on King St. West, occupies the exact same space that Spice Safar bakery and cafe used to be in so when I walked in with a WagJag voucher to Spice Safar, I was coloured baffled when I was told Spice Safar had been replaced.  Oh how embarrassing.  There I was standing around with a voucher to a place that no longer existed!  WagJag voucher aside (which Atelier thankfully still honoured by allowing me to redeem whatever I had paid for it), I managed to find myself standing in a lovely posh cafe with a delicious sandwich menu to boot.  Here is my teaser part I photo post before I show you all the yummies tomorrow!


Atelier Cafe Lounge is located at 510 King St. West, west of Spadina Ave.  They serve both breakfast and lunch during the day and turn into a lounge and nightclub at night.