The Name’s Sprout…Alfalfa Sprout. Here’s My Partner Banana Pepper. And We’re Fabulous in a Sandwich!

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I’ve become very amoured with alfalfa sprouts with just about everything, and I’ve recently developed quite a crush on hot banana peppers too!  After eating my fab grilled cheese sandwich from T&T Bakery and Café I thought to myself, “why in the world have I not been eating banana peppers more??”  And so began the hunt for a decent jar of the spicy stuff to add my growing list of sandwich fillings.  My tolerance for spicy food is certainly not sky high, but I can take a bit of heat.  I’m finding it really fun to try out different veggie combinations in my sandwiches and to switch things up whenever I can.  Mushrooms, grilled zucchini, bell peppers, spinach, arugula, herbs, different lettuces and cheeses – I love them all and the combinations are endless.   

Part of the reason why I’ve suddenly become so inspired by sandwiches within the last little while has a bit to do with the great bread my mum and I consistently get from our local bakery, and it also has to do with something my friend Wini brought up almost a month ago.  She wanted to find great vegetarian and vegan sandwiches around the city and since then, I’ve been on the hunt not just for her, but for me as well.  I’ve found several amazing ones to tuck into my “sandwich portfolio” along the way (grilled vegetables on tomato foccacia!  Breaded eggplant and basil on a crusty baguette!) and I’m on the lookout for as many great sammies as possible.  Part of the issue, I think, is that there’s a lack of creativity with fillings.  Lettuce and tomato just don’t cut it anymore (or did they ever?) so it makes it all the more fun and challenging to find something fabulous and worth eating out for.  Experimenting in the kitchen allows me to try out different combinations of flavours and it inspires me to look  for creativity elsewhere.

Although not vegetarian, it was a tasty sandwich if I do say so myself!  A pepperoni sandwich with mozzerella cheese, baby spinach, alfalfa sprouts, and hot banana peppers on crunchy kaiser bun!  Crunchy, spicy, and all sorts of yummy.  The sandwich experiments are delish and the vegetarian and vegan sandwich hunt in the city continues on.  I’m really excited to share my discoveries when I eventually gather up a good-sized selection and I have a few places in mind to try out, so keep an eye out for my full on report by summer!          

The Sandwich Kick Continues – Alfalfa and Peppers and Cucumbers, Oh My! Fresh Kaisers from Raymerville Bakery


I wasn’t lying when I said I was on a sandwich rampage.  All I could think of when I woke up yesterday morning was sinking my teeth into some fresh crunchy bread and turkey and veggies.  For your viewing pleasure today: the lovely sandwich I made for lunch yesterday!  Mum and I went on a grocery and bakery run yesterday morning and we picked up the fresh kaiser buns from Raymerville Deli and Bakery ($0.45 each, or $4.50 for a dozen) that my brother and I love so dearly.  Oh gosh, these kaiser buns are just divine.  They are the size of your face and they are crunchy and soft at the same time.  You know they’re delicious when you can envision yourself eating one without anything on it.  And that’s saying a lot about bread considering most people would wrinkle their nose if they had to eat bread all by its lonesome! 

A few packs of fresh deli meat and a few tons of fruits and vegetables later and we were good to go.  I made myself a kaiser sandwich with some oven roasted turkey, mozzerella cheese, a little mayo and honey mustard (what you see peeking out underneath the top bun), baby spinach, alfalfa sprouts, cucumbers, and green bell peppers.  This thing was so big my jaw cracked every time I tried to fit it in my mouth (it’s not as painful as it sounds.  Actually, it’s not painful at all.  I have a weird cracky jaw).  I “mmm”ed my way through lunch and even though everyone else had devoured their sammies and made fun of me for only getting through a third of mine by that time , I’d like to think that I’m the winner because I get to savour my sandwich the longest 😀


Raymerville Deli & Bakery is located within the strip plaza right at the intersection of McCowan Rd. and Ramerville Drive south, on the east side of McCowan (Carlton Rd. is on the west side of McCowan).  It’s about a 10 minute walk (or a 2 or 3 minute drive) from Markville Mall.  They are closed on Mondays.

Valentine’s Series: The Keys to My Heart Part IV – Memories of High School & My Favourite Turkey Sandwiches


Forget the pretentious gourmet stuff.  The BEST turkey sandwiches in the world (okay, fine, in my world) are made at one of the most fantastic bakeries in town located just across the street from my old high school: Raymerville Deli & Bakery located at 1 Raymerville Drive south, off of McCowan Rd. and north of Bullock Drive in Unionville, Markham.   This is truly one of the reasons why I’ve been so excited to share the Keys to My Heart series; to showcase the things I love the most in any category of food and to tell all the memorable stories attached to them.  I think I may keep this series around just for the heck of it because talking about my favourite things is fun and makes me happy! 😀  This bakery holds a lot of fun memories, especially from high school. 

I would buy my lunch once a week and about a third of the time I’d go to the bakery across the street.  I remember running over at lunch hour with a few friends in tow and lining up in the packed bakery for my coveted smoked turkey sandwich on crusty kaiser bun.  Watching the ladies slice my turkey meat, pack on the toppings, and wrap it in the signature white sandwich paper with deli sticker made my heart pump fast and till this day, it still does.  Everything about this sandwich is amazing.  The crusty kaiser is the best with its bread crumb dusty top and soft insides and no sandwich makes me happier than this one: fresh smoked turkey piled high with lots of shredded lettuce, tomato, mozzerella cheese, and mayo and mustard.  I might be all into trying new things and consistently expanding my food horizons (pft, like you couldn’t tell from the blog, right?  Ha!) but this is one thing that I’ve been eating the same way for 10 years and it tastes SO FREAKIN’ GOOD each and every single time.  This bakery has not lost its touch.

The bakery is family owned and run, and is stocked to the brim with Italian pastas, meats, and dry food pantry items.  Racks and racks of fresh baked bread are ripe for the picking (with a bread slicer that you can use if you would rather have it done in-store) and there is plenty of other good eats to nosh on too: pepperoni pizza slices the size of the moon; ginormous chocolate chip cookies which might as well be the moon because of the all chocolate chip craters; fresh baked apple and fruit pies; apple, cherry, and raspberry turnovers (my brother and mum’s favourite); pastry twists dusted with powdered sugar; and oodles of tarts, cookies, and strudels.

You can choose any bread or bun in the bakery and bring it up to the deli counter to have  your sandwich made, but I’m telling you, you MUST order  a sandwich on the kaiser, which they have a basket of up on the counter.  Why?  Because I said so.  Trust me!  Prices for kaiser sandwiches vary depending on the type of meat you want and whether ot not you order it with cheese (extra 50 cents), but most sandwiches are anywhere from $3.50 to $5.  Oh!  And no tax.  I KNOW.  What dimension are we in, right??  If it’s $4.50 for your sandwich, it’s $4.50.  Take a minute and wrap your head around that.  And imagine all the yummy baked goods you can buy for $10.  Mmmm.  It makes me wistful knowing I can’t walk across the street to the bakery anymore, but I look forward to any and all trips I make there.


Raymerville Deli & Bakery is located within the strip plaza right at the intersection of McCowan Rd. and Ramerville Drive south, on the east side of McCowan (Carlton Rd. is on the west side of McCowan).  It’s about a 10 minute walk (or a 2 or 3 minute drive) from Markville Mall.  They usually have a day off during the week and I’m pretty sure that day is Monday, although your best bet is to visit them during the middle of the week or on the weekend.