A Delicious Meal to Remember – Indian Cooking and Philosophy at Veda, Part I


The best meals create the best stories and blog posts.  I recently had one of the most delicious Indian meals – wait, scratch that, make that one of the most delicious meals ever– at Veda on Yonge Street in Yorkville and I had to share these snippets with you first before I dove into all the amazing details.  I wanted to do a scrapbook layout of this meal so much but alas, I can’t develop photos and scrap at the speed of light, so my scrapbook layout is going to have to wait.  Which may not be a bad thing.  It’ll give me another excuse to come eat here (not that I need one, but justification for stuffing my face is always nice), that way I’ll have even more beautiful, yummy photos to work with!

There’s so much I want to flush out, but I want to gather my thoughts a bit first because this was a meal like no other.  Not only did I have a wonderfully tasty lunch that left me rolling down the street afterward, but the meal was also a learning experience because I was able to catch a small glimpse of the philosophy, history, culture, and vibrancy behind Indian cooking and cuisine.

I’ve been berating myself for not featuring more Indian food on the blog (the only blog post I have is the one for Amaya’s Bread Bar during this past year’s Winterlicious.  Foreshame!) and I finally told myself it was time to give the Indian section of the blog some love.  I’ve been to fantastic places thanks to some friends and my boyfriend, and have eaten many a meal since my days in university, but the perfectionist in me, as always, didn’t like the photos I took of previous meals (let it be known that several years ago I couldn’t take a decent food photo to save my life) and to be perfectly honest, I wanted to learn more before I started blogging more.  

Indian food wasn’t food I grew up eating and I didn’t want to start posting up a storm pretending like I knew everything there was to know when I so obviously didn’t.  My foray into Indian food didn’t even begin until I was a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed grad student.  I wanted my journey and growth on this blog to be as authentic and organic as possible and I’m so grateful that I’ve had these opportunities to eat and learn and to learn from others.  I feel like I’ve taken away nuggets of knowledge from friends over the years and I know they’ve taken away some from me as well (why yes, there are over five dialects of Chinese and just as many regional cuisines to go along with them) and even now, I’m still learning about food that I have grown up with.  I’m excited as ever to share this wonderful gem with you all and I guarantee that after I’m done, you are going to trip over yourself to eat here.