The Irresistible Haru Zushi Rolls

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The 12 roll, totally awesome lunch special from Haru Zushi!  From 11am to 3pm, one of the numerous lunch specials includes choosing 2 sets of 6 rolls (12 rolls)  for $6.75, or 3 kinds (18 rolls) for $9.75.  The very first post I did for my blog was for Haru Zushi and I have plenty more to share from the last time.  This time around we have 6 tuna rolls and 6 Easter rolls: crab meat, cucumber, and smoked salmon.  I’m usually indifferent about crab meat in my sushi, but smoked salmon hits the spot *cue salivating*. 

I’m all over salmon sashimi like mud on a pig, but with smoked salmon, there’s just something about that bold, salty, savouriness that heightens any kind of plain rice, pasta, or bread.  With these rolls, you get the freshness from the cucumber, the meatiness from the crab, and the punching flavour from the smoked salmon.  Awesomeness! 😀

From the set lunch list that you choose your rolls from, Ive tried the Philadelphia, the Alaska, the Boston, the Easter, the spicy white tuna, the regular tuna, and the spicy salmon and my ultimate weakness is the Alaska, good old fashioned salmon and avocado.  I know this one is a staple among all sushi restaurants, but Haru Zushi makes theirs hyperventiliatingly good!  I am telling you, heaven in your mouth.  There will be many more pictures and posts to come on this great place, ranked #2 in my personal favourites 😀


Scrapbooking materials used: string of adhesive pearls (Recollections); cappuccino, mint green, bubblegum pink, and powder pink cardstock (Recollections); adhesive gems; one-hole punch.

Welcome to Ate by Ate! First stop: Haru Zushi


Hi everyone, welcome to Ate by Ate!  I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally go live with this blog.  After thinking about it for months, I finally hunkered down and got my tooshie to work and here we are, launching with the first post! 😀  Feel free to roam around the pages up top.  I babble about food and scrapbooking and all that good stuff, so enjoy!  First stop: Haru Zushi.  Anyone who knows me knows how much I love sushi.  No no, I don’t just love it, I daydream about it.  It’s the type of food I can never get bored with and it excites me finding new places I haven’t yet tried with new maki combinations, hand rolls, gyoza dumplings…oh, would you look at that, my stomach just rumbled.  Go figure.

you can tell I love adhesive gems, yes?

 Anyway, Haru Zushi (located at 1920 Yonge St. in Toronto, just outside Davisville subway station) is one of my FAVOURITE sushi places, definitely in my top 3.  And that’s saying a lot because I’ve been to many!  I first discovered this gem when I was with Richard, exploring the Davisville area back in April.  And I have been back MANY times.  The sushi chef (or see-foo, if I’m referring to him in Chinese) and the lovely waitress who works the 12 o’clock noon shift know me and ask me how I am as soon as I sit down at my favourite spot by the window (better for photos!).  It warms my heart ❤ 

What you see up top here is an 8×8 layout using purple and cream Recollections cardstock, ‘Purple Daze’ patterned paper, sushi stickers by Sticko, and adhesive gems up the wazoo (do ask if you’re curious about brands!).  The page features 2 kinds of maki rolls: spicy white tuna (up top and on the right) and the Boston roll (cucumber, lettuce, shrimp, and mayo).  I want to stick my face in them right now.  What I love about different sushi places is how they interpret their ingredients and rolls.  I’ve had spicy tuna 6 different ways and this is just one of them and by golly is it ever good. 

I love Haru Zushi not just because the food is fresh and delicious and beautifully presented, but also because of how affordable they are.  On weekdays during the lunch time period (which I believe is from 11-3 for them) they have fantastic specials and my favourite is the combo you see here: 12 rolls (2 kinds, your choice from a very decent sized list, of 6 each), and a miso soup and green tea for $6.75.  Any sushi lunch under $10 is fan-freakin’-tastic in my opinion!  What else seals the deal?  The fact that they open at 11am (for ravenous people like me) and their location in up/midtown Toronto means no elbowing people for a table at noon the same way you would on Bloor, for example.

Let it be known that you’ll be seeing many more pages and photos from this place because it’s damn good 😀

Boston Roll

Spicy white tuna