Crazy for Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookies! Apron Stickers & The Cookie Scrapbook Project Continued

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The cookie and baking scrapbook project continues on!  I posted my very first cookie scrapbook layout for the project earlier in the month to kickstart the actual scrapbooking process, and I’m here now with layout number two!  This is a two-page layout of the famous cranberry dark and white chocolate chip cookies I posted HERE, and I refer to them as being famous not because I think they’re actually famous among other people (although I’d like to think that one day they will be), but because the recipe for them snowballed into a gazillion other spin-off recipes I created afterward using different ingredients.  This recipe kickstarted so many cookie brainstorming sessions over the last 6 months.  They are genuinely some of my favourite cookies ever, so for that, I thank Food & Wine magazine a thousand times over for providing this recipe in their November 2011 issue. 

I am having SO much fun with this project.  Aside from having some key components to every layout, I have total creative freedom to go as colour and sticker crazy as I want.  Since the cookies themselves don’t always have colourful aspects to them, I don’t feel like I have to compete with an already busy colour scheme.  I can bring the photos to life by using colour schemes and patterns that I put together myself and that’s been the funnest part of the whole thing.  Each and every single layout has its own story, it’s own identity, and it’s own place in the album and project and by replicating certain aesthetics on each layout, I’m able to keep things coherent throughout the entire project.  

Scrapbooking workspace in action!

I’m keeping the project simple by limiting layouts to two pages each (every time you flip a page in the scrapbook album, you’ll be presented with a new layout and story!) and I’m also writing out the recipes and pasting them on the layouts.  I think it makes the scrapbook feel a little more like a miniature cookbook in a way as opposed to just photos jumbled together, and it makes it look and feel a little more personal since I’m handwriting them.  I’m keeping things consistent between layouts by writing out the recipes and tacking them on as “sidebars”, so to speak, anchoring and bringing the whole thing together.

I was so super excited to use my epoxy baking and sweets stickers for this one, especially since the colours were so rich and vibrant.  And the aprons!  CUTE AS A BUTTON!  Green, pink, and red is such a fabulous colour scheme and I went wild with the use of patterned paper, using some of the goodies I showed you all in THIS post.  I used green, two shades of pink, and red as primary colours, cappuccino and chocolate brown as secondary colours to balance out the brights, and a big expanse of solid white where I wrote out the recipe to absorb and counteract the busyness in the patterns.

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Scrapbooking materials used: Bubblegum pink and pale pink cardstock (Recollections); green, pink, and red paisley patterned paper (“Green Paisley”, Divinely Sweet collection by Bazzill Basics Paper); red and turquoise floral patterned paper (“Sweet Daisy Cream”, Divinely Sweet collection by Bazzill Basics Paper); olive green floral patterned paper (“Placemat”, Let’s Eat collection by TPC Studio); lime green and pink leaf and butterfly patterned paper (Lime Garden by K & Company); chocolate chip and chocolate sandwich cookie embellishments (handmade); epoxy apron, sweets, and baking stickers (Sticko); scalloped decorative edge scissors (Provo Craft); black fine point pen (Sharpie).

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Scrapbook materials used: Goldenrod, emerald green, and lavender cardstock (Recollections); blue “party” patterned paper and violet star patterned paper (“Celebration” scrap pad kit and stack by Stemma); cookie embellishments (handmade using cappuccino, chocolate brown, and terra cotta cardstock, Recollections); medium scallop circle paper punch (ek success); small and medium scalloped decorative scissors (Provo Craft).

The Sweet Sight of Sprinkles, Frosting, Chocolate Chips, and…Cardstock?! Scrapbooking Paper Cookies

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Ah, the sweet sight of colourful sprinkles, frosting, chocolate chips, and…cardstock?!  Contrary to what this looks like, I did not, in fact, spend an entire day baking and decorating 7 different types of cookies!  Not real ones anyway.  To kickstart my new cookie and baking scrapbooking project, I got down to the nitty gritty (and I mean nitty gritty – I had glue residue stuck on all ten fingers by the end of all this) and created a “yummy” batch of paper cookie embellishments! 

I LOVE scrapbooking stickers and pretty adhesive embellishments as much as the next scrapbooker, but I wanted to incorporate some cute handmade things, both for fun and to cut down on the cost of materials.  I’m really excited to do an online order for some cookie and baking stickers in the next week or so, but making some of my own embellishments means a little less money spent and a whole lot of creative fun for me!  It was exactly like the time I created a giant paper s’more for one of my Prairie Girl Bakery layouts, and the time I made little sprinkled, frosted paper donuts for a Short & Sweet Cupcakes layout.  Recreating food out of paper has always been super fun for me since I was little.  Like I mentioned in a previous post last year, when I was 6, I took my very first pair of scissors (pink ones) and went to town on my very first pad of coloured construction paper making eggs, cheese, and ham!  

I used some of my new patterned paper as inspiration and came up with these cookie styles: frosted vanilla sugar cookies with sprinkles, frosted chocolate cookies with sprinkles, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate peanut butter chip cookies, heart shaped frosted sugar cookies, star shaped frosted sugar cookies, and chocolate cookie sandwiches with vanilla cream.  I love how I talk about these paper cookies as if the ingredients and components were real, ha!  I used a pair of crinkle edged decorative scissors to achieve the look for the chocolate sandwich cookies and I used a single hole punch to create the circular sprinkles.  And yes, I glued down every single one of those tiny paper sprinkles one at a time, which resulted in some very sticky fingertips!  I’m going to continue this paper cookie making adventure throughout the duration of the scrapbooking project, but I just had to show you all the first batch I made.  I think they look good enough to eat.