Hallowe’en Kitties, Cupcakes, Pumpkins, and All Things Ghoulish – Hallowe’en Headquarters on Ate by Ate!


Whether you’ve been costuming and partying it up over the weekend, decorating your home with all things ghostly and ghoulish, or preparing your children’s costumes and trick-or-treat bags, tomorrow is the BIG DAY.  The day we light up and put our carved pumpkins out on the porch or windowsill (if you haven’t already), dress up in a cute/scary/disgusting costume, and fall into sugar comas.  Cupcakes, cookies, chocolates, finger foods – it’s Hallowe’en, we’re allowed.  I have so many friends who absolutely adore Hallowe’en and even though I haven’t dressed up in years (I know, tsk, tsk on me), I get really excited about the occasion nevertheless. 

My best friend is celebrating Hallowe’en with her kindergarten kids and I can’t wait to eventually see photos of her two classes dressed up like a box of crayons!  All her little ones are set to dress in different colours and shades and they’ll have Crayola “sashes” to wear in the front and party hats to represent their crayon “tips”.  I told her that if I was in any way a part of the class, I would come as a green crayon (I can actually dress in green from head to toe – no lie) and construct a crayon cardbox “box” for the kids to stand in for a group picture.  I can’t get over how cute the idea is!  Hallowe’en is just pure fun and c’mon, we all have memories of Hallowe’ens past that we can reminisce about.

My favourite Hallowe’en memories: 1) the year my aunt made my witch costume from scratch, 2) discovering a full-out foodie Hallowe’en party at the The Cookbook Store in Yorkville 2 years ago, and 3) working at Claire’s 4 years ago and going through all the adorable Hallowe’en merchandise (and yes, picking up a few things for myself) and helping others find accessories for their costumes.  I can’t tell you how many times people asked for things like suspenders and hats! 

The sweetest Hallowe’en memory that I have though involves a trick-or-treating adventure my brother and I had when he was 9 and when I was 14.  I took him out for candy-hunting and as we were about to wrap up our night, we went to one last house with their lights on.  The door opened and a teeny girl in a fairy costume stood before us with her daddy.  Her daddy apologetically told us that they were out of candy and my brother and I told him it was okay and thanked him.  As we were about to turn away, the little girl reached into her own trick-or-treat basket and began to pull out some treats.  Taken aback I exclaimed, “oh my gosh, no!  It’s okay!”  to which her daddy replied, “no, no, let her, she wants to!”  She gingerly pulled out some shiny stickers and a candy for each us and put them in my brother’s bag.  I honestly wanted to cry because it was so damn cute and sweet and utterly selfless.  I can’t imagine how proud her daddy must have felt in that moment, seeing his daughter share her wealth the way she did.  It’s been 12 years and I remember it like it was yesterday.

I can’t wait to go crazy tomorrow and post up a Hallowe’en storm.  I’ll be honest, I should have had Hallowe’en Headquarters up and running a week ago but I just wasn’t prepared enough.  I’m bummed that I wasn’t able to get any Hallowe’en baking done to show you all or to do any scrapbooking beforehand, but that’s how it rolls sometimes.  I’ll have all my treats for you tomorrow and if I can’t squeeze everything in, we’ll have ourselves a belated Hallowe’en afterparty.  I leave you with some treat photos I took last year and my beloved Hallowe’en “kitties”.  Have a spooktacular Hallwe’en, everyone!


Photos taken from Whole Foods Market, Half-Baked Ideas, and Lollicakes in Toronto.