Who’s Your Gnomey? Frost Me Cupcakes and Garden Gnomes on Display at The Cupcake Shoppe


I know there are plenty of you out there who are in love with cupcakes and gnomes (I’m looking at you, Brandy), so this one’s for you! ūüėĬ† I love The Cupcake Shoppe’s window displays and they change them frequently year-round based on the seasons, holidays, and special occasions.¬† They had different displays for Christmas, Valentine’s, Hallowe’en, Father’s Day, summer, and a slew of others.¬† They don’t allow photos inside the cupcake shop so getting adorable squeal-inducing photos of their displays is the next best thing.¬† I’ve taken¬†numerous photos of their window¬†displays, but this is the only batch of photos that actually turned out decent.¬† All the others either had too big¬†of a glare from the¬†sun, too obvious a reflection from the window, or something else just as annoying.¬† The gnomes are adorable, the colours are gorgeous, and the cupcakes are beautifully frosted.¬† I think this is by far my favourite display (the mini watering can and wheelbarrow just kill me) and because Gnomeo & Juliet is one of my favourite movies EVER, I just had to throw in the “Who’s¬†your gnomey” bit in the¬†post title.¬† Hee.¬†

These are The Cupcake Shoppe’s¬†chocolate Frost Me cupcakes where the¬†frosting is of a thicker consistency and texture and of a slightly sweeter taste which differs from their normal buttercream.¬† The Frost Me cupcake ($2.65) is adorned with chewable gumball-like candies on top and frosting colours change seasonally, so at the moment the cupcakes are of a¬†bright grass green with chocolate cake.¬†¬†Other than their seasonal limited edition flavours (like the candy cane one for the winter holidays and the spice cake for the fall) and special occasion decorations (for Valentine’s, for example), Frost Me is¬†the¬†only cupcake that changes colours¬†on a consistent basis.¬† So feasibly, you could eat your way through the rainbow throughout the year, ha!¬† Hopefully I’ll be able to bring you all another Cupcake Shoppe post soon, so in the meantime, enjoy the photos.


The Cupcake Shoppe is located in the Yonge and Eglinton neighbourhood at 2417 Yonge St., north of Eglinton on the east side of Yonge St.