Burgers & Food Network Magazine – The Ate by Ate Daily, Vol. 001

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Welcome to The Ate by Ate Daily, a look into the fun foodie things I just happen to be enjoying each day!  I know I have the Bits & Bites series (which I actually haven’t updated in a little while come to think of it…) but the Bits & Bites posts are more so about blog and site updates whereas The Ate by Ate Daily posts are solely devoted to all things food: a fab new tea I tried, a cookbook I’ve fallen in love with, a foodie retail therapy purchase I made, the food scrapbook projects I’m working on and in the middle of, stumbling on a new restaurant or bakery that’s about to open up, all sorts of stuff.  Everybody knows I love to bake, head out to the markets, visit cupcake shops, eat weekend brunch, go out for afternoon tea and everything else I post about here.  But there are a lot of other ways I engage in food culture on a daily basis that don’t necessarily warrant 1000-word posts but that are fun to talk about nevertheless.


Today’s Daily: Food Network magazine!  And my growing collection of issues with burgers on the cover which amuses me greatly!  For a girl who, in theory, loves burgers but doesn’t actually eat burgers very often (I’d say once a year, twice at best) I have a bunch of Food Network magazines modeling the latest and greatest in grilled patty perfection.  Given how the summer season is ramping up, I thought folks would appreciate the food porn.

Jokes aside, I love Food Network magazine (and the Food Network channel) and, in hindsight, wish with all my heart that I had bought every issue (so, um, if anyone has any back issues that are in good condition that are unwanted, feel free to leave me a message here and we can work out a deal!).  I’ve always had the mentality that if you’re not going re-read your magazines, tear out the pages you like (if there are any) and recycle them, keeping only the ones you love the most; they just take up too much space otherwise.  I went on a massive cleaning spree a few months ago, keeping only my Vegetarian Times, old Homemakers, Tea Time, and my issues of Food Network with a few other titles here and there.  Since starting my new and beloved tea scrapbook and journal project, I’ve also started re-reading all of my Food Network magazines since its debut issue back in 2008 which has been really fun.  So many amazing recipes, so many great articles and photography, so many memories.  And it’s so exciting finding pages to tear out for my scrapbook like tea-infused recipes, cookies and cakes that would be great for a teatime menu, and ads that I can use for collage.  Sigh.  It’s been food and scrapbook geek heaven.