Kale Pesto & Artichoke Linguine, and Summer Strawberries, Rhubarb & Lettuces – Summerlicious at Trios Bistro!

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summerlicious collage 1 trios bistroWhen was the last time you had a makes-me-wiggle-with-happiness meal?  Mine was last Saturday.  Okay maybe it was yesterday when I excitedly ordered a Chicken McNugget Happy Meal and got my adorable Despicable Me toy (shhh, that’s between us).  But if we’re talking fine dining, it was Saturday.  It was a beautiful day.  A little on the hot and gross side, but a picture-perfect day nevertheless.  The seats were cushy, the place was gorgeous, and the food?  Fantastic.  One by one the dishes came: fresh and crunchy bibb lettuce, savoury artichokes bear-hugged by pesto and pasta and juicy berries in a flaky pastry surrounded by vanilla and whipped mascarpone.  I sat back, relaxed, and breathed a sigh of relief as I savoured the first Summerlicious meal of the season and the first Summerlicious meal in two years!

It’s about damn time Ate by Ate got back on the Summerlicious/Winterlicious wagon and believe me, this was no easy feat.  You’d think that a girl who loves food as much as I do would be pirouetting around the city during an annual culinary event like Summerlicious, right?  So wrong.  Summerlicious should be the highlight of the summer season for me.  Over 100 restaurants with special price fixe menus, many of them bursting with seasonal yummies?  You’d think that it was tailormade.  But alas, it is not.  And instead of looking forward to it, I almost dread it.  I know, I’m talking crazy.  I love Summerlicious in theory, in essence.  In actuality?  It drives me nuts.  It’s any wonder I made it out for a meal this year because I was thisclose to bailing again.




I gotta tell you, not only do I have a hard time choosing between menus and places (which really isn’t even the hardest thing about the event anymore; I’ve accepted the fact that I’m just a horribly indecisive person who hems and haws for eternity), but I have a really difficult time finding a place that serves Summerlicious lunch with a menu I can’t refuse during the weekend!  I would love to do dinner, I really would.  But when the bus service in your area ends ridiculously early for a Saturday night and your close-to-Union-Station options are, hence, more limited, you’re looking at Summerlicious lunch during the day as your best bet.  So during my search, I kept clicking menu after menu after menu, double-checking with the actual restaurant sites to no avail.  So many of the spots I wanted to try only served dinner on the weekend and it became so frustrating I wanted to throw in the towel and give up.

Then along came Trios Bistro at the Marriott.  The beautiful Trios Bistro at the Marriott hotel by the Eaton Centre.  It saved me.  It saved me from banging my head against the wall and going 3 years without a Summerlicious adventure.  Maybe it was meant to be.

summerlicious collage 2 trios bistro



Trios Bistro at the Marriott is a beautiful space.  I’d even say a little on the majestic side with its high ceiling and windows overlooking Trinity Square, lush booth seating and carpeting, and pretty chandeliers.  And it’s peaceful and relaxing.  There’s no rushing; just delicious food in a lovely environment and atmosphere.  During normal, non Summerlicious and Winterlicious days, Trios serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and is open to the public and not just to hotel guests (SCORE!).  Its proximity to the Eaton Centre and to the downtown core in general was perfect for me and it awesome being able to take advantage of a spot I’d never been to.  Their Summerlicious price fixe lunch menu ($20) was perfect for both my boyfriend and I (anything with chocolate, chicken, and fish will satisfy the sweetie.  Just, you know, not together.  Oh and anything without tomatoes and onions as a option is a gold star bonus because he hates the stuff) and we both left happy and full with scrumptious food in our bellies.

Here’s the Summerlicious menu lowdown: I chose their bibb lettuce and heirloom tomato salad as my appetizer (sliced radishes, shaved carrot, and lemon greek yogurt dressing), the linguine vert as my main (oodles of linguine noodles drenched in hazelnut kale pesto, artichokes, baby leeks, a mountain of peas and a smattering of grated grano padano cheese), and for dessert, a local strawberry and rhubarb strudel pastry with berries and glaze, whipped mascarpone and vanilla cream.


Everything was so simple but so HUGE on flavour.  This was such a fantastic meal and I feel like I got my money’s worth and than some.  I was so happy with the portions (the doggy-bagger in me was absolutely thrilled that I ate everything and didn’t need to take anything away in the sweltering heat!  I am not a fan of wasting food on my plate) and as soon as I took the first bite of my food, I KNEW I had made the right choice to come here for Summerlicious.  The last thing anyone wants is to blow that amount of money on a crappy meal!

There were so many highlights: even with the dressing the bibb lettuce was so crisp and fresh, the tomatoes were ridiculously juicy and the dressing.  OH.MY.GOD.  It tasted divine.  It tasted like this crazy marriage between yogurt dressing and rich buttermilk!  It was so fragrant and the aroma of it literally beckoned me to the salad bowl.  I mean, I was uber hungry to begin with but this just tipped the scales.




The pasta was perfectly cooked with just the right amount of pesto and olive oil sauce and the artichoke chunks were ginormous and delicious!  It was perfect for me because I love pasta like nobody’s business and it incorporated both things I love and eat regularly (peas and pesto!) with things I don’t eat regularly like leeks and artichokes.  This dish was a gift that just kept on giving with all its flavour and texture.  You had that little bit of starchiness from the peas, the juicy, savouriness from the artichokes, the freshness and nuttiness from the pesto and the smooth, velvetyness of the linguine noodles.

And then the finale: the strawberry-rhubarb strudel!  I was so happy that I could actually savoury the rhubarb.  I know this sounds stupid, but let’s be frank: some places would probably err on the side of strawberry with just a hint of rhubarb.  Not at Trios.  Every mouthful was crispy paper-thin layers of pastry sprinkled with sugar (it wasn’t soggy and it wasn’t stodgy) with juicy berries and sweet whipped mascarpone and vanilla sauce.  It was great because even though it was a strudel there was plenty of surface area to soak up the vanilla and cream and there was a great balance between sweetness and summer berry tartness.




I am so relieved this Summerlicious meal worked out and while it wasn’t anything necessarily out of my comfort zone, I still got to enjoy many foods that I don’t eat often and for that, it was well worth it on its own.  Because Summerlicious isn’t just about taking risks and trying foods completely out of your element at a discounted rate; it’s about finding that perfect food match that makes a meal memorable from top to bottom.  And I’m so happy Trios Bistro could make that happen for me this time around.


Trios Bistros is located at 525 Bay Street at the Toronto Eaton Centre Marriott Hotel in downtown Toronto just south of Dundas Street West.  You can follow them on Twitter @TriosBistro and you can check out their Summerlicious menus and their regular menus HERE.

June is Right Around the Corner – With Burger Week, Riverside Eats & More! Ate by Ate’s Food Event Spotlight

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The GridTO Burger Week, May 29 – June 1.  All across the city at different restaurants, burger joints, bistros and more!  $5 for all Burger Week burger specials.  Calling all burger lovers!  Whether it’s good old fashioned beef, chicken, pulled pork, beef brisket, veggie tofu or bison, this week is what burger dreams are made of!  64 participating locations in the city including The Good Fork, Hey Meatball, The Gladstone Hotel, The Emerson and The Stockyards among many others will be dishing out one-time only special burgers on their menu for $5 during Burger Week!  Enjoy all sorts of different burgers with smoked sauces, cheese, salsas, mayos and so much more.  In addition, E11even and Frank are both offering special “Black Tie” burgers ($13 and $17 respectively) where $5 from each Black Tie burger will go towards The Stop Community Food Centre

The GridTO Burger Day, June 2.  11am-5:30pm.  76 Wychwood Ave. at Artscape Wychwood Barns.  $30 for all-you-can-eat sliders.  If you thought Burger Week was awesome, try the finale: all Burger Week restaurant participants will be joining forces at Wychwood Barns for an all-you-can-eat, gut-busting, droolworthy slider extravaganza!  All Burger Week burgers will be transformed into oh-so-cute and oh-so-tasty sliders at the event for everyone to nosh on to celebrate the end to a burger-iffic week.


Cones for the Community, June 1.  12pm-5pm.  At 74 participating Baskin-Robbins locations!  Click website below for locations and details.  $0.31 scoops (limit 3 per customer).  Baskin-Robbins is back with their annual Cones for the Community event where line-ups around the block come as no surprise!  As part of a month-long program in support of SickKids Foundation and The Hospital for Sick Children, Baskin-Robbins locations will be collecting in-store donations all month long.  This event is meant to promote the cause and give thanks back to the folks and communities who have made it possible for Baskin-Robbins to continue their fundraising and support.


Eats & Beats in Riverside, June 1.  1pm-6pm.  In the Riverside District neighbourhood on Queen Street East from the Don Valley Parkway bridge (Queen-Broadview Village) to just past Degrassi Street.  FREE; cost of food on-site in shops and vendors.  Come celebrate the beautiful, cultural dynamo that is Riverside District at Eats & Beats!  Riverside is a foodie district in its own right so for this special event, food shops and vendors will be opening their doors with special tasting places and food for the event and live music and entertainment will be filtering through the streets for one fun and delicious afternoon!

DSCN1327 - Copy

Liberty Village Farmers’ Market, June 2 – October 27.  Sundays, 9am-2pm.  Green P parking lot on East Liberty Street between Atlantic and Hanna Ave.  The Liberty Village Farmers’ Marker returns on the first weekend of June for the 2013 summer and fall season!


Savour Toronto Kensington Krawl, June 2.  11:30am-2:30pm.  Near Bellevue Square Park in Kensington Market (exact location will be sent upon registration via e-mail).  $40 per person (capacity for the tour is 12 people).  As a lover of Kensington Market, I can’t tell you how warm and fuzzy this tour makes me!  Explore and learn about the culture and history of this eclectic neighbourhood and eat through 6 mouthwatering food spots!

Mid-May & May Long Weekend Munchies – Ate by Ate’s Food Event Spotlight

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East York Civic Centre farmers' market

East York Farmers’ Market, May 14 – November 5.  Tuesdays, 8am-2pm.  East York Civic Centre, 850 Coxwell Avenue at the corner of Coxwell and Mortimer Avenue.   The east end market returns for its spring, summer, and fall season this week! 


Hands-On Sushi at the LCBO Bayview Village, May 15.  6pm-8pm.  2901 Bayview Ave. at the LCBO Bayview Village.  $75 +HST/person; to register and book tickets, please visit the participating location.  Be a sushi chef for the night at this fun, hands-on class where participants will make their own maki, nigiri, sushi rice and more!  http://www.lcbo.com/learn/cookingclasses_bayview.shtml

Brewers Backyard

Brewers Backyard – Queen Victoria’s Secret at Evergreen Brick Works, May 20.  12pm-4pm.  550 Bayview Ave. at Koerner Gardens and Holcim Gallery.  Cost of food: $6 for food, $6 for beer.  Event is open to all ages, but folks must be 19+ to purchase and drink beer.  Kick start the summer season and celebrate the long weekend at Evergreen Brick Works with the return of Brewers Backyard!   Brewers Backyard is your chance to learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Ontario beer with tastings, pairings, and plenty of fun events and promotions.  Everything is hush-hush for this kick-off but organizers can tell us that there will be beer from Great Lakes, Oast House, the Granite Brewery and more, as well as yummy eats from FeasTO!  http://ebw.evergreen.ca/cal/event/brewers-backyard-beers-from-Torontos-Backyard

Montgomery Inn tea

Victoria Day Tea at Montgomery’s Inn, May 20.  1pm-4pm.  4709 Dundas St. West, Etobicoke.  $10/person which also includes a tour of the historic inn (no registration required; the tea is first come, first served).  Enjoy fresh baked bread, tea, and English-style treats at this sweet tea!  http://www.toronto.ca/culture/museums/featured-events.htm#montgomery

the depanneur vintage vegan victoriana supper club

Source: The Depanneur Facebook event page

supper club. vintage vegan victoriana

Vintage Vegan Victoriana: A Rusholme Park Supper Club at The Depanneur, May 20.  7:30pm.  1033 College Street.  $40+HST/person.  The fab Emily Zimmerman is back at The Dep for a vintage vegan Victorian dinner party feast!  Travel back in time during the holiday weekend and dine in vintage style with a 5-course vegan meal with plenty of vintage recipes and menu items reminiscent of a Victorian household that you’ll enjoy with fellow food-lovers and great company.  Emily brings the style of a Victorian dinner party to the Dep without the fuss and muss: julienne soup, baked mushrooms with smoked black pepper and lemon, seitan roast with garlic, cumin, fenugreek and parsley, spring tart, Sussex Pond pudding with gunpowder green tea cream.  http://thedepanneur.ca/event/supper-club-vintage-vegan-victoriana-by-emily-zimmerman/

From Foodies to Food Trucks – 5 Upcoming Food Events in the City!

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worldwide vegan bake sale

Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale – Toronto (TVA), April 27.  1pm-4pm.  17 Baldwin Street (2nd floor) at the Toronto Vegetarian Association, Vegetarian Resource Centre.  FREE; cost of food for donation on-site.  Participants of the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale promote delicious, cruelty-free food while raising money for the community cause.  Come by for vegan baked goods (we hear there will be marble cupcakes, macaroons, donuts and much more!) and for the collection of vegetarian cookbooks for sale and on loan from the resource library!

*PLUS!*  Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale – Toronto (The CookBook Store), April 27, 2pm-4pm.  850 Yonge Street.

tva web

gluten free garage

Gluten Free Garage: The Sequel, April 28.  10am-4pm.  Artscape Wychwood Barns at 601 Christie Street (covered street barn).  $10 for adults, children 12 and under FREE (proceeds go to the Canadian Celiac Association); cost of food and merchandise on-site.  The Gluten Free Garage is back for its sophomore year!  With food and vendors galore in support of celiac disease research and initiatives, the Gluten Free Garage is a market event featuring bakeries, food services, and restaurants; samples from merchants and vendors; health and lifestyle information, resources, and support about gluten-intolerance and gluten-free living; guest speakers and health experts; coupons and more!

depanneur supper club

Craft Beer Tasting Menu with Kendra Simmonds: A Rusholme Park Supper Club at The Depanneur, April 28.  7:30pm; 8pm dinner.  1033 College Street.  $40+HST/person.  Calling all beer lovers!  This fantastic tasting menu incorporates both locally brewed craft beers and savoury eats for a mouthwatering experience, fusing different flavours and ingredients to create new and interesting tastes and dishes.

Menu includes beer bread crostini with beer-infused cheddar sauce; a deconstructed beer salad incorporating malt, barley, wheat grass and more; pork and beer two ways!  Beer-brined pork loin in a beer reduction, and beer-glazed pork belly, both served with fresh spring market vegetables; and to end the meal, a sweet taste of beer-battered crepes!

food truck festival

Better Living Food Truck Festival, May 3.  3pm-7pm.  1 Overland Drive by Shops at Don Mills just off of Don Mills and Lawrence.  FREE; cost of food and drink on-site.  Presented by Better Living Health & Community Services, come on out and take part in the food truck craze that has taken the city, province and nation by storm!  Enjoy some of the city’s most popular and beloved food trucks at this event including Smoke’s Poutinerie, Stuft Gourmet Sausages, The Feisty Jack, and drinks at the Bier Markt!



Toronto Underground Market at Evergreen Brick Works, May 4.  5pm-10pm.  550 Bayview Ave.  $22.60 + $2.50 service charge for general admission + cost of food and drink on-site at the event.  19+ only.  The Toronto Underground Market is special, monthly event that aims to bring our community together via food pathways by uncovering and illuminating hidden culinary talent within our city.  TUM offers food entrepreneurs and budding chefs a platform to share their food and stories, as well as an avenue to promote local food and businesses.  The market is social in nature, where food is eaten and consumed in a communal setting and where guests are encouraged to eat, talk, and mingle with chefs and other dinner guests.

M is March, Maple Syrup, and Macaron Day TO! The Sweet & Fabulous March Food Calendar!

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Sugarbush Maple Syrup Festival, March 2 – April 7.  All day, every day.  2 locations: Bruce’s Mills Conservation Area (3291 Stouffville Road in Stouffville) and Kortright Centre for Conservation (9550 Pine Valley Drive in Woodbridge).  $10 for adults, $6.50 for children and seniors, and students, children 4 and under with family are FREE.  Prices include HST.  Welcome the spring season with a month-long maple syrup festival!  Engage in syrup tastings, demos, pancakes, a maple syrup dinner, learn about the history of maple syrup, get maple syrup recipes and so much more!  Click the link the schedule of events and more info.  http://maplesyrupfest.com/


Roland & Russell Brewers Launch Party, March 3.  8:30pm-11:30pm.  36 Harbord Street at the Wolfond Centre.  $35 for pre-booked, early bird tickets; $50 at the door.  Payment can be made directly through Paypal on the event website or by calling 905-738-3339.  Enjoy an evening of beer tasting, food, and music at this exclusive event benefiting the United Chesed, an organization in the Jewish community that supports low-income persons and families in the GTA with financial support and assistance.  Join beer expert, Ben Shillow, for a tasting of 3 craft draughts brand new to Canada by R&R Brewery including He’brew Jewbelation, Southern Tier IPA and Bush Pilot Stormy Monday, plus Mackmyra First Edition, single malt whiskey!  http://www.unitedchesed.com/events.html

Senior’s Community Kitchen at Evergreen Brick Works, March 5.  11am-1pm.  550 Bayview Ave.  FREE (please inquire about transportation arrangements if necessary by calling 416-596-1495 x340 or by e-mailing sforfar@evergreen.ca).  Senior’s Community Kitchen is just one of the many monthly senior’s activities offered by Evergreen Brick Works to provide senior’s and elders with an opportunity to socialize and mingle with others, to share skills and knowledge, to learn about healthy food choices and options, and to have fun preparing nutritious meals.   http://ebw.evergreen.ca/whats-on/seniors-in-action#kitchen

Get to Know Karma Food Co-op, March 6.  7pm.  739 Palmerston Ave.  FREE.  To register, e-mail karmaorientation@gmail.com.  Have you ever wondered how a food co-op operates, the types of products that are sourced, or just what a food co-op entails?  This informative session will inform you about everything you want to know about co-ops and the Karma Food Co-op specifically in the context of food politics and sustainability, and food sourcing.  Learn about food products, the people who run the co-op and more.  http://www.nowtoronto.com/news/listings/listing.cfm?listingid=800069150&subsection=&category=&nav=1

Kitchen Sisters 2013 – A Benefit for Sistering, March 8.  6pm reception, 7pm dinner.  85 Hanna Avenue at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen.  $500 ticket/person ($350 tax receipt issued).  Celebrate International Women’s Day in the company of some of the city’s most exceptional and admired women chefs in the industry!  The night, in support of Sistering, an organization that provides assistance to homeless, underhoused, at-risk, and low-income women in the Toronto community, will include a cocktail reception, 4-course dinner, wine pairings, door prizes and more.  http://sistering.org/events/kitchensisters.php

California Crusin’ Wine Tasting by the iYellow Wine Club, March 9.  7pm-10pm.  69 Bathurst Street at The Hoxton.  $55/person; to purchase tickets, visit the website.  Forget spring break in Florida; California taste and sunshine come to Toronto with this exclusive wine tasting event presented by iYellow Wine Club!  Sip over 60 wines from California, nosh on delicious food truck eats, and enjoy a vibrant Saturday night party celebration!   http://iyellowwineclub.com/upcoming-events-tours/california-cruisin?regevent_action=register&event_id=3


Seedy Saturday, March 9.  11am-4pm.  Evergreen Brick Works at 550 Bayview Ave.  $5 or PWYC.  Take part in this annual, national event where you can buy, sell, and trade seeds!  Swap seeds and heirloom varieties with other passionate seed and plant enthusiasts, buy seeds from local vendors, and learn about this long-standing tradition.  You just might end up with some special heirloom tomato seeds that you can plant in your very own backyard!  http://ebw.evergreen.ca/whats-on/special-events/seedy-saturday

Toronto Underground Market at Evergreen Brick Works, March 9.  5pm-10pm.  550 Bayview Ave.  Online tickets ON SALE NOW (February 22nd on); tickets are $22.60 + $2.50 service charge.  The Toronto Underground Market is a special, monthly event that aims to bring our community together via food pathways by uncovering and illuminating hidden culinary talent within our city.  TUM offers food entrepreneurs and budding chefs a platform to share their food and stories, as well as an avenue to promote local food and businesses.  Tickets for the April TUM will go on sale on March 22!  http://yumtum.ca/index.html

Food 4 Thought: A Taste of Lebanon, March 15.  7pm-9pm.  631 Crawford Street at the Kadampa Meditation Centre.  $20/person or $35 for two; register through the website.  Find your inner zen at this relaxing meditation and 3-course vegetarian meal session at the Kadampa Temple.  Meet new people (community volunteers serve the meal!) and enjoy a taste of Lebanese food.  http://kadampa.ca/event/food-for-thought/

Get to Know Karma Food Co-op, March 16.  10am.  739 Palmerston Ave.  FREE.  To register, e-mail karmaorientation@gmail.com.  Have you ever wondered how a food co-op operates, the types of products that are sourced, or just what a food co-op entails?  This informative session will inform you about everything you want to know about co-ops and the Karma Food Co-op specifically in the context of food politics and sustainability, and food sourcing.  Learn about food products, the people who run the co-op and more.  http://www.nowtoronto.com/news/listings/listing.cfm?listingid=800069150&subsection=&category=&nav=1

DSCN4703 - Copy

St. Patrick’s Eve Céilidh at Montgomery’s Inn, March 16.  7pm-11pm.  4709 Dundas Street West at Islington Avenue.  $5 +HST/person; cash bar.  Party the evening away, Irish style, at Montgomery’s Inn!  Enjoy hearty Irish stew, fresh baked bread, and plenty of music!  http://www.toronto.ca/culture/museums/featured-events.htm#montgomery

St. Patrick’s Day Tea at Montgomery’s Inn, March 17.  1pm-4pm.  4709 Dundas Street West at Islington Avenue.  $10 +HST/person.  Pinkies up at this St. Patty’s Day themed afternoon tea!  Enjoy classic porter cake, shamrock cookies, and more.  http://www.toronto.ca/culture/museums/featured-events.htm#montgomery

Macaron Day Toronto, March 20.  All day at 20 participating cafes, patisseries, and bakeries across Toronto!  For the 2nd year in a row, Toronto is celebrating the delicate, dainty, and delicious macaron in support of Red Door Family Shelter!  Patisseries will be offering complimentary macarons for the entire day, while supplies last.  25% of all additional macaron sales will go toward the Red Door Family Shelter helping abused women and children, the homeless, and families in need with emergency support and shelter.  Check out the official website to find out about our ambassadors and which patisseries are participating this year!  http://macarondayto.com/macaronDay.html


Get to Know Karma Food Co-op, March 23.  10am.  739 Palmerston Ave.  FREE.  To register, e-mail karmaorientation@gmail.com.  Have you ever wondered how a food co-op operates, the types of products that are sourced, or just what a food co-op entails?  This informative session will inform you about everything you want to know about co-ops and the Karma Food Co-op specifically in the context of food politics and sustainability, and food sourcing.  Learn about food products, the people who run the co-op and more.  http://www.nowtoronto.com/news/listings/listing.cfm?listingid=800069150&subsection=&category=&nav=1

Pati’s Mexican Table at The Cookbook Store, March 23.  2pm-3pm.  850 Yorkville Ave.  FREE.  Pati Jinich comes to The Cookbook Store to promote her new cookbook, “Pati’s Mexican Table: The Secrets of Real Mexican Home Cooking” and to share her love of all things Mexican!  Meet Pati Jinich, learn more about her Mexican cooking and techniques, her PBS tv show, “Pati’s Mexican Table”, and enjoy a number of Mexican treats straight from her cookbook!  http://www.cook-book.com/events/index.html

DSCN1149 - Copy

Book Launch at The Stop Community Food Centre – The Stop: How the fight for good food transformed a community and inspired a movement, March 24.  Time TBA.  601 Christie Street at The Stop Beer Garden.  FREE; beer, food and books will be available for purchase at the event.  Celebrate the book launch and support The Stop’s mission to continue fighting for equitable food politics in and around our city.  http://thestop.org/event/24-mar-2013

Korean Lunar New Year Temple Feast: A Rusholme Park Supper Club at The Depanneur, March 24.  7:30pm; 8pm dinner.  1033 College Street.  $40+HST/person.  Join Chef Jonna Pedersen for a fresh, spring, meal inspired by the Korean Buddhist temple cuisine!  Pedersen, who studied cooking in Korea, will be serving Korean-style tapas (Temple Food Banchan) including pumpkin porridge, acorn jelly and soybean stew; Korean soup (Ddeok Guk soup) with crispy seaweed, seitan, ricecake, julienned egg, along with dumplings and more; and to finish off, a traditional Korean tea service!  http://thedepanneur.ca/event/supper-club-korean-lunar-new-year-temple-feast-by-jonna-pederson/

Get to Know Karma Food Co-op, March 31.  1pm.  739 Palmerston Ave.  FREE.  To register, e-mail karmaorientation@gmail.com.  Have you ever wondered how a food co-op operates, the types of products that are sourced, or just what a food co-op entails?  This informative session will inform you about everything you want to know about co-ops and the Karma Food Co-op specifically in the context of food politics and sustainability, and food sourcing.  Learn about food products, the people who run the co-op and more.  http://www.nowtoronto.com/news/listings/listing.cfm?listingid=800069150&subsection=&category=&nav=1

Food at Your Fingertips All Month Long! Cultural Food Festivals, Soups, Baking, Calendar Updates & More in September!

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The Vegetarian Food Festival is just around the corner!

The 2nd day of September is almost drawing to a close and it doesn’t look as though the party-harty days of summer are ending any time soon!  Sure, there’s back-to-school, back-to-work, and back-to-routine, but you’d never know it if you went over the September Food Calendar with all the food events that are happening over the course of the month!  There’s a plethora of cultural festivals, seasonal food events, and food news to report, so let’s get started with an update on how the Food Calendar is going to change from here on out and all the fantastic food adventures we can expect to play a part in this month!

Things have been incredibly busy for me (quite honestly, busy is an understatement) with work, freelance, and personal plans on top of all the blogging  and I feel awful for not posting the calendar up sooner, so I’m going to start making some changes to the way I do things because it’s really starting to get out of hand and much too overwehelming to do it all at the end of each month.  I’m not going to lie, I spend hours upon hours putting things together and cross-checking information and I always feel like I’m behind.  I love this part of the blog so much, so to keep it running more efficiently I’m going to start compiling events, festivals, and classes for the following month as I go along throughout the current month so that everyone will be able to follow along with my progress and actually find out about things well in advance!

Catch some of the farmers’ markets this month before they pack up for the year!

For example, we’re into September now and while everything that is happening in September will be posted on the Food Calendar and its friends, I will also be putting together the October one right before everyone’s eyes in a separate Food Calendar tab so that you can all check back periodically (follow me in on Ate by Ate’s Facebook page for daily updates and photo gallery fun!)  and find out about more things earlier.  It’s going to be SO much better this way, for me and for all of you!

Now that we have the administrative matters settled, let’s get right down to food business!  We have one of the city’s BIGGEST and most amazing food events coming back for another highly anticipated year: the 28th annual Vegetarian Food Festival at Harbourfront Centre from September 7th to the 9th!  I haven’t been to every single food festival there is in the city (maybe I’ll achieve that goal when I’m 60!), but I will say that the Vegetarian Food Festival is second to none.  This is the one festival that I feel truly lives up to the excitement and anticipation behind it and leading up to it.

I had so much fun during my first ever visit to the fest last year and to this day, I still remember all the amazing snacks, samples, and food I tried and falling over heels for this foodgasic soy nuggets from King’s Cafe, all of Jen’s homemade, vegan Apiecalypse Now baked goods and desserts (orange vegan peppermint patty cream thingy!), the Mexican tostadas from El Cilantro, and the adorable jar of peanut butter from Peanut Butter & Co.!  I love it because when you’re at the festival roming the aisles ad different areas, you get to know so many brands you’d never heard of prior to the festival, and you get to meet so many independent business owners, and course, fellow foodies that you may have only knownn online!  I know it’s going to be fabulous, so I can’t wait for it to finally get here!

September also marks the return of food event favourites and new players to the game: Vietnamese Lantern Festival, Korean Harvest Festival, Taste of the Kingsway, Fortune Cooking Festival, Romanian Festival, Ukrainian Festival, Polish Festival, and so much more!  Roncesvalles and Bloor West Village are going to be piping hot jumping beans this month, that’s for sure!  As it is, both districts are so foodie-friendly with bakeries, cafes, and eateries coming out of the wazoo.  Add a festival into the mix?  You may not have to eat again for an entire week!  And on top of all that, a number of corn harvest festivals and corn roasts will be happening across the city throughout the month to celebrate the end of summer of the beginnings of fall, so get your munchers ready because there is going to be a LOT of food left, right, and centre!  

Everyone is going to need a lot of room in their bellies this month: Taste of the Kingsway, Ukrainian Festival Polish Festival, Korean Harvest, and so much more!

On top of all that, The Stop Community Food Centre’s monthly Food for Change event is going thematic (Childhood Meals!) with an amazing menu to boot (blue cheese chicken wing tacos?!  Pork grilled cheese sandwich?!  Milk and cookies a la gourmet?!), Canada’s Baking & Sweets Show is back for its sophomore year at the end of the month in Missausauga, and the culinary slurping event of the YEAR, Soupalicious, will be tantalizing hungry appetites and tastebuds with delicious soups concocted by chefs from restaurants all over the city.  Aside from the Vegetarian Food Festival, I am in conniptions over Soupalicious!  I am totally buying my tickets tomorrow and I’m crossing my fingers that they haven’t already sold out for the event!

BIG news affecting The Depanner and all us Dep lovers!

In addition to events and festivals, The Depanneur made a huge announcement recently about their cafe operations and what The Depanneuer truly wanted to focus on heading into the new month, season, and eventually, year.  The drop-in dinners, classes, workshops, weekend brunch, and famous supper clubs are completely staying intact and not going anywhere, but the day-to-day cafe will be shutting its doors during the day indefinitely starting this month.  It’s completely understandable how priorities shift and while I’m incredibly excited about being up-to-speed on all the fabulous additional supper clubs and activities that will be introduced, you all know how much I loved the cafe aspect of the business with its soups and frittata sandwiches among other yummies and I’m going to miss it dearly!  I wish The Depanneur the best of luck with their plan and I hope that everyone (and all of you!) will get the chance to take advantage of all the wonderful events and experiences they have to offer; weekend brunch has my name on it so I know that I will, at the very least, get around to that!

Hot Town, Summer in the City! June Outdoor Food Fests, Markets, a Quesadilla Cafe, and Chic Patio Dining

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Enjoy these at the *NEW* Maizal Quesadilla Cafe!

Happy first day of June, everyone!  It’s been one crazy month of May with the return of many farmers’ markets, Mothers’ Day events, and spring time festivals, and the fun doesn’t stop here.  June marks the start of the summer season and we know what that means: cocktails and patio dining, ice cream and frozen desserts, firing up the grill (unless you grill all year round and if that’s the case, this is just old hat), and plenty of outdoor food celebrations!  June will be such an exciting month, so here’s a snapshot of some of delicious things we can expect in the next several weeks!

Gabriela of Chocosol’s Tortilla Project will be setting up shop in Liberty Village next week!  She’ll be opening up her very own corn tortilla and quesdilla cafe, Maizal Quesadilla Cafe, on Tuesday, June 5 at 11am at 133 Jefferson Street and really, with the weather heating up and the need for light meals on the rise, this couldn’t have come at a better time.  I am SO excited about this!  Gabriela has been working her tail off at the Toronto Lunchtime Office Markets, providing the most amazing corn tortillas and vegetarian quesadillas, and I cannot wait to see what the cafe looks like and to sink my teeth into some great food, hot off the grill!

Brownies at Leslieville…

…and a rainbow of tiny peppers at Liberty Village!

And speaking of markets, the first two weeks of June will be exploding with returning (and new!) farmers’ markets all across the city!  The market in the Junction (at Pacific Ave. and Dundas Street West) will be making its first appearance on the circuit tomorrow from 8:30am-12:30pm, the Yonge-Eglinton market will be relocating and starting its summer 2012 season in Mount Pleasant Village at the corner of Mount Pleasant Rd. and Davisville in June Rowlands Park on Tuesday the 5th from 3pm-7pm, and both Leslieville and Liberty Village will be busting out the market goodies this Sunday from 9am-2pm!  No matter where you are in the city, there’s a market either starting, returning, or happily humming along.  Be sure to check out the June Market page in the Food Calendar for the full list details.

June is also the month I like to refer to as “the outdoor food festival gut-buster”.  I think we could feasibly find a food festival to attend every single weekend for the entire month!  We have Luminato’s 1000 Tastes of Toronto (taking place at the Distillery District this year), Toronto’s Raw & Vegan Festival, Bikes, BBQ, and Beer at Evergreen Brick Works, Taste of Asia, Francolicous at the Harbourfront Centre (as well as the return of Harbourfront Centre’s World Cafe and summer food events) and – wait for this – The Stop Night Market!!!

Sliders at last year’s 1000 Tastes of Toronto!

Oh my goodness, for those of you who LOVE, and I mean LOVE, street fests and partying into the wee hours with cocktails, drinks, and amazing food, THIS is right up your alley!  Inspiried by night markets around the world, in Asia in particular, The Stop Community Food Centre will be hosting an electric night of food, culture, and entertainment in the lit-up alleyway by one of the city’s most iconic spaces, Honest Ed’s!  Not to discount any of the other food events, but I think this event is going to be a really big hit just because of the nature of the event itself.  So many foodies in the city are craving things like food trucks and more street food and for Toronto, as a city, to (as cheesy as it sounds) get with the program.  Hopefully this event will be a fantastic one (much like the Taste of Danforth) and be a catalyst for more things to come.

A sneak peek at the upcoming patio dining series!

And we can’t forget about the ice cream, frozen desserts, and patio dining!  I’m hoping to get the ball rolling on the upcoming summer patio dining series to showcase some of the oh-so-chic hot spots around town and to also add a little fire and ice to our collection of summer dessert posts.  Just last week I flagged down my very first ice cream truck by my house!  I was SO incredibly happy and excited!  In all my years on this earth, I’ve never been able to catch an ice cream truck in my neighbourhood but I was either lounging around in my pajamas or just realized it too late.  This time, however, I was already out on my driveway, I heard the infamous ding-a-ling music of an oncoming ice cream, and pounced!  I happily ordered myself a vanilla and chocolate swirled soft serve cone and savoured it out on my front lawn.  It was GREAT.  I didn’t have any hands to take any photos though so I’ll just have to snag another truck downtown, just for kicks. 

Sprimkles, sprinkles, sprinkles!

It’s going to be a great start to the summer and I hope you all find something (oh, what the heck, MULTIPLE somethings!) to look forward to and enjoy this month!  Eat well and be happy, everyone!


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