Riding a High From FBC 2013 – What’s Coming Up on Ate by Ate for Spring!


cupcakes from Short & Sweet Cupcakes in Toronto, Ontario

Coming back from FBC 2013 last night and riding the high from a whirlwind of an amazing weekend gave me the biggest jolt of adrenaline, inspiration, happiness and hope.  I AM PUMPED and so ready to rock spring and summer.  Winter was a tough time for many reasons but I’m relieved that all of that is behind me and that I get to look forward to so many things here on Ate by Ate and outside of the blog.  I am still weeding through an inbox of e-mail that vomited all over me this morning when I opened it for first time in 4 days and I am just starting to edit my photos from FBC 2013, so I will give you all my FBC 2013 post as soon as I can.  This time around, I’m not even going to bother with a 3-part post series.  I’m going to scrapbook the heck out of it instead and just stick to one post because I truly feel that a scrapbook layout will speak louder than any post I make with words.  I am beyond excited to get back my scrapbooking on again!  It’s been much too long and let’s face it: this is the perfect excuse to shop for wine and cheese stickers!

So, in the meantime while I continue editing photos, here is an update on what to expect on Ate by Ate in the coming days, weeks, and months!

  • the return of The Cupcake Connection!  Amy from Prairie Girl Bakery has e-mailed me with a ridiculously awesome rundown of all the exciting things happening with the cupcake shop so stay tuned.
  • spring time at the Short & Sweet Cupcakes VAUGHAN location!  I’m going to finally post photos from their newer, 2nd location
  • new posts for the Weekend Brunch Series.  I have 2 that I am working on right now and they are yummy and scrumptious and delicious and ahhhhh – that’s just me drooling, don’t mind me.
  • tea!  I have so many new teas and tea sets I could fill a river with them.  Photos and posts to come on David’s Tea, Tea Forte and more.
  • the return of the Farmer’s Market Series!  It feels like an eternity since my last farmers’ market visit and it is eating me inside that it’s been that long.  I’m planning on making a market visit in the next week or two AND I’ll be compiling as much info as I can on all the spring and summer markets that will be coming back in May – so excited!
  • new baking posts.  I’ve been baking some muffins that I can’t wait to share with you all!
  • the May 2013 Food Calendar

And a lot more!  It feels like a fresh start all over again and it’s going to be fab!

Yours Truly in the Summer Issue of Eat In, Eat Out Magazine & The Introduction of the Summer Patio Dining Series!

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My poached egg photo in Toronto Life magazine hasn’t been the only thing I’ve kept mum about over the past month and a half: I have my VERY FIRST food magazine article and spread in the newest and latest of issue of Eat In, Eat Out magazine!!!  AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!  The summer issue JUST came out today and I’m so happy and excited that my beloved good eats from Toronto were made a part of this issue’s special Summer Patio Dining Across Canada series!  For the goods, my spread is on page 68 & 69

Eat In, Eat Out magazine is Canada’s first and only digital food magazine, publishing 4 times a year and completely and solely devoted to all things food!  Every issue brims with recipes, seasonal food features, restaurant reviews from coast to coast, food blogger profiles, and LOTS of gorgeous, mouthwatering photos.  The magazine covers everything from desserts, baking, grilling, roasting, meats, vegetarian dishes, and everything in between.  I found out about EIEO from FBC (Food Bloggers of Canada) and have been reading since their holiday 2011 issue.  Even though I loooove my novels, books, and magazines in tangible form, EIEO really resonates with me because it reminds me SO much of Homemakers’ magazine and its legacy of recipes and food features.

And the best part?  It’s purely Canadian,everything is written and photographed by homegrown talent (so many of my fellow Canadian food bloggers from FBC have been – and are – featured in Eat In, Eat Out!), and it strives to bring the Canadian food community together by shining a spotlight on each and every single part of the country, paying an homage to both the places and people that make the food we love so wonderful and worthy of publication.  Eat In, Eat Out simaltaneously celebrates our common love of food and the beautiful, unique diversity and regional food differences within Canada.

I was given the opportunity to write and photograph my very own Toronto feature for EIEO’s Patio Dining Across Canada series and I had SO MUCH FUN doing this assignment!  I had free reign on how I wanted to structure my writing and the type of food I wanted to photograph and profile, so I decided to have a little fun in one of my favourite neighbourhoods in the city: Yorkville!  Now, Yorkville doesn’t hold a candle to my beloved Kensington Market as my all-time favourite neighbourhood, but I do love strolling through the area, window shopping, and indulging in the food!  Let’s not forget how much I love Mela Cafe, Ginza, Veda,  La MexicanaWindsor Arms Hotel, and Summer’s Ice Cream among many others!  Yorkville is what I like to call “Patio Central in Toronto” – I don’t think any other neighbourhood in the city could compare in numbers!

After hemming and hawing and mulling over my options, I chose a gorgeous spot that I had been wanting to try for ages: Wish Cafe and Restaurant on Charles St!  So, in addition to finally letting everyone know how excited I am about this piece (my first published article with photos!), this is also my segway and introduction to Ate by Ate’s Summer Patio Dining series!  I’ll be dishing out the eats from Wish Cafe & Restaurant over the next 2 days and I can’t wait to show you all the photos I took and the great food I ate!  Here’s a photo teaser of Wish Cafe’s gorgeous decor to get us started and be sure to check out Eat In, Eat Out’s summer issue and even all their back issues on their site!  I am head over heels in love with the blueberry lime pound cake and raspberry shortcake recipes! 


Eat In, Eat Out is a Canadian, digital food magazine published quarterly.  Visit their official website HERE for more recipies, features, and food blogger profiles.  Click HERE to view the summer 2012 issue

Ate by Ate’s Bits & Bites, Vol. 001

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Introducing Ate by Ate’s first edition of Bits & Bites!  Bits & Bites is a new feature I’m starting on the blog and it’s my way of letting you all know about some of the things I have in the works, kind of like a mini newsletter with updates, ideas, and future plans for the blog.  Truth be told, it’s also my way of keeping organized.  I’m a big fan of sticky notes but my collection of notes is starting to get a little ridiculous.  I’ve stuck so many on my mirror that I can barely see myself now!  Although I really enjoy the element of anticipation when I post things without necessarily announcing it first, I thought this would be a nice way of flushing out and sharing my thoughts and ideas with everyone, so let’s hop to it!

  • Ate by Ate now has a Facebook page!  Some of you may already know this if you’ve already visited, but for those who don’t, I’ve started a Facebook page that’s primarily photo gallery centric in nature.  I’ve created a gallery of all my scrapbook layouts (I’ve been uploading layout photos every day for the past week now), and I just created a cupcake gallery yesterday, showcasing my favourite cupcake photos and cupcake photography!  As time goes on, I’ll be adding more albums and doing more with the page, but for the time being, I’m sticking to post updates and photo galleries.  I have an adorable FB icon and “Like” box on my sidebar, so check it out!


  • New series!  I looove having different types of series on the blog and I’m gearing up to start a few new ones in the near future including a Vegan Diner and Comfort Food series and some holiday themed ones.  Currently, I have the Vegetarian Sandwich series, the Farmers’ Market series, the Vegan Chili series, and most recently, the Fall Harvest series going on.


  • Winter holidays!  We’re in the thick of November now and you know what that means: less than two months until the holidays!  I love Christmas and I look forward to this time of year every year.  I’ve had so much fun doing the Fall Harvest series that I’m hoping to start a winter one and a few holiday-themed ones.  I have plans on doing a gingerbread series and a hot chocolate series, but if anyone has other ideas, let me know and I’ll see what I can explore and get around to!


  • Food Calendar!  If you’ve checked out November’s Food Calendar, you’ve might have noticed have long, extensive, and large it’s gotten!  I was recently asked to be a part of the Food Bloggers of Canada staff and my main job is compiling a list of foodie events for Toronto and the surrounding area, so after doing some research for the FBC, I was amazed at how much new stuff I found out!  I’m working on a way to split the Food Calendar into two parts, one that’s devoted to farmers’ markets and food and drink events, and the second focusing only on the cooking classes, demos, and seminars.   

Phew!  I don’t know if I’m going to be able to do everything I want to do, but it’s fun making plans and hashing out ideas.  I hope you all enjoy this new Bits & Bites feature and I will see you all tomorrow!