Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy – Fish Fillets & Mum’s Home Cooking


I hope everyone’s long weekend has been going fab so far despite the baffling weather!  Yesterday morning people were in t-shirts and restaurants temporarily re-opened their outdoor patios.  By sleepytime, snow was blowing around the streets like a cyclone, and I was huddled under the covers with the blankets pulled up to my nose, scared to death my roof was going to blow off from the wind.  Other than that, things are for the most part, peachy 😀  I’ve been spending a ton of time scrapbooking my little heart out (12 pages in 3 days, not bad at all!) and I can’t wait to dish out the new layouts to show you all real soon!  Not to mention I’m working on a few new additions to the blog which I hope to have set up in the next week or two.  I’ll be setting up a Twitter account (oh the joys of technology) and I’m also adding an “Address Book” feature where restaurants and eateries will be organized by category and arranged alphabetically for your perusing pleasure.  Kind of like my mini version of the Yellow Pages!

In the meantime, it’s fishy time!  It’s been awhile since I last posted any photos of my dinners at home, so here are a few recent fish fillet dishes my mum cooked.  My mum will normally keep the marinating for the fish really simple.  A lot of the time she’ll use some garlic, a bit of cornstarch, black pepper, and a little lemon or lime juice.  Up top we have fresh fish with a bit of soy sauce and lots of roasted garlic, green onions, and black pepper, and down below is fish seasoned with thyme and served with sautéed onions, carrots, green bell pepper, and lots of fresh flat leaf parsley!  Lately we’ve been eating carrots like bunnies and adding them to everything!  They really liven up a dish with colour and I loooove carrots steamed so it’s win-win for both me and the camera 😀

Stay warm everyone and hopefully the bright colours from the pictures will remind you that spring WILL come!   

Rainbow in a Fish Dish

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Mum’s colourful fresh fish fillet dish!  My mum will often do variations on this one, sometimes including shrimp and other times making a dish with just the fish and lots of yummy vegetables like this one!  Flaky and soft pangasius basa fish fillets (a type of catfish) marinated, coated, and cooked with cornstarch, cooking wine, and lots of black pepper and basil flakes.  Served with white button mushrooms, celery, and red and orange bell peppers. 

They’re kept frozen in their packaging and many times we’ll find this fish in various Chinese supermarkets in our neck of the woods here in Markham, specifically in grocery stores such as T&T and Foodie Mart.  Given how they’re fillets, they are boneless and come in packages about the size of your laptop.  The black pepper really gives it a nice kick, the celery gives the dish crunch, the peppers are fresh, sweet, and juicy, and the cornstarch makes the fish very soft, and it contributes to a nice fish sauce while the fish and vegetables are cooking.  It’s like eating a rainbow for dinner!