Will We Ever Meet Again? My Box of “Goodbye” Macarons From Cake Royalty Boutique, Cake Opera Co. on Eglinton West

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My beautiful box of macaron treaures

I have some bad news.

I know, how could anything concerning macarons be bad news?!  No, I didn’t drop a box and smash them.  Or come across any that I disliked.  Or lose my photos.  Nothing like that.  It’s worse.  Trust me, I was debating on making this post at all but figured it couldn’t hurt because no matter what, someone will most likely enjoy it or find it useful in some way.  If anything, I posted photos for everyone to admire and drool over!  It’s one of the reasons why I made the photo spotlight post on Cake Opera earlier in the week.  Okay, so back to the bad news.  It’s bad news when you find some of the yummiest macarons ever and find out that it will most likely be the only time you’ll ever get to eat them because the day you bought them is the last day they’ll ever be sold in their beautiful display cases.

It’s hard to say goodbye…

I don’t know what it is with my timing and luck lately!   Cake Opera has been on my mind and in my sights for months upon months and each time I passed by the boutique, I’d say, “I’ll come back” or “next time, really!”.  I finally made the commitment to visit the majestic cake and confections shop on Eglinton West last week, only to find a giant sign hanging in their front display window saying that October 13 would be their last day selling retail sweets and treats.  That October 13 would be the last day to enjoy their shortbread cookies, their petit gateaux, their cupcakes, and their macarons outside of catering events and custom orders.  That, in essence, Cake Opera was no longer going to operate as a retail bakery but instead, solely as a cake boutique specializing in custom orders, event catering, and wedding consultations.  Which means no spontaneous drop-ins for a cupcake or a box of macarons.

I cannot believe my rotten luck.

1st column on the left, top to bottom: pistachio, roasted hazelnut, vanilla orange blossom. 2nd column on the right, top to bottom: coffee, vanilla orange blossom, raspberry rose.

I mean, I know it would have been inevitable.  My going to Cake Opera earlier on in the year for their petit gateaux and macarons wouldn’t have prevented this from happening.  But I do feel awful because at least if I had visited the shop earlier, all of you would have known about it sooner and maybe would have had the chance to try them yourself.  But it’s too late now.  Sigh.

So, what’s the silver lining in all of this?  Well, this certainly promotes Cake Opera as a viable wedding and catering resource!  And just look at how absolutely gorgeous and stunning the boutique is!  It’s like walking into a space inspired by and dripping with royalty, luxury, and Marie Antoinette.  And just think, Cake Opera does custom macaron and cake table designs for special events so if you’re looking for a look that’s very artistic, classy, beautiful, and/or avant garde, their style and designs would be perfect.  I know many people who really dig the macaron trees and having them incorporated into centerpieces, sweets and buffet tables, and displays.

The macarons at Cake Opera, priced at only $2 each, are bathed in shades of red, peach, ballet slipper pink, and crisp white with luscious, creamy fillings.  Their macaron menu consists of 8 flavours: dark chocolate, dulce de leche & cinnamon, pistachio, salted caramel, vanilla orange blossom, raspberry rose, roasted hazelnut, and coffee.  On that last day of retail bliss, Cake Opera’s pastry Jessica had 5 of the 8 flavours whipped up and I helped myself to one of each with a duplicate to create my pretty box of six: pistachio, vanilla orange blossom (x2), raspberry rose, roasted hazelnut, and coffee.

Cake Opera’s macarons are so incredibly delicate and crisp on the outside and so creamy and generous in filling on the inside!  I don’t think I’ve ever had macarons with such so much amazing filling.  Every bite was truly like a bite of heaven and out of the 5 flavours that I had, hands down, the vanilla orange blossom was my be-all, end-all favourite.  You will never come across another flavour like it.  It was bright, fresh, citrusy, sweet, and creamy with vanilla.  Comparing it to a creamsicle doesn’t even do it justice.  And right behind the vanilla orange blossom would be the coffee and roasted hazelnut flavours followed by the raspberry rose which tasted like sweet and fruity floral rosewater.  These are truly exceptional macarons and while I know we can’t go into the shop to grab little boxes of them anymore, hopefully some of you will have the opportunity to try them some time in the future if you decide to consult them for an event.  Enjoy the photos!


Cake Opera Co. is a cake boutique that brings macarons, cakes, and French pastries to life through art and design.  They are located at 1136 Eglinton Ave. West., just several blocks east of Eglinton West subway station on the north side of Eglinton Ave.

Welcoming the Fall Season – Bearing Fruit at The Fall Harvest Festival at Ben Nobleman Park & Community Orchard

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Tomorrow is officially the first day of fall! 😀  To celebrate this joyous occasion, I’m posting photos from the Fall Harvest Festival that took place this afternoon and early evening at Ben Nobleman Park and Community Orchard.  I thank Twitter, specifically Wychwood Barns, for passing along this information yesterday because I otherwise wouldn’t have known about the event!  I try my hardest to keep on top of foodie events that happen in and around the city (read: the monthly Food Calendar), but there are things that I miss and I often kick myself (figuratively) for not knowing about them until it’s too late.  Thankfully, I caught the news about the fest at Ben Nobleman just in the knick of time and did some really quick mental day-planning to make sure I had the time and accessibility to get there.  Lucky for me, Ben Nobleman Park is literally across the street from Eglinton West subway station and that worked to my advantage considering I needed to sub northbound back to Downsview afterward.  Score for Team Connect-the-Transit dots!

Let it be known that I’ve never actually been to Ben Nobleman Park, nor have I ever exited from Eglinton West, so this was all new to me today.  Ben Nobleman Park and Community Orchard is exactly that: a park with trees, a nice big grassy area for playing, picnics, and strolling, and a playground for the little ones.  What makes this park especially unique is the inclusion of a community orchard.  Back in 2009, 14 fruit trees were planted and this space has since become an important green space used to educate everyone about tree planting, and for those in and around the Eglinton West community to come together and contribute to the cause.  Given how the trees are only 3 years old, it’ll be some time before they really start baring any substantial fruit, but it’s the concept that matters. 

It reminds me of a time last year when I noticed for the first time that there were pear trees on campus.  I walked by a tree and did a double take when I looked down and saw the surrounding area covered with fallen pears – small bright green ones!  They were so cute and I thought, “good squirrel food!”  Even though I can’t enjoy most fruits that grow on trees in their natural states, I completely recognize the importance of fruit trees in our fall harvests.

The Fall Harvest fest that took place today from 4pm-7pm was such a cute event.  There were SO many kids there playing, eating food, drinking juice, making their own juice at the juicing booth (how cute!), and learning about the different fruit trees during the little orchard tour given by the volunteers.  There were bowls upon bowls of fresh fruit for everyone to take (none for me.  Thanks, allergies), tea sandwiches (of which I had two), and plenty of juice to go around.  And to my delight, there were magazines to take home from the promo material and raffle ticket booth and I came away with two Homemakers’ magazines.  Score one for Team I-love-Homemakers’-magazine!  My favourite part of the park?  The beautiful painted shed of fruit trees and people holding hands.  Awww.     

There’s so much I’m looking forward to in the coming weeks and even though I’m probably going to be mumbling and grumbling about the earlier sunsets and all, all the exciting things happening in the near future will eclipse that.  For one thing, my camera is going to be so incredibly happy when the leaves start changing colours.  Allan Gardens and Main Street Unionville are my favourite places to capture the natural beauty of fall and I can’t wait to show you all some photos from previous years to get all us warmed up and excited!  And for another, I am beyond excited to start my Fall Harvest series on the blog!  I can’t wait to show you all the delicious fall foods in the city.  Fall might be a short season, but there’s more than enough for us to enjoy.


Ben Nobleman Park and Community Orchard is located on Eglinton Ave. W. between Everden Rd. and Strathearn Rd. across the street from Eglinton West subway station.  For more information about the park and the community orchard, click here.