Easter Just Isn’t Easter Without Chocolate – Chocolate & Bunnies at Teuscher Chocolates

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It’s been a loooong day so although I don’t have a thorough post for you guys tonight, I have something awesome for you all tomorrow to make up for it ūüėĬ† My mum and I spent tonight mixing up a delicious smelling bowl of cookie dough to chill overnight and I can’t wait to share the pictures and recipe with everyone for Easter!¬† In the meantime,¬†here are some photos I¬†took of some cute Easter bunnies and fancy schmancy chocolates in Teuscher Chocolates’s storefront display located in The Manulife Centre at Bloor¬†St. West and Bay St.¬† I have a TON of fab stuff to share with you guys over the next little while and I’m really looking forward to whipping up some new scrapbook pages.¬† I hope everyone is having a great long weekend!


Teuscher Chocolates is located at 55 Bloor St. West inside the Manulife Centre in William Ashley China.

Cookies, Cookies, and Sprinkles Galore! Pretty Easter Pastels at Kensington’s My Market Bakery


I can eat cookies and cookies all day long, and when they look THIS cute and pretty, it’s¬†not hard ūüėĬ† With all my exploration of the city and yummy food stories, I have truly made my mom and brother obsessed with going downtown with me and getting delicious goodies from Kensington’s My Market Bakery among many other places!¬† With the long Easter weekend ahead of us, we picked up fresh bread and buns (my brother picked out some potato and rosemary sour dough!), sweet flaky dessert¬†pastry squares (apricot almond, apple cinnamon, and raspberry coconut omg!), and a special Easter shortbread cookie just for me!¬† Rows upon rows of shortbread cookies with oodles of colourful sprinkles, frosting, and sprinkled sugar¬†in adorable egg, bunny, and baby chick shapes just waiting to be taken home and enjoyed by cookie monsters like me.¬†

I haven’t always celebrated Easter on a regular annual basis, but occasions like these¬†remind me of the time my aunt gave me a¬†little painted egg bunny toy for Easter a few years ago and jokingly said to my mum, “of course¬†YOU don’t get one, they’re for the little ones!”¬† Peering into display cases and picking out sprinkled cookies remind me how young at heart I am and will most likely¬†always be.¬† It reminds me that it’s the simple things in life that bring the most joy and all it takes is a little¬†splash of colour and cuteness to make make happy.¬† Mornings like these just strolling through one of my favourite neighbourhoods in Toronto mean the most to me and that cookie made me one very¬†giddy girl today.¬† I picked out the cookie with the pink and white and lavender sprinkles with the¬†frosted candy bunny.¬† And yes, I ate it already.¬† Just the beginning of a weekend of Easter and good eats goodness ūüėÄ


My Market Bakery is located at 184 Baldwin St. in Kensington Market.  The bakery is located west of Spadina Ave. and south of Nassau St.