It’s the Season of Fresh Fruit & Vegetables and Healthy Baked Goods: Trinity Bellwoods Farmers Market!


The snow is gone, the sun is out (on some days anyway!), and the temperatures are warm.  You know what that means: farmers’ markets across the city!  I fell in love with going to farmers’ markets last summer after going to Fresh Wednesdays at Nathan Phillips Square several times over the course of a few months.  It’s so heart-warming seeing everyone there picking up yummy baked goods, homemade jams and honey, and lugging around bulging bags of fruits and vegetables.  Farmers’ markets are so much more than just offering people a great deal.  It’s about connecting the public with the local economy and showcasing the talent and hard work that may not always get noticed on such a large scale.  There’s always something new to see (I saw and tasted gooseberries for the first time last summer!) and my camera will be there to capture it all for the next few months. 

First up: the farmers’ market at Trinity Bellwoods Park in downtown Toronto, located at Dundas St. West and Shaw St. every Tuesday from 3pm-7pm until October 25th.  I was there today with my mum and brother and I snapped some photos of the delicious food at some of the booths and picked up some vegan oatmeal coconut cookies (these things are HUGE oh my lord!) among other things.  There were booths selling bundles of fresh asparagus, baked bread, jarred honey and jams, and plenty of vegetarian and vegan sweet goodies including .  You can bet I’ll be going back for all those amazing treats.  Enjoy the photos!


The farmers’ market at Trinity Bellwoods Park is located at Dundas St. West and Shaw St. every Tuesday from 3pm-7pm until October 25th.  Check out other farmers’ markets and foodie events in and around the city on my Food Calendar