Short & Sweet Cupcakes

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short & sweet cupcakes collageShort & Sweet Cupcakes

Address & Hours of Operation: 1945 Avenue Road (south of Wilson Ave.) in Toronto; open Monday to Saturday from 11am-6pm, closed on Sundays || 1480 Major Mackenzie Drive West (at the corner of Dufferin St.) in Maple, Vaughan; open Monday to Saturday from 12pm-7pm, closed on Sundays

Prices: $2.90 per cupcake

Ate by Ate’s Top 5: Mint Everest, Lady in Red, Megan’s Mocha Madness, Ooh La La, One Hundred and One

  • The Mint Everest Cupcake – March Flavour of the Month || “Mint Everest – Your St. Patty’s Day Cupcake from Short & Sweet Cupcakes!” posted March 16, 2011 ||Features the Mint Everest, a cookies and cream studded vanilla cupcake with mint and cookies and cream frosting.
  • The Introduction to Short & Sweet Cupcakes || “Creamy Rich Clouds of Cupcake Heaven – Short & Sweet Cupcakes!” posted March 18, 2011 || Features 4-page scrapbook layout of original Avenue Road location and half a dozen cupcakes including Diamonds & Pearls, Rich in Recession, Short & Sweet, Pierce Brosnan (2nd March Flavour of the Month), Ice Ice Baby, and Penguin Suit.
  • The One Hundred and One Cupcake || “April Showers Bring May Flowers…and Cupcakes!  ‘One Hundred and One’ Ways to Love Short & Sweet Cupcakes” posted April 26, 2011 || Features 2-page scrapbook layout, Easter display, and the One Hundred and One Cupcake, a cookies and cream studded vanilla cupcake with cookies and cream frosting and Smarties candy.
  • Prince William & Kate Cupcakes || “In Honour of the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate…Royalty Love Cupcakes Too, Right?” posted April 28, 2011 || Features Short & Sweet’s Royal Wedding window display.


  • The Orange Chocolate Chip Cupcake – April Flavour of the Month, Part I || “Zesty, Fruity, Creamy, Chocolately – The Orange Chocolate Chip Cupcake & Its Friends from Short & Sweet, Part I” posted May 29, 2011 || Features photo spotlight on the April Flavour of the Month and half a dozen cupcakes including So Fresh, BBM, Black & White Affair, Diamonds & Pearls, and Blueberry Yum Yum.
  • The Orange Chocolate Chip Cupcake – April Flavour of the Month, Part II || “Zesty, Fruity, Creamy, Chocolately – The Orange Chocolate Chip Cupcake & Its Friends from Short & Sweet, Part II” posted May 30, 2011 || Features 4-page scrapbook layout and the April Flavour of the Month, an orange-vanilla chocolate chip cupcake with orange-vanilla frosting and chocolate topping.
  • Short & Sweet Cupcakes’ Move to Current Avenue Road Location || “Short & Sweet Cupcakes Has Found a New Home on Avenue Road!” posted July 29, 2011 || News update on their move to their now current location, 1945 Avenue Road (original location on Old Orchard Glove several blocks south).
  • The Sprinkler Cupcake || “Even Better Than a Donut – The Rainbow Bright Sprinkler Cupcake from Short & Sweet Cupcakes!” posted September 7, 2011 || Features 2-page scrapbook layout and The Sprinkler Cupcake, a vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting covered in rainbow pareils sprinkles.
  • Short & Sweet Cupcakes’ Relocation Grand Opening Party || “Pink & Black Balloons, Mini Cupcakes and Lots of Sprinkles – It’s a Cupcake Party in Short & Sweet’s New Digs!” posted September 16, 2011 || Features photos from their grand opening party of their now current location at 1945 Avenue Road.


  • Hallowe’en Cupcakes & The Pumpkin Spice Cupcake – October Flavour of the Month || “Hallowe’en Headquarters: A Frosted Sprinkled Party of Orange, White, Purple & Black at Short & Sweet Cupcakes!” posted November 2, 2011 || Features Short & Sweet’s Hallowe’en displays, cupcakes and the October Flavour of the Month, Pumpkin Spice cupcake, a pumpkin cupcake with cream cheese frosting.
  • Valentine’s Day Cupcakes and The Lady in Red Cupcake – February Flavour of the Month || “Mountains of Pink Frosting and Red Roses – Slow-Dancing with ‘Lady in Red’ and Valentine’s at Short & Sweet!” posted February 13, 2012 || Features Short & Sweet’s Valentine’s displays, cupcakes and the February Flavour of the Month, Lady in Red cupcake, a strawberry-vanilla cupcake with strawberry-vanilla frosting and heart candy topper.
  • The Ooh La La Cupcake || “Ooh La La!  The Ravishing Raspberry Red Velvet at Short & Sweet Cupcakes” posted May 3, 2013 || Features the Ooh La La cupcake, a red velvet cupcake with raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting.

Like a Cupcake Lounge – A Photo Spotlight on Short & Sweet Cupcakes’ Vaughan Location & Megan’s Mocha Madness!

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While working on my big Cupcake Chronicles feature page today behind the scenes, I realized I never shared my photos of Short & Sweet Cupcakes’ Vaughan location or my photos of their amazingly delicious Megan’s Mocha Madness cupcake with you guys after all this time!  I know this post is a little on the late side given how it’s been about a year since Short & Sweet opened their second location, but Ate by Ate just wouldn’t be complete without a post showcasing their York Region arm in all it’s beautiful cupcake lounge-like glory!

Located at Major Mackenzie Drive West and Dufferin St. within the Eagles Landing complex, the shop boasts a spacious, airy seating area near the back as well as a lovely hot pink seating lounge right by the front window, perfect for enjoying your cupcakes with friends!  They have colourful cupcake artwork on the walls, giftware to purchase up at the front and a big display case for their many flavours of cupcakes.  It’s a fun and fresh space and I really enjoy taking photos of the cupcakes here because the big window lets a lot of nice natural light in.

DSCN9551 (2)



And speaking of light, today’s photo spotlight is for one of my Top 5 faves from Short & Sweet, the Megan’s Mocha Madness which is a Friday-only specialty.  I have waited so long to have this.  I have had so many Fridays pass me by without this cupcake in my life because of either work or school or just not being in the area so you can imagine my squealing happiness over this morsel of decadence when I finally got around to having it.  It’s a chocolate cupcake with mocha coffee frosting and chocolate curls on top.  The frosting is one of the most delicious frostings I’ve ever had and this is coming from a girl who doesn’t even drink or like coffee!  It’s one of their best because the chocolate cake is fudgy and moist and the frosting is extremely flavourful and creamy without being overpowering with that bitter coffee aftertaste or too sweet and lacking in depth.

I think they hit the nail on the head with this one and  I wish so much that this was part of their every day roster as opposed to just being available on Fridays because this is a flavour that I could go for time and time again.  Even though I didn’t take these particular photos at their Vaughan location (there’s a reason for that, read on), I wanted to share them anyway since it’s been so long since my last Short & Sweet post.




So, you’re probably thinking, “well, that’s terrific that your favourite cupcake shop opened a location in York Region where you live!”  You’d think that.  But after careful calculations and an experiment with my best friend, I have discovered that it is actually easier for me to get to their Avenue Road shop instead of the one on Major Mackenize!  At least during the weekends.  It’s easy-peasy during the week, but the timing doesn’t jive with a work schedule and boy is it ever awkward on a Saturday.  Unless there’s a car involved or a random weekday I have off, getting here on Saturday would require taking 2 buses (which isn’t the most practical because there’s some doubling back involved) and then walking for another half hour and then finally walking on the side of the road to get into the complex because no sidewalk exists.  But all of this mumbo-jumbo?  Because the most straight-forward transit route to the shop doesn’t run on weekends.

Sigh.  That’s York Region transit for you.




Regardless of the confusing transit issue, I love the Vaughan location for its larger space and I can definitely appreciate the fact that both Ginza Sushi and Yummy Market are both a hop, skip, and jump away!  I’ve been working really hard on the Cupcake Chronicles since Ate by Ate started and it’s been a joy profiling so many shops and tasting all the variety the city has to offer.  I’m hoping to fill in some more holes this year so that we can have photo spotlights on Short & Sweet’s Blueberry Yum Yum in May and Tropic Thunder in June at the very least.  Look out for Valentine’s Day cupcake posts in the coming weeks!



Short & Sweet Cupcakes serves two locations in the GTA: 1945 Avenue Road (south of Wilson Ave.) in Toronto; open Monday to Saturday from 11am-6pm, closed on Sundays || 1480 Major Mackenzie Drive West (at the corner of Dufferin St.) in Maple, Vaughan; open Monday to Saturday from 12pm-7pm, closed on Sundays.  You can also find their cupcakes at some Aroma Espresso Bar locations!