Saturday Morning Brunch – A Twist on the Cucumber Tea Sandwich

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It feels like forever since I first posted about the English muffin pizzas my mum and I love to make!  One of the reasons why I love weekend mornings is because it gives me time to bake and also experiment in the kitchen.  Even though I may go out on weekends to go to appointments or to just sleep in a bit to catch up on some sleep, it’s a comfort knowing that the morning is all mine.  I don’t have to worry about running out the door to school or work with a brush still in my hair (not that I’ve ever had that happen…but you know, one of these days it very well could!), or nabbing that morning bus/train.  Weekend mornings, to me, are languid and relaxing and are so perfect for brunch meals.  What my mum and I did this past Saturday: a twist on the cucumber tea sandwich a la English muffins!

For us, we kind of make our English muffin pizzas in 3 steps.  Pick your cheese, layer the meat (if you’re using meat), and add the veggies with some extra cheese and herbs sprinkled on top.  Thus far we had made a Hawaiian type pizza with cheese, ham, and pineapple; a deluxe type of pizza using cheese, pepperoni, button mushrooms, and green bell pepper; and a chicken one with marbled cheese, tomato, and sliced chicken breast.  On the menu that morning: sliced English muffins with generous handfuls of shredded mozzerella cheese, a mix of blackforest ham, kielbasa loaf, and mortadella on alternating English muffins, and slices of English cucumber.  We sprinkled some extra shredded cheese on top so that it would get nice and melty in the oven (set to 350°F, using a cookie sheet and aluminum foil), and added some dry parsley flakes. 

We served it on a bed of mixed green and arugula salad with freshly peeled and sliced sweet navel oranges and had ourselves a lovely weekend morning brunch 😀  It was a great combination and I’m so glad it worked out!  The toasty English muffins were crunchy, the cheese and meats had a nice smoky flavour, and the cucumbers lightened up the taste and gave it as hint of freshness.  The onset of spring means more lovely weekend morning meals (it’s always nicer to be woken up by streaming sunlight as opposed to an annoying alarm clock and a dark room) and more exercises for my oven.  Yay!