Pick A Flavour, Any Flavour! Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Fun at Menchie’s – Part II


Making its debut on Toronto’s Bloor St. West strip back in November 201o, Menchie’s has taken the city by storm.  And I mean that.  I may have only inahled frozen yogurt eaten here 2 weeks ago, but I saw lineups out the door at this sweet little place months ago and thought, “holy schmoly!”  And then I thought, “I’ll come back when I don’t have to elbow or hair pull”.  Exaggeration, maybe, but I wasn’t taking any chances. 

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt is everything you could possibly want in an adorable sweet treat place.  It’s cute, it’s fun, it’s creative, it’s pink and green (and if you’re like me, that colour palette will make your heart flutter a bit faster.  You can tell I loved working with that on the scrapbook layout up top, yes?), and did I mention it’s an awesome place to hang out with friends or go on on a cute date?  If you love frozen yogurt and having the freedom to let your creativity run wild, this is your place.  It oozes the cuteness reminiscent of Asian stationery (just look at the frozen yogurt smiley face!  You want to hug and squish it!) and it offers everything a sweet tooth could desire.  The concept is simple: it’s a self-serve, pay-by-oz. frozen yogurt dessert café.  I LOVE the concept and my best friend and I came here for a girly afternoon dessert date (after lunch and window shopping, of course) during her spring break a little over 2 weeks and god, we fell in love.  We had so much fun!  So here’s my step-by-step, bite-by-bite account of how this works.

Step 1:  Grab a frozen yogurt cup (with or without the waffle bowl in it; the waffle bowl is $1 extra) from the cup station.  Walk over to the frozen yogurt self-serve wall.  I’m not kidding.  This is a WALL with froyo machines.  If I remember correctly, there are 10 flavours to choose from on a daily basis and flavours are rotated so that there’s always something different every day.  Choose one flavour…or two…or five.  This is the beauty!  If you’re hell bent on creating a froyo mountain of one flavour, you can do that.  If you’re indecisive and can’t make up your mind, you can go swirl 5 flavours into your cup and go to town!  Flavours are also paired so you can swirl and combine the predetermined pairs if you want too.  Pull the level down and start swirling the frozen yogurt into your cup!  When you feel you’ve had enough, just push the lever up to stop and go on your merry way.  Skip back and forth between stations if you like.  It’s UP TO YOU!  😀  What I chose: creamiscle froyo and cake batter froyo, eeeee!

Step 2: Pick your sugary poison 😀  This is your chance to make your frozen yogurt your own special creation, choosing whatever toppings you want.  Chocolate chips, Oreo cookies, gummy bears, sprinkles, granola, graham cracker crumble, nuts, chocolate bar chunks, shredded coconut, dried fruit, fresh fruit, peanut butter cups…oh, is that not enough?  Well, there’s plenty more where that came from.  Make it pretty, make it messy, make it you – go crazy!  My best friend and I were skipping back and forth between bins and scooping goodies into our cups and it was so much fun.  What I smacked onto my creamsicle and cake batter frozen yogurt: yogurt chips, graham cracker crumble, shredded coconut, and mini marshmallows!!  It was like a swirly, fluffy orange and white cloud.  Aww.  And it tasted like one too.  Not too sweet and so creamy and subtly fruity with the sweet crunchiness from the coconut and graham cracker crumble, mmm. 

Step 3: Take your creation to the cash, get it weighed, and pay!  The pay-by-oz. rate is $0.49 per oz.  To put that into perspective, my creation up top was a little over $4, so it’s very average and reasonable for frozen yogurt desserts and it’s filling.  You get what you pay for and my best friend and I weren’t fazed in the least by our totals.  The cups are deep, so you can fill this baby up real high!  Obviously since it’s a pay-by-oz. system the lighter items will cost less (like shredded coconut, for example) and the heavier items will tip the scales more (like sticking a gazillion chocolate bar pieces!). 

Use your judgment, but don’t skimp for the sake of it.  The whole point of Menchie’s is fun and it’s meant to be accessible and customizable for everyone.  There are even stickers on the froyo machines telling you which ones are kosher, non-fat, low sugar, etc. so that you can make informed choices based on your diet.  We saw parents with their kids here, high schoolers, 20-somethings like us, the whole shebang.  My best friend and I had a lot of fun our first time here and I can’t wait to go back and make another yummy creation!  I’m thinking of a cookies and cream one, a chocolate one, a green apple and fruity one…the possibilities are endless.  I don’t even think two lifetimes are enough to exhaust all the options here.


Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt is located at 511 Bloor St. West, on the south side of Bloor between Spadina Ave. and Bathurst St.  It is at the corner of Bloor and Borden St.

Scrapbooking materials used: to be added!

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If you love frozen yogurt, creating your own sweet tooth masterpieces, and having oodles of choice when it comes to yummy toppings, you will LOVE today and tomorrow’s posts!  Today is a teaser post with photos from Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt, so enjoy! 😀