The Oreo Anniversary Series – The Cookies n’ Cream “Ice Cream Sandwich” Macaron from Petit Thuet


“Hello, my name is Cookies n’ Cream macaron and I will be your new favourite sweet confection.  I hail from Petit Thuet and I guarantee that I will be one of the loveliest things sandwiched between two meringue shells you’ll ever lay your eyes and teeth on.”  Well, now that the macaron diva has introduced herself to everyone, I’ll take it from here.  The Oreo Anniversary Series continues on, folks, with a Cookies n’ Cream macaron.  Yes, a MACARON!  We’re accustomed to seeing Oreo cupcakes, Oreo cheesecakes, and Oreo cakes in general, but Oreo cookies n’ cream macarons?!  When I found out about these during my visit to Petit Thuet on Macaron Day last month, my initial mental reaction was, “are you serious??  Oh my god, cookies n’ cream macarons!”  If you love Oreos as well as cookies n’ cream ice cream and chocolates, you need this macaron in your life.  I knew I did.  Which was why I succumbed to temptation, went back, and basked in the joy of my reunion with the delightful confection.  

Even though I didn’t specifically include the “Keys to my Heart” series in the post title, this post is going straight into the vault for being one of the most delicious macarons in the city.  There is so much to love about this macaron: the thickness, the sturdiness (the ability of a macaron to hold its shape when being handled and being eaten), the texture, and the flavour.  It had body and substance, it didn’t fall apart and disintegrate into my hands while I was eating it, the filling didn’t squish out and play a game of slip n’ slide on me, and it hit the nail on the head in its resemblance to an Oreo ice cream sandwich.

 This Cookies n’ Cream macaron from Petit Thuet ($2.20) is EXACTLY like an Oreo and/or cookies n’ cream ice cream sandwich!  It’s like an ice cream sandwich mini-me disguised in classy, delicate macaron attire.  I couldn’t believe how delicious it was and how the flavour and texture were both executed so well.  Case in point: you know how the ice cream filling in an ice cream sandwich has that amazing thick but creamy quality to it that makes every bite SO good?  That split second where your teeth bite into it and glide through the cold ice cream in one smooth motion?  This macaron has that quality and it actually makes you believe you’re sinking your teeth into a cold, creamy, cookie sandwich dessert because the filling is that incredible.  It’s crazy, but it’s true!  Not only is it delicious but apparently, it also has magical powers!  Furthermore, it stays true to its Cookies n’ Cream name while at the same time staying true to its macaron-ness.  You can taste the Oreo crumb and cookie crumbles studded in the creamy macaron filling and the sweet almond flavour in the shells as it melts in your mouth.

Can you imagine how incredible these macarons would be in a bowl of Oreo ice cream?  With crushed Oreo cookies?  Oh, oh, or on an ice cream cupcake?!  Or on an ice cream flavoured theme cake or cupcake?  The macaron is wonderful on its own but thinking of other dessert spin-offs is really fun!  I don’t know if any other patisserie has a Cookies n’ Cream macaron, but for the time being Petit Thuet is the place to get your sweet fix.       


Petite Thuet serves 3 locations in downtown/midtown Toronto:

  1. 1162 Yonge St. (between Summerhill and Rosedale subway stations, on the west side of Yonge St.)
  2. 1 King St. West (at the corner of Yonge and King St.)
  3. 244 King St. East (between Sherbourne and Princess St.)

April Showers Bring May Flowers…and Cupcakes! ‘One Hundred and One’ Ways to Love Short & Sweet Cupcakes


With the way the weather is panning out, the rain better bring May flowers!  I am making faces at the icky weather outside and missing Short & Sweet Cupcakes because they’ve been closed for the past week for their holiday and they won’t reopen until Wednesday.  I have the worst timing!  It figures I have the biggest hankering for one (or two) of their cupcakes when they’re not open.  And I found this out the hard way when I went last week and saw the sign on their front window saying they were on holiday for Passover from the 19th-26th.  How embarrassing.  Especially considering they have a blog on blogspot with their vacay update.  Face palm moment, sigh.  So meanwhile, I have had to make do with looking at pictures and making a set of colourful spring scrapbook pages to console myself.  I am counting the days and hours till I can sink my teeth into some damn awesome cake and frosting 😀

Single cupcakes are $2.80 each with half a dozen ringing in at $14 and a dozen for $26.  On my quest to try each and every single cupcake of theirs (and to photograph and scrapbook it all), my choice this time around was the ‘One Hundred and One’.  My best guess is that the name is a play on “101 Dalmations” given the black and whiteness of both the puppies and Oreos/cookies and cream!  If you looooove cookies and cream and Oreos like me, you will LOVE this!

Now, the ‘One Hundred and One’ is an Oreo cupcake that resembles and tastes more like the famous creamy Oreo filling than the actual combination of cookie crumble which I think is awesome.  I love anything cookies and cream and Oreo related, but a lot of the time the emphasis is on the cookie and although that’s obviously fantastic, it’s great to see a different kind of interpretation.  The focus here becomes the filling that everyone has come to know and love since childhood.  The cake itself is a mixture of ground Oreo cookie and vanilla cake (hence the speckling), but don’t expect the crumbling cookie texture.  For those who do love crunch, you’re probably better off getting their ‘Chunky Monkey’ cupcake with the chocolate chips in it 🙂  The cake is more uniform in consistency and texture, so you get the flavour of cookie but just not the crumblyness which is perfect for those who don’t like a lot of crunch and prefer a moist flavourful cake.  

And the frosting?  Oh gosh, it tastes like a creamy, delicious mound of Oreo filling.  If you’re the type of person who loves licking the cream filling off the Oreo cookie, you will mop this baby up!  The frosting is buttery smooth (but without actually tasting like butter, ha!) and let me tell you, they are so generous with their frosting.  The ‘One Hundred and One’ is also adorned with a Smartie chocolate on top.  I got the pink one ^_^

This visit to Short & Sweet Cupcakes was so fab because I arrived at the shop right when they opened in the morning and I got to smell the amazing smell of freshed baked cupcakes with their toasty golden brown tops.  I got to watch the cupcakes get frosted, sprinkled, and put out on display and it made me happy just watching the work get done.  After having worked in a flower shop for three years, I knew and understood the pride and joy in creating and crafting and I totally soaked in the busyness and creative energy in the shop that morning.  And I cannot wait to go back again.


Short & Sweet Cupcakes is located at 399 Old Orchard Grove, right off of Avenue Rd. south of Wilson Ave. and north of Lawrence Ave. West.  It’s actually a little closer to Wilson than it is to Lawrence, and if you’re taking public transit (like me) the easiest way to get here is to get off at Wilson subway station and take the 96 bus to Avenue Rd. and walk south.  Old Orchard Grove is on the east side of Avenue Rd.  You can also get here by getting off at York Mills subway station and walking west to Avenue Rd. from Yonge.

Scrapbooking materials used: mint green and white cardstock (Recollections); dusty pink cardstock (Choco Mod Patterns stack by DCWV); rainbow colours of cardstock (Recollections); patterned paper (Choco Mod Patterns stack by DCWV); butterfly stickers (Sticko); pink alphabet stickers (Recollections); circle paper punch; brown rope twine for title banner.