Step Into a Realm of Gilded Confections & Luxurious Riches at Cake Opera Co.

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Charm the senses with featherlight touches, the gentle sweet taste of macarons and petits gateaux, and a halo of creative light as you feast your eyes on the grandest of cakes and confections in a palette of petal pinks, pure whites, royal purples, powder blues, and antiques golds.  Beautifully baroque and undeniably luxurious, Cake Opera embodies the art of confectionery brought to life.  Step inside and marvel at the splendor…


Cake Opera Co. is a cake boutique that brings macarons, cakes, and French pastries to life through art and design.  They are located at 1136 Eglinton Ave. West., just several blocks east of Eglinton West subway station on the north side of Eglinton Ave.  Full length post coming soon!