Celebrating the Bounty of Apples & Sweetness – Not Far From the Tree Presents City Cider at Spadina Museum!

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Celebrating the apple harvest and everything apple!

I know I was really mean yesterday leaving you all drooling over that apple caramel cupcake like that with no further commentary.  I’ve got the goods all ready to roll tonight though because I went through my eleventy billion photos (more like 95 but close enough), chose my favourite ones to show you all yesterday and today, and got all my apple literature materials prepared!  You know I can’t leave an event without buttons, pamphlets, postcards, and promo materials – it would be a travesty otherwise! 

Yesterday’s City Cider event at Spadina Museum: Historic House & Gardens was unlike any food and/or community event I had ever been to.  It wasn’t meant to be flashy or expensive or inaccessible to the general public.  On the contrary, people of all ages were having the best time ever taking photos of the orchards and gardens, sipping fresh warm apple cider straight out of the press, watching apples being turned into homemade apple butter in a historic 1920s kitchen, noshing on decadent and delicious apple caramel cupcakes from a cupcake truck, and enjoying a little dry apple cider on the side (read: alcohol!).  Babies and little ones were frollicking across the grass, people were running back and forth grabbing little glasses of cider because they were just that yummy, and enjoying everything there was to enjoy about the apple harvest and upcoming fall season.

Apple cider and apple yummies await you!

More importantly though, we were all there to support and engage in a larger-than-life organization, inititative, and cause: Not Far From the Tree, our beloved organization founded and located right here in Toronto, responsible for this amazing festival with the help and support of local businesses such as Pommies Dry Cider and The Big Carrot on te Danforth.

To put Not Far From the Tree and what they do into perspective, consider this: how many of us throw food out on a weekly basis, specifically fruits and vegetables and perishables?  It’s okay, raise your hand – I’m raising mine.  How many of us do so because we 1) bought more than we thought we could eat and ended up wasting it because it spoiled, 2) didn’t take care of our food and inadvertently speeded up the spoiling process, or 3) just didn’t get around to eating it or using it up in time?  Or maybe a combination of all of the above?  It happens.  We’re not heartless people (at least I hope not!); we’re just careless sometimes.

Fresh apple cider being hand pressed!

Apples getting ground up and mushed

Bushels of orchard apples just waiting to be devoured!

Watching the cider magic and quenching our thirst!

Now, envision what happens when this waste is multiplied hundreds and thousands of times.  Think of all the pounds of food waste and all the good it could do if wasn’t wasted.  The mouths it could feed, the good it could do for the environment.  Now think of what could happen if we had a way of cutting this waste down, even just a fraction by putting our food to better use and sharing our bounty or overabudance with others.  Not Far From the Tree does just that.  As an organization dedicated to caring for the well-being of the environment and community, their goal is to maintain one very specific part of our food chain and ecosystem the best they can and distributing its wares: fruit trees!

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The Kick-Off to Apple Harvesting, Juicing, Baking & More! The 2nd Annual City Cider at Spadina Museum, Part I!


Apple baked goods, cider, orchards, fruit trees, and apple picking in the afternoon sun – it was the perfect day to ring in the season of apple harvesting and the 2nd annual City Cider festival in the city today!  Toronto’s very own Not Far From the Tree, the philanthropic organization that has been picking fruit, donating to community centres and shelters, changing lives, and bringing communities together locally and globally through their events and programs for the past 5 years, teamed up with Toronto’s historic Spadina house and museum for this Sunday afternoon celebration of all things apple related!  I haven’t had this much fun at a festival for a long time and I was absolutely blown away by all the activities and special apple related things they were able to cram into 4 hours! 

I have SO many photos that I still need to edit, so this is just a sneak peek of some of the fun things I enjoyed today before tomorrow’s big post, including a demonstration on how to make apple butter inside Spadina house’s historic kitchen, watching bushels of apples transformed into cider from start to finish, apple caramel cupcakes (YES, CUPCAKES!), exploring the beautiful grounds, gardens, and orchard trees, getting to know more about Not Far From the Tree, and plenty of tastings!  


Spadina Museum: Historic House & Gardens is located at 285 Spadina Rd. across the street from Casa Loma.