European Doughnuts and Pastry Pretzels at Raymerville’s Bakery – Bomboloni and Bavarian Schwabisch Pretzels!

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Even though living in the suburbs means longer commutes into the city and less frequent bus service than I’d like, I feel really lucky to have such an amazing bakery that I can go to for fresh bread, deli meats, and pastries.  Visiting fantastic bakeries around the city has made me so grateful for everything they have to offer and has made me feel so appreciative of the hard work that goes into running a bakery like clockwork.  So many of these businesses are family owned and run and after visiting these bakeries once, all you want to do is visit them every day so you can see what new things they have and to strike up some good ol’ fashioned conversation.  It’s rewarding getting to know the people who work behind the counter and you build such great relationships because of it.

What I love the most about Raymerville Deli & Bakery is how they keep things new and exciting.  I’ve been going to this bakery for YEARS (just think, since I was in high school!) and there have been things I’ve discovered over the past several months that I didn’t even know existed!  Not only do they have delightfully ginourous chocolate chip cookies and sweet fruity apple and cherry turnovers, but they stay true to their Italian and European heritage by having sweet European pastries!  Now, I had to do some research to figure out exactly we these yummy treats were, and I’m so glad I did!  It’s fascinating learning about the breadth of food culture and I tucked away some delicious info on Italian doughnuts and German pretzels! 

Raymerville’s bakery has these awesome cream and custard filled doughnuts sprinkled with powdered sugar called bomboloni (because they look like little “bombs”, hee) and they have two varieties: vanilla custard, which I love, and chocolate cream which my brother is very fond of 😀  And as for the pretzels?  Bavarian schwabisch pretzels!  Pastry pretzels that are crispy and “crackly” on the outside, and soft and chewy on the inside.  The ones at Raymerville are cherry ones with dusted powdered sugar and sliced almonds. 

I wasn’t sure if I’d like the pretzels since I’m actually not a pretzel fan (gasp, I know!  Bread-like pretzels taste too…bread-like and starchy?  And hard pretzels are too salty for my liking!).  But these ones were good!  They had such good texture and they had both nutty and fruity sweetness to it.  The pretzels I’ve seen on a number of occasions, but the Italian dougnuts completely blew me away!  They’re so cute and of course, sweet and delicious.  I’m a sucker for custard and cream-filled doughnuts so really, the discovery was meant to be.


Raymerville Deli & Bakery is located within the strip plaza right at the intersection of McCowan Rd. and Ramerville Drive south, on the east side of McCowan (Carlton Rd. is on the west side of McCowan).  It’s about a 10 minute walk (or a 2 or 3 minute drive) from Markville Mall.  They are closed on Mondays but are open from Tuesday-Sunday at 8:30am.