Smoked Salmon & Wild Nova Scotia Tuna Sandwiches – Hooked Inc. at the Toronto Office Markets

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Local seafood lovers rejoice!  Hooked Inc. has won the hearts of Leslieville residents and farmers’ market goers alike since its storefront opening on Queen Street East in 2011.  Hooked Inc. is a fish store that attacks food and knowledge with a passion, providing Torontonians with fresh, sustainable, local fish, shellfish, and seafood products in addition […]

Beet Hummus, Cabbage Veggie Bowls, and Fish Chowder For Lunch at the ING Direct Cafe Office Market


I’ve talked about a lot of different food situations on the blog.  Situations and predicaments like food tunnel vision, constant cravings (cue K.D. Lang’s song here), and food snobbery among many others.  I have a new one to add to the hungry mix: food remorse, and not in the sense you’re probably thinking.  I’m talking […]

A New Lunchtime Market, Macaron Day TO, and More! The March Food Calendar and Events Is Up and Running!


Today marks the first day of March and we all know what that means: spring is on the way and there are plenty of food events, classes, workshops, and markets to keep us busy and eating for the entire month!  The March Food Calendar is up and running and this is the largest, most extensive […]

Earth & City’s Nut Burgers, Vegan Pizza, Brownies & Other Raw, Vegan Delights – Wychwood Farmer’s Market, Part III!


After several months of Earth & City withdrawal, I got the chance to see Cassandra and Lisa again at Wychwood Barns this past Saturday, and just catching a glimpse of all their fresh and colourful food when I first went into the market made me so happy!  Before and during the holidays, Earth & City were all […]

Cooking Classes, Kitchen Adventures & Frittata Sandwiches With Black Bean Soup – Foodscapes at Depanneur, Part II

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I love all the various food options in the city and the myriad of ways I can whet my appetite for food exploration, but there are few places like The Depanneur that are as all-encompassing.  Themed supper club and dinner party events, hands-on cooking classes and foodie workshops, cooking, business, and career opportunities for enthusiastic foodies, and weekly breakfast […]

Bringing Fresh & Organic to Urban Cityscapes – Boardwalk Chocolates’ Vegan Truffles & Fresh City Farms


Welcome to Part II of “Fresh Faces at the CSI Lunchtime Markets”!  Since I started posting about these markets back in October, I’ve shown you guys lots of photos of Earth & City‘s fabuous vegan food and yesterday I focused exclusively on the bread and baked goods made by Sara of Nice Buns.  Today I’m […]

Winter Vegetables, Kale, & Garlic Focaccia Buns – The Indoor Rinkhouse Farmers’ Market at Dufferin Grove

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Aside from the beautiful, vibrant farmers’ market sign, soil, patches of grass, and some tree trunks, what do you see up top?  If you said ice rink, you are right and you get a big fat cookie! 😀  I went to my first official winter indoor farmers’ market yesterday at Dufferin Grove!  Now I know […]