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Welcome to Ate by Ate’s brand new section, Features!  The Features page introduces you to all of Ate by Ate’s most beloved post collections and series!  Even though I love talking about food in any and every capacity, there are certain categories of food and drink that I love exploring more just because they’re my favourite foods.  Navigate the drop-down menu to check out Ate by Ate’s collection of posts including:

  • Cupcake Chronicles & Cupcake Connection
  • Marvelous Macarons
  • Summer Patio Dining
  • Sushi Bar
  • Tea in TO Series (also known as Coffee, Tea or Me) including Tea Shops and Afternoon Tea
  • The Farmers’ Market Series
  • The Oreo Anniversary Series
  • The Vegetarian, Vegetarian Sandwich, and Vegan Diner & Comfort Food Series
  • Weekend Brunch and Breakfast
  • Winter Wonderland including the Hot Chocolate Series

And of course, don’t forget you can also navigate through and explore these features on Ate by Ate’s right-hand menu bar (all “Menu Items” and food categories are alphabetized!).  This Features section is meant to give you a more in-depth, comprehensive look inside these series with post dates, descriptions, and details.  This is an ongoing work-in-progress so it’ll take some time for me to get all of these sections up and running, but it’ll be really fun and great once everything is done!

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