Desmond & Beatrice

desmond & beatrice collageDesmond & Beatrice

Address & Hours of Operation: 750 Queen Street East (one block east of Broadview Ave. in the Riverside District in Toronto); open Monday to Sunday from 10am-7pm || Prices: $2.75 per cupcake

Ate by Ate’s Top 5 Picks: Very Vanilla, Double Chocolate, Mint Patty, Earl Grey (with honey lemon frosting), Blueberry Lemon

  • The Introduction to the Desmond & Beatrice Bake Shop & Cupcakery, Part I || “Sugar & Sprinkles – Cupcakes, Baked Treats, and the Sweet Things in Life at Desmond & Beatrice, Part I” posted May 2, 2012 || Features an introduction to Desmond & Beatrice and a Part I photo spotlight featuring photos of their red velvet, chocolate chip on chocolate, vanilla and mint chocolate cupcakes.
  • An Introduction to the Desmond & Beatrice Bake Shop & Cupcakery, Part II – The Very Vanilla Cupcake || “Polka Dot Rainbow Sprinkles & Fantastical, Fresh, Creamy Vanilla Cupcakes at Desmond & Beatrice, Part II” posted May 3, 2012 || Features the 2nd part to the Desmond & Beatrice intro and their really awesome Very Vanilla cupcake, a vanilla cupcake with thick and creamy vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles.
  • The Double Chocolate Cupcake || “Sundays Just Got a Whole Lot Sweeter – The $2 Cupcake, Tart, Square & Cookie Bonanza at Desmond & Beatrice!” posted August 23, 2012 || Features their special Sunday promo at the time of the post (will have to ask and see if this promo still runs!) and the Double Chocolate cupcake, a fudgy chocolate chocolate with rich chocolate frosting – a brownie in the body of a cupcake.


  • The Earl Grey Honey Lemon Cupcake || “The Cupcake Connection, Vol. 007 – My Cup of Cupcake Tea!  The Lemon Earl Grey at Desmond & Beatrice and Tea Cupcakes in the City” posted November 9, 2012 || Features the 7th installment of The Cupcake Connection with a list of tea flavoured and inspired cupcakes around the city, including Desmond & Beatrice’s Earl Grey cupcake, an Earl Grey tea-infused cupcake with honey lemon frosting and sugared sprinkles.
  • The “Kiss Me” Black & White Cupcake & “Sugar Lips” Cinnamon Sugar Cupcake – Valentine’s Day || “Hearts, Sprinkles & the Kiss Me & Sugar Lips Cupcakes – Celebrating Valentine’s with Desserts at Desmond & Beatrice” posted February 17, 2014 || Features their special Valentine’s Day menu: brownies, cookies, and cupcakes (“Kiss Me” Black & White –> a chocolate fudge cupcake with vanilla frosting and hearts sprinkles; “Sugar Lips” Cinnamon Sugar –> a cinnamon sugar cake and frosting with gummy candy lips).
  • The Blueberry Lemon Cupcake || “Sweet, Lemony & Bursting with Blueberry Sass – A Photo Spotlight on the Blueberry Lemon Cupcake from Desmond & Beatrice!” posted June 18, 2014 || Features a photo spotlight on their Blueberry Lemon cupcake, a vanilla cake studded with fresh blueberries swirled with lemon frosting and topped with a dried blueberry.

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