Candy, Candy, and More Candy! Novelty Flavours and Sweets & The Elusive Coconut M&Ms: Part II


I’m so excited to finally make this post!  I discovered the coconut M&Ms a year ago and never even thought to do a blog post until the past week when the little lightbulb inside my head went off.  I have friends and friends of friends who have been aching for coconut M&Ms for eons and who’ve been searching for them high and low.  For those of you who love M&Ms the way I do and who adore novelty flavours of candies, this is for you!  And for those of you who believe these sweet morsels of chocolate aren’t available in Canada, I have two words: YOU’RE WRONG 😀  Now, I can’t speak for the entire country but they’re definitely available in Toronto and in more than one location!  I know I say this all the time, but exploring the city till my feet are sore is worth it when I find gems like these.  My discovery of coconut M&Ms (and pretzel and strawberry peanut butter!) was entirely accidental and I found them in two different shops on two different occasions. 

I’m actually really looking forward to turning this into a series for the blog, profiling different candy shops, chocolatiers, and specialty markets.  It’d be a great way to showcase some of the novelty stuff in and around the city and c’mon, who doesn’t love looking at colourful candy and snacks?!  If you enjoyed yesterday’s and today’s post, you’ll love the photos I have for you all tomorrow!  Hint: more M&M love. 

Here’s the deal: I’m going to keep poking around to see if other places in the city sell them, but for the time being, I have two places for you all to go to for that coconut M&M fix.  If you read and browsed through yesterday’s post, you would have realized that I posted all those photos for a reason, because Uncle John’s Candy Shack is one of them!  Uncle John’s is an amazing uptown candy shop located at 635 Mount Pleasant Rd. between Eglinton and Davisville Ave.  I made this foodie discovery last year while walking up and down Mount Pleasant from St. Clair to Eglinton and I was overjoyed to find such an amazing place with a selection of goodies as big as theirs. 

Canadian, American, British, they’ve got it!  Coconut Twix bars, strawberry creme Tic Tacs, containers of mini ORANGE KIT KATS *breathes into a paper bag*.  They have a HUGE assortment of candies, chocolates, biscuits, cookies, teas, collector’s items, and other novelties.  I have to put a mental strait jacket on myself when I’m there because I want to walk away with SO much stuff.  I’m actually whimpering a bit right now because I want to go back for my container of orange Kit Kats.  And maybe a pack of those strawberry peant butter M&Ms.  Sigh.

Now, if you’re looking for a location that’s smack dab within the downtown core, you’re in luck!  Yonge Market, located at 506 Yonge St., north of Grosvenor St. and south of Breadalbane St. (so in between College and Wellesley St. if main roads help you visualize better) has these coveted coconut M&Ms right by cash where all the candies and chocolates are.  

This discovery was made just two weeks ago and was I ever excited to hit the jackpot on this one!  It’s a little supermarket for crying out loud, who would have known??  Unless you just happened to want groceries, you’d seriously pass by this place without a second glance or thought.  Because really, how many of us hang out in the downtown core with the full intention of buying groceries?  I bet you not many, if any at all.  But!  My mom and I saw an amazing deal for blackberries (3 for $5, bring it on baby) and went in and that’s when I saw them.

Is there a price difference?  Yes.  The ones at Uncle John’s sell for $1.39 a pack and the ones at Yonge Market sell for $0.99., so a $0.40 difference.  Obviously, if you love candy shops and want to pick up a bunch of different things that you can’t get elsewhere, you might not care as much about the price difference.  However, if all you want are the coconut M&Ms and the convenience of grabbing them downtown, Yonge Market is your place to go.  And the coconut M&Ms are adorable! 😀  They have brown, white, and bright green ones and some of them have little prints of palm trees and flowers alongside and surrounding the ‘M’ logo stamp.  They’re sweet and yummy and coconut-y and awesome.  Oh, and did I also tell you that the green M&M girl is my favourite?  These coconut M&Ms make me giddy! 😀  So if you’ve been looking for these and yearning for them, I have one word for you: GO!    


Uncle John’s Candy Shack is located at 635 Mount Pleasant Rd. in between Eglinton and Davisville Ave., and Yonge Market is located at 506 Yonge, north of Grosvenor St. in the downtown core.

Candy, Candy, and More Candy! The Elusive Coconut M&Ms, Part I


Given the title of the post, you all know what this photo teaser post is alluding to 😉  I may not eat candy on a regular basis, but that sure as hell doesn’t mean I don’t squeal like a 4-year-old when I’m surrounded by canisters and shelves full of M&Ms, Almond Joy bars, colourful bags of Skittles, and my personal favourite, Fuzzy Peaches!  I know everyone has their candy and chocolate weaknesses and chomping on the bit on some fruity tutti sweets or fudgy morsels is just half the fun.  The novelty and nostalgia of candy and candy shops hits us all.  It’s fun remembering the goodies we used to eat when we were kids, it’s fun reminiscing about old favourites that are no longer with us but are instead in sugar coma heaven, and it’s fun finding flavours we never knew even existed! 

I can’t tell you how many friends have oohed and ahhed over my Japanese Yan-Yans growing up, how many Aero bars I have sent across the border and overseas to friends, and how many bags of Skittles my friends and I used to share in high school.  Oh, and don’t even get me started on Chupa Chups lollipops!  I remember how much my friends and I adored Fun Dip in elementary school and how much I loved Ring Pops because of the way it resembled colourful jeweled jelly.  I remember how jubilant I was when putting together candy goody bags for a birthday party years and years ago and how funny my friends were when they unleashed their inner child over them: “do you wanna trade?  Oh my god, Rockets!  Forget taking this home, I’m eating this now!”  It’s one of the reasons why writing this blog is so fun.  You get to reminisce but at the same time talk about things that are still fresh and relevant.

It’s absolutely fascinating and so much fun seeing how different candy and chocolate production is in different regions of the world and seeing the different products and flavours that are offered.  I’m telling you, it blows my mind seeing nearly 50 flavours of Lays chips and being able to get my hands (and my sweet teeth!) on flavoured Kit Kats like green tea, orange, banana, and white chocolate!  Candy and chocolate certainly isn’t the healthiest of treats, but it’s definitely the funnest and the treats that generate the most giddiness and nostalgic discussion.  Enjoy the photos, I have an awesome (if I do say so myself) post for you guys tomtomorrow’s post is going to be gooood 😉


Uncle John’s Candy Shack is located at 635 Mount Pleasant Rd. between Eglinton and Davisville Ave., just north of Manor Rd.