This Little Piggy Went to the (St.Lawrence) Market – Part II


And that, my dear lovelies, is where I bought the bulk of my dinner the other day ūüėĬ† European Delight, located on the lower level of the St.Lawrence Market, serving everything from pasta, schnitzel, meatballs, and pastries.¬† I hope you all enjoyed the pictures from yesterday!¬† Going to the St. Lawrence Market is always a huge treat for me; it’s a feast for the eyes and the tummy!¬† I fell in love with the market years ago, but funny enough, I fell in love with the antique counterpart market first before anything else.¬†

Here’s the deal: the St. Lawerence Market located on the south side of Front St.E (where all the pictures from yesterday and today come from) is open from Tuesday¬†to Saturday, but closed on Sundays and Mondays.¬†¬†Sundays is when the rest of the fun takes place ūüėĬ†¬†Right across the street is the north¬†St. Lawrence building where an antique market opens its doors from 5am to 5pm, selling¬†heart-pumpingly gorgeous vintage jewelry, beautiful antiques, collectibles, and novelty¬†toys.¬†¬†Trust me when I say you better make sure your wallet is nice and plump with cash if you plan on making a trip here because you cannot leave this market without¬†picking up a few treasures, it is amazing.¬† I have picked up so many sweet pieces of vintage jewelry among other things over the years and there’s always something new to see.¬† So there you have it my dears, now you know where to eat 6 days a week and where to shop on the 7th!¬† Just kidding.¬† Sort of.¬† I’ll leave that up to you.

St.Lawrence Market screams comfort food to me.¬† Wholesome food at¬†some fantastic prices.¬†¬†For an indecisive person like myself, it’s insanely difficult narrowing down the choices on what to¬†nosh on.¬† Do I want a snack?¬† Do I want something hearty?¬† Do I want dessert afterward?¬† Will I be too full for dessert?¬† I drive myself bananas asking myself these questions!¬† One thing that I have a reeeeally hard time resisting though is cheese.¬† I know it’s fattening.¬† And this is me telling you that for the time being, I do not care!¬† I have¬†a soft yummy spot for antipasto items like sundried tomatoes, roasted red peppers, and anything stuffed with cheese!¬† So enters these little yummies here up top that you can get for $2.50/100 g at one of the fresh cheese and antipasto merchants.¬†¬†Fresh provolone stuffed tomatoes with some seriously good kick to them!¬† This was me while I was gorging on them:

“These…*pant, pant* are so…¬†*pant, pant* good!” *pant*¬† I know.¬† I’m a real piece of work.

They’re called “cherry bombs” (how cute!) and I can certainly see (or rather taste) why.¬† But I assure that the spicy kick is the reeeeally good kind of kick.¬† And the starring role in my dinner?¬† A nice big, gooey, yummy, chunky sqaure of meat lasagna.¬† Oh man was this ever good.¬† From the European Delight vendor (pictured at the beginning of the post), I’m accustomed to getting the scrumptious potato cheddar perogies with the hefty dollop of sour cream.¬† This time around though, I was craving lasagna like nobody’s business and took the plunge with a generous square the size of my head (okay, I might be exaggerating a little, but it was big!).

Savoury tomato sauce and ground meat enveloped in layers and layers of¬†soft lasagna noodles,¬†topped with a nice thick layer of baked, golden browned cheese.¬† Colour me elated!¬† I soothed my craving for lasagna and I got my cheese fix.¬† Knockin’ ’em down two at a time!¬† This lasagna was amazing; I can take or leave meat in my lasagna so by golly, the noodles and cheese absolutely did it for me.¬† Forkful after forkful, this lasagna was¬†SO satisfying and not salty or mushy or overcookied in the least.¬† This is where it’s at!¬† And for $5.75?¬† Sweet!¬† The lasagna (along with many other yummies at this¬†eatery) are priced by weight, so depending on how big your sqaure is, it can be lower or higher in price.¬† As well, they offer vegetarian lasagna if you’re not feelin’ the meat.

I was¬†a little stuffed after my meal, so¬†no pictures of any dessert this time (I know, awwww) but you¬†know I’ll be back.¬† There are just some places and things you can’t get enough of ūüôā


The St. Lawrence Market is located at 92-95 Front St. E, at the intersection of Front St.E and Lower Jarvis.  From Tuesday-Thursday, their hours of operation are from 8am-6pm, Fridays from 8am-7pm, and Saturdays from 5am-5pm.         

This Little Piggy Went to the (St.Lawrence) Market – Part I


I love food and I’m always hungry – so yes, I guess that makes me a little piggy, ha ūüėĬ† There is something so invigorating and inspiring about being at a market.¬† The hustle and bustle of people as they make their way from stall to stall, the freshness of fruits and¬†vegetables, the achingly delicious smells of¬†fresh bread and cookies, the beautiful unique¬†knick knacks and jewelry…I can’t say¬†enough about how much I love going to the market.¬†

Here in Toronto, the St. Lawrence Market is one of my favourites.¬† Located at the intersection of Front St.E and Lower Jarvis in one of the most historic neighbourhoods in Toronto (just west of The Distillery District, which is one of my favourite neighbourhoods EVER!),¬†the market is a huge emporium of fresh meat and seafood, cheese, antipasto, baked goods, fruits and veggies, wine, chocolate, coffee and tea,¬†and so much¬†more.¬† The picture up top is¬†from this past summer, but the ones posted below are from¬†my most recent trip this past week!¬† This post is Part I of II, so enjoy the pictures and sit tight¬†for tomorrow’s account of my adventures at the market!