Summer Ice Cream by the Waterfront – Toasted Coconut Island Ice Cream at Chocolates & Creams


I was a very naughty girl the other day.  I ate a cupcake AND I had ice cream.  I mean, really, a chocolate dipped waffle cone and toasted coconut ice cream?  For a coconut fanatic like me??  I might as well have been a bunny with a carrot in my face.  Or a squirrel with nuts or fruit or something.  I’d like to think that I sweated out all my gluttony in my dad’s boiling, non-air conditioned car yesterday (a slightly opened window on a day with blazing sun and a paltry amount of breeze does not help an inferno of a car that has been in a parking lot for 5 hours, dad!) and I’d like to think that I have no qualms about going back for more.  Maybe in another few weeks.  For the time being, I’m going to ogle the extensive list of ice cream flavours on Chocolates & Creams menu board and decide what flavour I want for my next visit.  And for the one after that *whistles*. 

Chocolates & Creams is a fantastic chocolatier, ice cream shop, and gelato bar located inside Queens Quay Terminal by the waterfront.  I’m can’t say with conviction that they’re the best in Toronto (because Greg’s Ice Cream on Spadina and Bloor is reeeeally awesome too and everyone raves about Dutch Dreams on St. Clair W. as well), but their ice cream is VERY yummy.  I tried their ice cream here for the first time last summer and looooved their birthday cake ice cream so much and to my knowledge, the only other place I’ve seen this particular version of birthday cake ice cream is at the little ice cream shop in Bridlewood Mall in Scarborough! 

I’ve been meaning to come back for so long, but just didn’t get around to it because 1) even though I eat ice cream during the winter, the thought of heading down to the waterfront in windchill temperatures and mounds of snow and slush made me cringe, 2) I got caught up trying out a few other places like Greg’s Ice Cream (blog post forthcoming), Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt, Cold Stone Creamery, and gelato at Pacific Mall, and 3) sometimes it just takes me forever to do follow-up visits.  

They have a bunch of different cone options (regular, sugar, waffle, chocolate dipped waffle, chocolate dipped waffle with nuts) and they have LOTS of different flavours!  The most notable flavours for me: banana, birthday cake, black raspberry cheesecake (this will be mine one day), burgundy cherry, coconut island (a lot of places serve coconut sorbet or sherbet, not ice cream), and watermelon sherbet among others.  Not all their flavours are listed on their menu board though (such as their birthday cake flavour), so definitely take a thorough look through all the flavours at the counter before deciding.

I am not one to pass up anything coconut, so I opted for a single serving of coconut island ice cream in a chocolate dipped waffle cone.  Toasty coconut crunchy bits in super creamy coconut ice cream that didn’t melt at the drop of a hat equals pure fabulosity.  Even though I know Greg’s Ice Cream gives the most bang for your buck, Chocolates & Creams offers some really good, different flavours that are worth it.  Their prices are on par with other ice cream parlour franchies such as Laura Secord and Baskin Robbins, so they’re not cheap nor are they more expensive than the average.  You absolutely must try the birthday cake one and if you love coconut like me, the coconut island is delicious.  Aside from those two flavours, I really want to try the black raspberry cheesecake and watermelon sherbet the most.  Ooo and maybe banana and strawberries and cream together.  Eeeee.  

And one of the highlights of my day: staying still in my seat long enough to get a photo of myself with my ice cream.  I spent half the time whimpering at the pigeons fluttering and pecking nearby (I am petrified of birds…except Tweety) and my boyfriend, being the chivalrous man that he is, snapped my photo for me and shooed the pigeons away ❤  No matter, it was very good ice cream.  Mmmm.


Chocolates & Creams is located at 207 Queens Quay West by the waterfront inside Queens Quay Terminal.