Beautiful Rainbow Swiss Chard, Delicious Butternut Squash, & The Beginnings of Winter at the Evergreen Brick Works Farmers’ Market


Gorgeous vegetables from Marvellous Edibles Farm!

Who needs dumbbells and weights when you can carry bags of groceries all over town?  Between loaves of bread, bunches of kale, bags of greens and swiss chard, baked goods and scones, and fresh butternut squash, my arms are going to be in tip-top shape in no time!  Over the last few weeks the farmers’ market at Evergreen Brick Works has truly become my fall-to-winter holy grail market.  Between Evergreen Brick Works, The Stop Market at Wychwood Barns, and Crème Fraiche Market Café in the west end, I’m set for the rest of winter!  I admit, I really, really miss going to the weekday markets like Sorauren on Mondays, and Metro Hall and Dufferin Grove on Thursdays.  After all, this was my life for two years – blogging, exploring, learning, and soaking everything in during my last year of grad school and my year between graduation and full-time work.  Having only the weekends to cram everything in takes some getting used to after being a student with a flexible schedule for so many years.  Even so, I’m really happy and lucky to have such fantastic markets to go to during the weekend – I come home with more and more delicious food each and every single time!

When I first started going to farmers markets on a regular basis 2 years ago, I always used to go for the baked goods, hot foods, and baby vegetables like new potatoes, small zucchinis, and baby eggplants in addition to all the photo snapping!  Over time, I got to know so many wonderful vendors and farmers and I started exploring and embracing everything the markets had to offer.  I was snatching up pickled vegetables, canned preserves and jams, fresh hummus and pesto sauces, sunflower sprouts, all different types of kale, gorgeous swiss chard, different types of bread, all sorts of salad greens and so much more.  I was no longer shopping within my novelty comfort zone; I was grocery shopping for real.  I was buying food to take home to cook and trying new things and sharing the goods with my family and it felt, and feels, amazing.




Now, you’ve heard me gush about the scrumptious dumplings and sauce from My Little Dumplings and the gorgeous sprouts and fresh salad greens from Grassroot Organics (Woodville, Ontario) among other goodies.  Over the past several weeks, I have fallen head over heels for two more fabulous local farmers: Crosswind Farm, a goat farm located in Keene, Ontario specializing in goat products including some of the most delicious, creamy goat cheese you’ll ever have, and Marvellous Edibles Farm, a farm based in Owen Sound selling everything from farm fresh produce and heirloom vegetables to meats and fresh fruit pies.  I love, LOVE these two vendors.  I adore goat cheese and love it on crackers, pizza, pasta, and well, just about everything, and Crosswind Farm offers number of different flavoured goat cheese including Toasted Garlic, Maple Cream, and Green and Red Peppercorn among many others!

And Marvellous Edibles Farm?  Oh my gosh, I could sweep them clean.  The gentlemen who run the operation are so, so nice and their food and vegetables are fantastic and incredibly reasonably priced!  Brussels sprouts, beets, leeks, napa cabbage, pumpkins and butternut squash, garlic, different types of kale, carrots, swiss chard and more adorn their market tables alongside their organic eggs, meats, pickled vegetables, and meat and vegetable, and fruit crumble pies in both big sizes and mini sizes!


DSCN9368 - Copy



I am over the moon for their butternut squash not only because it tastes like heaven (I’m serious, you cook it and you don’t even need to put anything on it for it to taste like squash heaven!), but because they’re freshly peeled, cubed, and vacuum-sealed.  Their butternut squash packets are sold by weight (most packets come in at around $4.00-$4.25) and the squash chunks are so fresh and big and yummy and gorgeous.  You don’t even realize just how much there is until you start unloading it.  It’s like a gift that keeps on giving!  I used 1/3 of the packet for my vegan butternut squash and bean chili and still had a monstrous amount for another meal.  And this past Saturday I picked up some of their beautiful swiss chard which my mum mixed with some bok choy for dinner and it was fantastic.  It was my first time buying rainbow chard (or any swiss chard for that matter) and I loved it.

Even in the bitter cold, it makes me so happy going to these markets.  I’m really excited to see what the winter season brings, especially since I’ve never made it out to Evergreen Brick Works or Wychwood Barns during the months of December or January.  And let’s not forget about the eats at Cafe Belong!  Here’s to a great winter market season for the rest of 2012 and a fresh start to 2013!




Evergreen Brick Works is located at 550 Bayview Ave.  The farmers’ market takes place year-round every Saturday from 8am-1pm during the summer and fall months (May to November) and from 9am-1pm during the winter months (November to April).  If taking public transit, there is a free shuttle bus that operates 7 days a week beside Broadview subway station, as well as the 28A Davisville TTC bus that runs on Saturdays from 8am-3pm between Evergreen Brick Works and Davisville subway station.  Click here to learn more the site, their events and programs, and how to get here by bus, bike, car, or foot.

Mexican Culinary Delights, Fresh Vegetables, & a Dumpling Bonanza – Día de los Muertos, “Day of the Dead” at Evergreen Brick Works!


Yesterday was such a terrific day.  Despite the cold, I was out and about soaking in the crisp air, buying food to bring home, enjoying fall comfort food for lunch and at the farmers’ market, drinking tea, taking photos, and taking part in my very first Día de los Muertos, “Day of the Dead” Mexican festival at Evergreen Brick Works!  When I found out about the festival from their monthly calendar, I was so excited.  Mexican food and festivities in addition to the Saturday morning farmer’s market?!  What a goldmine.  And I’m so happy I went because I now have a much better understanding of the holiday’s cultural significance and the philosophy that grounds it.

In a nutshell, Día de los Muertos is a traditional Mexican holiday (also observed by many other cultures around the world) that brings family and friends together to honour those who have died with food and celebration.  While death is often perceived as something negative (understandably so!), Día de los Muertos is about memorializing the lives of those who have passed by praying and remembering them, visiting their graves, and creating settings (ofrendas and altars as they’re often referred to) with their favourite food and drink, spiritually connecting to those who have died and celebrating their life and honouring their memory during this ceremonious occasion.  Instead of fearing death and mortality, the day is about embracing the life cycle and setting aside some time to reflect.  We know all experiences are contextual, but generally speaking, this is the way in which Day of the Dead aims to shed positive light on an otherwise upsetting part of life.

There was a beautiful altar set up with a bright pink fuchsia tablecloth covered in a sea of corn, vegetables, and chocolate and surrounded by candles and Day of the Dead skeletons with chalkboard explaining the festival’s cultural significance.  Even though I didn’t stay long enough to see and taste the goods from the tamales competition, I did get to see ChocoSol’s cacao and coffee bike grinder (a bike that harnesses the energy from pedaling to grind raw cacao which is then used for coffee and Mexican drinking chocolate!), LPK Culinary’s Groove’s booth of vegan tarts, cakes, cookies and cupcakes decked out in “Day of the Dead” decor (check out the sugar skull tablecloth!), seeing vendors adorned with “Day of the Dead” skull makeup, and seeing the Mexican food get fired up in all its fresh tortilla, tostada, and churro glory among many other culinary delights!

And of course, we can’t forget about the farmers’ market.  Oh my goodness was it ever busy!  I actually had to line up for my kale!  I was sampling cheese and sausage, admiring the beautiful rainbow colours of swiss chard, and snatching up vegetables and baked goods to enjoy over the weekend.  I brought home so much great food: 2 giant bunches of beautiful kale (kale has pretty much become a farmers’ market staple for me – can’t leave one without any!), pea shoots, fresh radicchio and bitter salad greens, spinach, and lots of scones including cheddar and black pepper, and wild blueberry ones from St. John’s Bakery, and a white cheddar cranberry from Alli’s Bread.  They are fantastic off the grill and so yummy with a bit of butter or jam, or even plain.

The pea shoots, salad greens, and spinach were all from Grassroot Organics and they are so, so good.  They have these giant bins where you grab as much as you like and then you simply pay by weight.  It’s so easy to go crazy and spend more than you anticipated but I’m telling you, these vegetables are absolutely gorgeous and their freshness factor is just off the chart.  My family and I mixed all three together to make a big salad for lunch today and I would go back for more in a heartbeat.  I don’t have the name of the farmer and vendor who I bought my kale from but I promise I’ll get it the next time I’m there.  That I had for dinner tonight and my leftovers are happily waiting for me in the fridge ready to be eaten for lunch tomorrow!

One thing in particular that I have head-over-heels fallen in love with is My Little Dumplings, a local business that churns out amazingly delicious dumplings along with soups and other yummies using seasonal, local ingredients to create a fusion of global, ethnic flavours!  Owner and chef, Bashir Munye (pictured), was cooking up cauliflower soup with fresh garlic, chicken dumplings, and edamame falafel dumplings, all served with this delicious spicy dipping sauce (3 for $5 or 6 for $9).  Yes, edamame falafel.  Edamame beans ground into the texture of falafel and then fried crispy in dumplings.  With spicy sauce.  And utterly scrumptious.  OH.MY.GOD.  I should have had 6.  Heck, I should have had 20 and taken some home.  I have NEVER had anything like it before.  And I’ve had many dumplings in my time!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE dumplings and I’m so happy Bashir has created this business devoted to them.  And what he says on his My Little Dumplings website is very true: “no matter what culinary culture you come from, there’s probably a dumpling in your background.  A folded littel morsel of comforting goodness.”  There’s chicken and dumplings.  Italian gnocchi.  Wontons.  The list goes on.  Different ingredients, different execution and interpretation, but all with a common characteristic: folded pockets of deliciousness and comfort.  And I will be so happy to come back for more!  And next time, I’m not just having three.  I’m having eleventy billion.  Or maybe 12.  Baby steps and all.

Oh, and did I mention that it wasn’t raining yesterday, finally?  It wasn’t raining.  It was one of the happiest days ever.


Evergreen Brick Works is located at 550 Bayview Ave.  The farmers’ market takes place year-round every Saturday from 8am-1pm during the summer and fall months (May to November) and from 9am-1pm during the winter months (November to April).  If taking public transit, there is a free shuttle bus that operates 7 days a week beside Broadview subway station, as well as the 28A Davisville TTC bus that runs on Saturdays from 8am-3pm between Evergreen Brick Works and Davisville subway station.  Click here to learn more the site, their events and programs, and how to get here by bus, bike, car, or foot.

It’s Mitten Weather – A Photo Spotlight of Evergreen Brick Works Last Outdoor Farmers Market of the Year!

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There was a lot to celebrate today at Evergreen Brick Works: the first day of sun we’ve had in a week (for the first time in 7 days I didn’t need to open my umbrella, finally!), the last outdoor market of 2012 (they’ll be moving indoors starting next week on November 10th!) and Día de los Muertos, the “Day of the Dead” Mexican festival!  It was such a fun market today despite the chilly cold weather (my hands were totally freezing while taking these photos.  Note to self: remember to wear gloves as opposed to mittens so you can actually hold your camera without getting fingers frostbite!) and I bought and sampled some wonderful, delicious food including some big bunches of kale, bags of gorgeous spinach and salad greens, and samples of cured meats and cheeses, and some fresh and scrumptious dumplings!  Truly, out of all the times I’ve been to Evergreen, I think I had the most fun at this market and it makes me look forward to more, especially with the holidays around the corner.  This Evergreen Brick Works farmers’ market post is broken into two parts, with this one being the farmers’ market photo spotlight featuring some of my favourite shots from today, and tomorrow’s Part II post as the full-length account of all the food and Día de los Muertos festivities during my time there with lots more photos!


Evergreen Brick Works is located at 550 Bayview Ave.  The farmers’ market takes place year-round every Saturday from 8am-1pm during the summer and fall months (May to November) and from 9am-1pm during the winter months (November to April).  If taking public transit, there is a free shuttle bus that operates 7 days a week beside Broadview subway station, as well as the 28A Davisville TTC bus that runs on Saturdays from 8am-3pm between Evergreen Brick Works and Davisville subway station.  Click here to learn more the site, their events and programs, and how to get here by bus, bike, car, or foot.

Roasted Tomatillo, Jalapeno Black Bean, & Chunky Guac – A Photo Spotlight on Mad Mexican Dip & Spread Delights!

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You won’t believe what I did on Saturday.  Or maybe you will based on how well you know me and my craziness passion for food!  I ran out out of my beloved dips and spreads from Mad Mexican.  You know, the ones I purchased during my last visit to Evergreen Brick Works last month.  Me, my mum, and my brother gorged on Tw0-Way Jalapeno Black Bean dip and Roasted Tomatillo and Avocado salsa and polished them off in a heartbeat, spreading them on grilled tortillas, dipping samosas, falafel, and chicken nuggets in them, and mixing them into a little bit of rice for that yummy kick of flavour.  These dips and spreads are SO, SO delicious and realizing that I had nothing left in my fridge made me so sad.

So against my better judgment, I rushed over to Evergreen Brick Works after noon hour on Saturday for a quickie trip.  And I do mean quickie!   I caught the shuttle at Broadview station, hopped off at the Brick Works, speed-walked to Mad Mexican’s table at the market, quickly chose 2 dips from what they had left, and caught the next shuttle back, all in a matter of half an hour.  In the sweltering heat.  Interrupting my day of planned blogging activity.  All for dip.  I am a nut.  But I am happy nut now because now I have a fresh new container of their Roasted Tomatillo and Avocado and a deliciously delightful Chunky Guac!  I cursed and whined with every step to the streetcar and shuttle stop in the sticky heat, but I’m so glad I bit the bullet and shoved aside my wussy baby feelings for these guys because it was well worth it.  They currently have 6 dips, spreads, and salsas to choose from including a spicy salsa verde, a juicy pico de gallo, and a morita salsa made from dried, smoked morita peppers.  They’re $6 a pop with discounted rates available for multiple purchases with their delicious corn chips.

I’ve really relied on the farmers’ market at Evergreen Brick Works to get my fix but after reading over their list of retailers and shops where there products can be found, I’ll most likely check out some of the spots just to see what they have if I don’t happen to have Evergreen market plans on a Saturday.  Mad Mexican is always hooked up with Chocosol and Gabriel’s Tortilla Project and Maizal Quesadilla Cafe when they’re at the markets, so it’s triple food fantastic because you get to ogle their Mexican chocolate and drool over and eat their mouthwatering corn tortillas and quesadillas while you’re there!  Mad Mexican makes some of my very favourite spreads and dips so if you get the chance, definitely give them a whirl and just be careful when you do, because you’ll never want your kitchen and palate to go without them every again!


Mad Mexican is a Toronto-based business specializing in gourmet Mexican food products.  They are located in the west end at 383 Jane Street, just south of Annette Street to the east and Baby Point Rd. to the west (Annette Street turns into Baby Point Rd. at Jane and vice versa).  Your best best though is to purchase their products from retailers and farmers’ market if you can’t conveniently access the west end.  You can find Mad Mexcian at the Saturday farmers’ market at Evergreen Brick Works from 8am-1pm and their products in a slew of different food shops around the city including Noah’s Natural Foods, Summerhill Market, The Big Carrot, Fresh & Wild, and many more.  You can check out the comprehensive list of retailers HERE!

Fueling Up on Love For Food – A Weekend Brunch of Smoked Trout & Goat Cheese Baby Quiches at Cafe Belong

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“Food is Fuel, Food is Medicine, Food is Love”.  This passage, carved beautifully onto the metal plaque outside Cafe Belong, sums up, guides, and informs every menu creation, every culinary decision, every philosophical perspective, and every loving feeling towards food that Cafe Belong has.  It’s a beautiful way to sum up how I feel about food.  For me, food is my creative fuel.  It makes me excited for things to come, open to new opportunities and experiences.  Learning about food and being completely immersed in all its complexities has enriched my life in ways I never could have imagined and it truly is the fuel that drives my dreams and ambitions. 

And food as medicine?  That too.  Just not in the way you might think.  Being a foodie is therapeutic for me.  Hunkering down and zoning out while I’m scrapbooking my food photos puts me in my happy place.  And when I’m convinced I’m too tired to blog or to go out and get stories, I use that love of food to push myself a little harder and to remind myself that I have so much fun doing it.  When my fingers hit the computer keys, everything’s good.  Food is love.

In the context of Cafe Belong, this passage has to do with the integrity of food in all its facets (preparation, cultivation, presentation) and treating food, and the land it grows on, the people who make it, serve it, grow it, and eat it, with the utmost love and respect.  This is much easier said than done, but that is what makes the joy and experience of eating and cooking that much more rewarding.  It’s the same joy and pride you feel when you pluck a ripe tomato off the wine in your own backyard and when you snip chives off from your herb pots.  This is not to say that the farm-to-table, locavore way of eating and living is without flaw; only that the guiding principles behind this way of eating provides an alternative or at the very least, a way of envisioning one.            

What makes me SO excited about Cafe Belong and its food are their ever-changing menus based on the seasons.  I LOVE seasonal fare and with 3 different main menus to eat from (lunch and dinner, 4 to 6, and weekend brunch), there is so much fabulous, delicious food to go around.  Menus are divided into hot and cold “kitchens” and sides, with each section highlighting seasonal ingredients.  Cold plates include things such as fresh vegetable, cheese, and grain salads (tomato salad and pot barley), cold plates with fish and seafood (cured fish and fennel, tuna ceviche, spring lobster salad with fingerlings), cured meats and cheeses, and yogurt and granola brunch among others.  Hot dishes incorporate fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruits in ways that liven up warm comfort food such as smoked duck with squash, cranberries, and beans, lobster boil with leeks, potatoes, and greens, and cauliflower gratin and squash dumplings. 

The menus are so inspiring and there is so much to explore and try and if I had to choose a seasonal menu to be the most excited about, it would have to be fall.  My heart feels full to bursting at the thought of gorgeous fall colours and leaves outside the cafe windows and fall comfort food.  It’ll take a very long time to cycle through a year’s worth of seasonal menu items, but I am definitely up for the challenge of enjoying one special meal here each and every season to get a well-rounded perspective an overall experience of Cafe Belong. 

My first Cafe Belong experience was a weekend brunch one and I enjoyed it in the lively atmosphere of the dining room and kitchen, where the hustle and bustle of the kitchen was visible and the windows from where natural light streamed in seemed never-ending.  People were ordering summer cocktails (brunch cocktails for those of you who love a tipple in the morning!), heaping mountainous plates of brunch salad, and wooden planks carrying brunch lobster rolls and other mouthwatering entities.  While I’ll admit that it was a warm day in the cafe when I went, everything felt light and airy and relaxing  with the large windows overlooking the lovely outdoor patio.  I know it seems odd that I would give up a chance at dining al fresco (hello, summer patio dining series), but I didn’t feel like donning my hat while I ate so inside beside a window I stayed. 

The summer brunch menu ($9 on the low end, $25 at its highest end) features dishes such as potato and egg tart wih apple and greens, lobster roll on brioche with cucumber, radish, and spinach, blueberry pancakes with whipped cream and maple syrup, poached eggs with hollandaise, honey-glazed ham, and savoury biscuit, and market flatbread in vegan, vegetarian, and carni form.  My pick?  The smoked trout and chevre quiche with tomato and cucumber salad ($18), a beautiful, colourful dish bursting with juicy, smoky, cheesy flavour!  This was not your typical quiche though.  From the menu, you would think of quiche with trout and chevre (goat cheese) in it with cucumbers and tomatoes on the side.  Oh no, the dish was comprised of two baby goat cheese quiche tarts surrounded by thick wedges of smoked trout fish, sprigs of fresh dill, juicy tomatoes, and sliced cucumbers in a creamy, tangy, scumptious dressing that tasted like a lighter, airier version of a buttermilk thousand island dressing.


It was so sweet and adorable because the trout, tomatoes, and cucumber huddled around the baby quiches like a cozy igloo (I know, I know, it’s SUMMER, but that’s what comes to mind!) and the flavours just flowed between each other wonderfully.  I love that the baby quiches had a crispy yet fluffy cornbread taste and texture to them and the sprigs of dill just heightened the flavours of the dish phenomenally.  The tomatoes were ridiculously juicy and tender and basically melted in my mouth and the quiches mopped up the dressing very nicely. 

There was creamy, tangy flavour from the dressing and goat cheese, warmth and comfort from the quiche which balanced out the “cold kitchen”ness of the dish, and insanely savoury delicious smokiness from the trout.  It was like eating mouthfuls of cured fish with flavour that just did not quit.  I really appreciated the amount of fresh fish on my plate and only wish the quiches were larger so I would have more to enjoy!  What was lovely was how each ingredient played off each other.  You could feasibly eat each one on its own and it would still be taste delightful, but together it was wonderful. 


Cafe Belong is located at Evergreen Brick Works at 550 Bayview Ave.  They are open for weekend brunch on Saturdays and Sundays, and lunch and dinner 7 days a week from 11:30am-10pm from Monday-Friday, and 11am-10pm on weekends.  Click HERE to view menus and to read more about this wonderful locavore cafe.

Food is Fuel, Medicine, and Love – A Photo Spotlight on Cafe Belong at Evergreen Brick Works, Part I

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It’s the first day of August, so let’s start the month off with a bang!  I’ve wanted to dine at Cafe Belong at Evergreen Brick Works for over a year now but never even took a baby step towards doing so because the pricing is definitely more of a special occasions type of range.  But I took the plunge and had my first meal here recently and I can’t wait to tell you all about the darling of locavore, seasonal, farm-to-table cuisine in Toronto.  Even though I had never enjoyed their food or dining experience until now, I was still able to snap some photos throughout many of my visits to the Brick Works, so consider this a mini photo montage of sorts.  They have a beautiful outdoor patio, a fresh and inviting dining room, and a cafe area where all the baked goods, snacks, and java action happens, and a beautiful space with kitchenware and home decor.  It’s a space that grows and thrives on change and seasons and I’m so excited to share my first food experience with you all.   


Cafe Belong is located at Evergreen Brick Works at 550 Bayview Ave.  They are open for weekend brunch on Saturdays and Sundays, and lunch and dinner 7 days a week from 11:30am-10pm from Monday-Friday, and 11am-10pm on weekends.  Click HERE to view menus and to read more about this wonderful locavore cafe.

Sampling Cheese, Picking Up Dips & Cornbread, and Seeing Beautiful Food – Summer at Evergreen Brick Works

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Going to Evergreen Brick Works always feels like a special day trip right here in the city.  It’s like a little oasis, combining urban and grassroots with its nature trails, scenic gardens, and historic industrial heritage.  Evergreen Brick Works is a thriving hubbub of activity with so much more than just their Saturday morning farmers’ market to offer.  There are site tours, outdoor fitness activities, gardening and cooking workshops, programs and camps for children, film screenings, family pizza nights, tastings, beer and brewery gardens, a Sunday morning antique market, local food festivals, a lovely cafe and farm-to-table restaurant, a portion of the area dedicated to cycling and hiking with workshops and community events, expos and installations (they’re currently promoting their MOVE: Transportation Expo and let me tell you, it is fantastic!), and of course, the venue and host of some of the city’s most popular food events such as Toronto Underground Market and most recently, Lobster Love. 

My latest visit was my first since Earth Day in April and my first during the summer months in general!  I had never been to the Brick Works in the summer before so I was itching to visit the beautiful and gigantic outdoor market to pick up some delicious food, in addition to checking out the MOVE expo, eating at Cafe Belong (you knew a blog post on Cafe Belong would come eventually!), and walking around the grounds a little bit on a warm summer morning.  It was wonderful.  I was there bright and early, just before it got too hot and being there felt so nice and invigorating.  The farmers’ market was already crawling with a large crowd of people and it was so exciting to see the market in its summer form. 

I drooled over the fresh corn tortillas by Maizal, nibbled on one very delicious pork sausage and cheese roll that my boyfriend had bought (piggy in a cheese blanket!), sampled some amazing cheeses, and picked up some corn bread, two spreads and dips by Mad Mexican (a turtle black bean and jalapeno dip and a roasted tomatillo and avocado salsa!), and a beautiful and delicous fresh fruit tart with kiwi, candied oranges, and tiny bright red gooseberries!  Gooseberries aren’t something you see very often on baked goods and pastries and they were so sweet and cute dangling from their stem, all chubby-like in their cluster.  I wanted to share with you all some of my favourite photos from the market that morning and some of the things I loved the most including garlic scape pesto, gorgeous heirloom and yellow tomatoes, bright and colourful swiss chard stems, pints of blueberries and tomatillo peppers, “rainbow” green, yellow, and purple wax beans (these beans make for fabulous salads!), and lots of cheese!

I also love, love, LOVE that a whole section of the market is dedicated to prepared food.  It makes it so much to fun to eat and grocery shop at the same time!  On hand in the EBW market “food court” were LPK with their vegan baked goods, Chocosol, Mad Mexican chips, salsas, and dips along with Maizal corn tortillas, crepes, grilled cheese and scrambled egg sandwiches, cupcakes, salad plates, scones, waffles, and so much more.  One of these days I will do a market “food court” post and get a bunch of different things to show you all!  This visit was probably my most favourite out of all my trips and it was so much fun seeing Evergreen in all its summer glory.    


Evergreen Brick Works is located at 550 Bayview Ave.  The farmers’ market takes place year-round every Saturday from 8am-1pm.  If taking public transit, there is a free shuttle bus that operates 7 days a week beside Broadview subway station, as well as the 28A Davisville TTC bus that runs on Saturdays from 8am-3pm between Evergreen Brick Works and Davisville subway station.  Click here to learn more the site, their events and programs, and how to get here by bus, bike, car, or foot.