Who’s Your Gnomey? Frost Me Cupcakes and Garden Gnomes on Display at The Cupcake Shoppe


I know there are plenty of you out there who are in love with cupcakes and gnomes (I’m looking at you, Brandy), so this one’s for you! ūüėĬ† I love The Cupcake Shoppe’s window displays and they change them frequently year-round based on the seasons, holidays, and special occasions.¬† They had different displays for Christmas, Valentine’s, Hallowe’en, Father’s Day, summer, and a slew of others.¬† They don’t allow photos inside the cupcake shop so getting adorable squeal-inducing photos of their displays is the next best thing.¬† I’ve taken¬†numerous photos of their window¬†displays, but this is the only batch of photos that actually turned out decent.¬† All the others either had too big¬†of a glare from the¬†sun, too obvious a reflection from the window, or something else just as annoying.¬† The gnomes are adorable, the colours are gorgeous, and the cupcakes are beautifully frosted.¬† I think this is by far my favourite display (the mini watering can and wheelbarrow just kill me) and because Gnomeo & Juliet is one of my favourite movies EVER, I just had to throw in the “Who’s¬†your gnomey” bit in the¬†post title.¬† Hee.¬†

These are The Cupcake Shoppe’s¬†chocolate Frost Me cupcakes where the¬†frosting is of a thicker consistency and texture and of a slightly sweeter taste which differs from their normal buttercream.¬† The Frost Me cupcake ($2.65) is adorned with chewable gumball-like candies on top and frosting colours change seasonally, so at the moment the cupcakes are of a¬†bright grass green with chocolate cake.¬†¬†Other than their seasonal limited edition flavours (like the candy cane one for the winter holidays and the spice cake for the fall) and special occasion decorations (for Valentine’s, for example), Frost Me is¬†the¬†only cupcake that changes colours¬†on a consistent basis.¬† So feasibly, you could eat your way through the rainbow throughout the year, ha!¬† Hopefully I’ll be able to bring you all another Cupcake Shoppe post soon, so in the meantime, enjoy the photos.


The Cupcake Shoppe is located in the Yonge and Eglinton neighbourhood at 2417 Yonge St., north of Eglinton on the east side of Yonge St.

A Tale of Two Lemon Cupcakes From The Cupcake Shoppe: Lov’n Lemon and Lemon Drop


You all know how deeply I love cupcakes, right?¬† And how dearly I love lemon desserts?¬† It pains me to say that¬†although I’ve had a scrumptious, “I-shoved-the-whole-thing-in-my-mouth” experience with a fantastic lemon cupcake from The Cupcake Shoppe, I’ve also had an “I-can’t-believe-this-comes-from-the-same-place”¬†lackluster experience with a lemon cupcake from The Cupcake Shoppe.¬† How¬†can that be?¬† Well, they have two¬†kinds of lemon cupcakes.¬† And one of them makes me drool at the mere thought of it (can someone hand me a napkin?) while the other¬†can only¬†muster an “ehhh….” from my cupcake loving heart.¬† It’s true, folks.¬† There’s a cupcake out there that didn’t make me wiggle with glee and do a happy dance.¬† It’s the tale of two lemon cupcakes and the cupcakes couldn’t be more different.

There are two different kinds at¬†The Cupcake Shoppe: Lovn’ Lemon and Lemon Drop.¬†¬†Now, let me preface this by saying that I’ve featured cupcakes from here on a number of different occasions on the blog¬†and¬†although not every cupcake was my be-all and end-all favourite, I definitely loved three: the Red Velvet, the Cookie Dough, and the Naughty n’ Spice.¬† So why the drama with the lemon ones?¬† Because they’re polar opposites.¬†

The Lemon Drop is such a winner.¬† It’s everything you could want in a delicious cupcake.¬† And my boyfriend will attest to how much I enjoyed this cupcake.¬† On the day that I ate this, I was an absolute doofus and ended up going to two cupcakeries that were closed and walking for miles because I was too stubborn to go home without a cupcake.¬† When I finally had this cupcake in my little hands, I took one bite and then proceeded to SHOVE the remanining 3/4 in my mouth in one motion because it was that good.¬† My¬†taste buds and heart¬†cried out in happiness because not only did I get that sought after cupcake, but¬†I¬†got my hands on a sure as hell scrumptious one that satisfied.

The vanilla cake¬†was moist, the top was¬†golden brown and toasty (a¬†feature¬†of their¬†vanilla cupcakes that I¬†really like), and the frosting was FABULOUS.¬†¬†You know¬†how in my Daniel et Daniel¬†post a week ago I was discussing the complexities of the lemon flavour in desserts?¬† And how it can either turn out lip-puckering, nasty sour or sickly, artificially sweet?¬† The Cupcake Shoppe’s Lemon Drop hits the nail on the head with the lemon flavour in their frosting.¬† It has that luscious full-bodied sweet and citrus balance that envelopes your tastes buds when you taste it.¬† It’s a frosting, but it manages to convey that juicy sweet lemon flavour in solid form.¬† It’s like drinking lemonade in a frosting.¬† And the frosting itself is a FROSTING in that sense of the word¬†if you know what I mean, with that thick, sweet texture that fills your mouth.¬† It’s not the whippy, buttery topping that tops most of their cupcakes.

That light, whippy buttercream that they frost most of their cupcakes with isn’t necessarily a bad thing (I love the Cookie Dough and Naughty n’ Spice, don’t I?), although I know there are many who don’t prefer that style of frosting.¬† It is, however, the type of frosting they use on their other lemon cupcake, Lov’n Lemon.¬† And¬†how I wish I could love it.¬† But I don’t.¬†¬†The lemon flavour in the¬†Lemon Drop cupcake was bang on.¬† In Lov’n Lemon?¬† WEAK.¬† It didn’t deliver because it was waaaaay too subtle.¬† The flavour was almost completely lost and there was no dimension to it.¬† Whereas the Lemon Drop¬†had texture and multiple “notes” so to speak, the Lov’n¬†Lemon was too flat.¬†¬†Don’t get me wrong, the chocolate cake that the frosting was sitting on was great because it was moist and soft.¬†¬†The cupcake just didn’t do the lemon flavour justice and it’s a shame because it’s so pretty!¬† But trust me on this, if I’m going to recommend a lemon cupcake to you, go for the Lemon Drop and avoid the Lov’n Lemon.

I know cupcakes are pretty and cute and froo-froo and all, but they’re a lot more complex than what people might think.¬† When a frosting misses the mark, the cupcake itself, as a whole, misses the mark.¬† When the cake is just so-so (and I mean so-so, I don’t mean awful!)¬†but the frosting is fantastic, it can still be okay because the frosting can compensate for¬†what the cake may lack.¬† Sigh.¬† So there you have it folks, a genuine look and taste at two lemon cupcakes¬†from the¬†same place that don’t hit all the same notes.¬† And that’s okay!¬† Not everything is going to be fireworks amazing all the time and I think the important¬†thing to take away is the experience itself.¬† Not so great?¬† That’s okay.¬† Move on¬†and keep¬†learning.¬† I look on the bright side.¬† At least I got a pretty scrapbook layout out¬†of it ūüėÄ

Previous Cupcake Shoppe blog entries:


The Cupcake Shoppe is located in the Yonge and Eglinton neighbourhood at 2417 Yonge St., north of Eglinton on the east side of Yonge St.

Scrapbook materials used: violet cardstock (Recollections); lime green and bright pink patterned paper (Lime Garden by K&Company); white paper; lemon slice sticker (Sticko); violet and blue floral dimensional embellishments (Grand Adhesions by K&Company); alphabet stickers (K&Company); black Sharpie felt tip marker.         

My Version of Milk and Cookies: Cookie Dough Cupcake and Warm Spicy Chocolate Rooibos With Milk


Everyone knows about the traditional kiddie favourite of milk and cookies and I guess you could say that this is my tweaked version of the classic!¬† It’s one of those longtime comfort foods, like macaroni and cheese, only sweet and more appropriate as a snack.¬† And on a cold day, you want comfort.¬† You want to feel the warmth from your drink radiate outward and envelope you in a blanket of coziness and the familiarity of a chocolate chip cookie to make your heart all warm and fuzzy with happiness.¬† And really, the traditional kiddie snack is very versatile and can be dressed up¬†to cater to our oh-so-adult tastes (pft, adult tastes, who am I kidding?).¬† Sugar cookies, Oreos, shortbread, and almond milk all fit the bill for that comforting sweet treat.¬† What we have here: a yummy in the tummy cookie dough cupcake from The Cupcake Shoppe¬†and a¬†delicious warm¬†spicy chocolate rooibos tea with milk from¬†¬†David’s Tea.

I mentioned in an earlier blog post that my top 3 favourite cupcakes from The Cupcake Shoppe were the Red Velvet, Cookie Dough, and the Naughty n’ Spice.¬† Lucky for me, the Cookie Dough is not a seasonal favourite and it pretty much makes its appearance at the shop almost every day as they rotate their flavours on a daily basis.¬† The Cookie Dough is divine.¬† It tastes EXACTLY like cookie dough icecream and oh man, it is so good.¬† I normally take small bites of things (hence why I’m a slow eater most of the time) but this glorious cupcake makes me lose all control and normality and it makes me want to shove the whole thing in my mouth so I can enjoy it’s chocolatey, cookie¬†goodness.¬†

The cupcake is vanilla cake with chocolate chips and the cookie dough frosting is adorned with chocolate chips on top.  It is bang on with cookie dough ice cream flavour.  You know when you eat the ice cream and you bite into those chunks that are really rich and yummy and just a bit gritty and caramelish in texture and melt in your mouth?  THAT is the flavour this cupcake embodies.  It is delightful.

And the tea!¬† This was something new for me.¬† I love the rooibos and green tea varieties best and I figured a chocolate something tea would go¬†well with my cupcake, so I chose the spicy chocolate rooibos.¬† It was cold out, I hadn’t tried it out yet, and it fit the chocolate bill.¬† Perfect!¬† Now, when I drink tea, I drink it straight.¬† Just plain steeped tea leaves or bags.¬† No sugar,¬†milk, nothing.¬† This time, however, I diverged from the usual.¬†¬†One of the nice David’s Tea girls asked if I wanted a bit of milk in my tea.¬† I¬†opened my mouth, ready to respond with a quick, “no,¬†thank you” but¬†thought, “eh, why not?” and went ahead with it.¬†

Smart move.¬† It was DELICIOUS.¬† The spicy chocolate rooibos with a bit of milk is fantastic and it smells amazing.¬†¬†It’s not too rich or too herbal in taste.¬† I’d say this one comes right behind my cr√®me br√Ľl√©e as a favourite.¬† Every time you lift the cup (or mug) to your lips, you catch¬†a whiff of the subtle spiciness and each sip is¬†light chocolate with zing.¬† My version of milk and cookies, all dressed up ūüėÄ

Oh!¬† And before I forget, for fellow David’s Tea fans, their newest location is on Bloor St., in between Spadina and Bathurst.¬† I’m very happy about that!¬† I must say, they’re really good at choosing their locations and spacing them out in a way that allows different neighbourhoods and groups of people to enjoy it.¬† I’m positive they’ll be opening more shops in the future so I’ll be sure to update when they do.¬†


The Cupcake Shoppe is located in the Yonge and Eglinton neighbourhood at 2417 Yonge St., north of Eglinton on the east side of Yonge St.  The Eglinton David’s Tea location is only a hop, skip, and step away from the cupcakery at 2389 Yonge St.  David’s Tea is located at 5 other locations in and around Toronto, Scarborough, and Thornhill.  Click here for a list of the other locations.

Scrapbook materials used: mint green, chocolate brown, cappuccino, and white cardstock (Recollections); “Pink Small Dots” patterned paper (‘M’ Making Memories); pink and baby blue plaid patterned paper; blue and white dotted patterned paper; “Lollipop” alphabet stickers (Autumn Leaves, Creativity Inc.); chocolate chip cookie scratch n’ sniff stickers (Peaceable Kingdom Press); snowflake dimensional stickers (Recollections); winter embellishment stickers (Paper Bliss); paper doilies (Wilton); clear blue adhesive gems; medium scallop circle paper punch (ek success); corner rounder; medium and small scalloped edge decorative scissors (Provo Craft).¬†¬†¬†

Valentine’s Day Sweetness – A Rendition of “All I Want Are Cupcakes & Sugar Cookies!”


I am still on such a high from my amazing, wonderfully memorable day yesterday.¬† And yes, in part because of all the amazing goodies I was able to go yummy-yum-yum over!¬† ūüėĬ† My boyfriend and I managed to snag some sweet treats from both The Cupcake Shoppe¬†and Chocolatease Chocolates and Pastries by Yonge & Eglinton on Valentine’s of all days!¬†¬†I was so excited to pick up a few Valentine’s themed cupcakes, and sugar andshortbread cookies.¬† It’s the novelty of it that I love and I bask in the hustle and bustle.¬† After working in a flower shop for 3 years a number of years ago, I know the nuttiness that is Valentine’s Day better than anybody!¬† The Cupcake Shoppe was offering¬†all their cupcakes in special Valentine’s outfits; some were adorned with red and pink hearts and sprinkles, others with a spicy cinnamon heart (rawr!), and others had a red jube jube candy or¬†gummy bear lounging out, waiting to be seduced by a cupcake lover.¬† Like me.¬† I chose a double chocolate¬†sweetheart (aka. James Brown) for my sweetheart of a boyfriend, and a vanilla temptress (aka. Yonge & Eligible) for me.

Sharing a Read My Lips tea at David’s Tea, my boyfriend and I lost ourselves in¬†cupcake amour.¬† The Cupcake Shoppe was totally on their A-game!¬† My Yonge & Eligible vanilla cupcake was even more delicious than usual, with the fluffy vanilla buttercream sitting atop the golden brown and lightly toasted¬†cupcake.¬† It was the embodiment of yummy golden brown, vanilla fluffy goodness *hugs cupcake box*.¬† Ahh, to be in love.¬† And those two heart shaped sugar cookies you see are courtesy of Chocolatease, a sweet chocolate and pastry shop 2 blocks north of The Cupcake Shoppe, offering beautifully crafted Belgian chocolates, fudge, cupcakes, cookies, and macarons among many other sweet nibbles.¬†¬†Cupcakes are $2.50, sugar cookies (like the ones pictured) are $1.40, and macarons are $2.¬† After perusing their selection after a recent trek from Lawrence¬†station down to Eglinton, I knew I¬†had to get my tooshie back soon.¬† I was a lean, mean cookie monster with a craving and a mission!

And might I add, the sugar cookies were so lovely.¬† Sugar cookies can sometimes be too dry and crumby, with the taste of dough stuck to the roof of your mouth, and not in a pleasant way.¬† These sweet cookies were so perfect.¬† Keep in mind that sugar cookies aren’t meant to be chewy, so you will get a bit of that crumbiness flavour and texture, which may or may not be everyone’s preference.¬† But let it be known that these wonderful cookies were not overly sweet in the least and so soft and moist.¬† I am so looking forward to coming back for more sweets in the future because I was really happy with my cookies from yesterday!¬† Not to mention the girl who served us was very sweet to me.¬† Me: “I have an odd request.¬† May I take a picture of the display of sweets?”¬† Girl: “oh, sure!”¬† A+ in my book, baby ūüėČ


EDIT: Chocolatease¬†has changed locations!¬† It is no longer present in the Yonge & Eglinton neighbourhood and is now located at 2700 Dufferin St.¬† You can view their website here.¬† Chocolatease is located at 2489 Yonge St., just south of Keewatin Ave.¬† The nearest main intersection is Yonge¬†St. and Eglinton Ave. and the shop is about 4 blocks north of Eglinton.¬† The Cupcake Shoppe is located at 2417 Yonge St., north of Eglinton Ave.¬† Photos taken at the nearby David’s Tea on Yonge.

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice…Or Naughty! Spice Cupcakes and Baked Apple Tea from David’s Tea






Sugar and spice and all things…naughty?!¬† Oh no no, eating cupcakes is not naughty at all ūüėȬ† Indulgent and delicious, yes, but not naughty.¬† It just so happens that my¬†cupcake from The Cupcake Shoppe was named Naughty n’ Spice¬†(how cheeky!) and it was all sorts of creaminess and¬†yummy.¬† If carrot cake had a spunky sister, this would be her.¬† To brighten up a dreary fall day late last year, I enjoyed The Cupcake Shoppe’s seasonal special, Naughty n’ Spice, with creamy cinnamon vanilla buttercream frosting adorned with little red sprinkles, and moist spiced cake with lots of cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg.¬† It was light and fluffy and the spices really came through in the cake.¬† The combination of creamy buttercream and moist carrot cake-like cake just made me devour it and that’s saying a lot because I eat really slow!

DSCN2569 - Copy

I’ve posted about The Cupcake Shoppe¬†and their cupcakes twice in my blog since I started writing and I’ve been visiting this lovely cupcakery for¬†over half a year now.¬† I’ve tried a number of their sweet little cakes and do I ever¬†have my favourites!¬† So far I’ve tried After Ate (mint chocolate), Coco Loco (coconut buttercream with shredded coconut on vanilla or chocolate cake), Cookie Dough (cookie dough buttercream with vanilla chocolate chip cake), Lov’n¬†Lemon (lemon buttercream on vanilla or chocolate cake), Mango Madness (mango buttercream on vanilla or chocolate cake), Opposites Attract (chocolate frosting on vanilla cake), and finally, Red Velvet (cream cheese frosting on red cake).

Out of all the ones I’ve tried, my top 3 are 1)¬†¬†Red Velvet, 2) Cookie Dough, and 3) Naughty n’ Spice.¬† I loved this cupcake and you can bet I’m excited to eat some more of them come next fall!¬† Not to mention the seasonal aspect of the cupcake and tea made this scrapbook layout so much fun to craft and it totally gave me an excuse to play with my cute cookie alphabet Martha Stewart stickers, and fall apple stickers! ūüėÄ



Because David’s Tea is only several shops away from The Cupcake Shoppe, I have become quite accustomed to toting a cupcake to the tea shop and ordering a tea to go with it, and I have an old friend of mine who I used to nosh with to thank for this as she eagerly sparked this idea over half a year ago.¬† I then sit there and eat it and guzzle down my tea.¬† And then waddle out the door with my tummy full and my bladder the size of a watermelon.¬† Tea and cupcake times are absolutely lovely ūüėÄ

Funny thing is, I often don’t scrap my cupcake photos.¬† Most of them time I slip them into a photo album and admire them from there, but getting cupcakes from The Cupcake Shoppe and having them with a tea from David’s Tea is incredibly enjoyable and makes for some really inspiring scrapbook layout ideas!¬† I’m a total nerd when it comes to this because the same way I match my accessories to my outfit, I match my cupcake to my tea.¬† It’s true!¬† I’ll walk into the tea shop and either find something I like that complements the cupcake, or I’ll choose something that matches the cupcake flavour.¬† And what goes amazing with spice cake?¬† Apples!¬† Apple cinnamon is a tried and true combination that just works in so many desserts dishes whether it’s pie, crumble, or granola and cereal.




It was a chilly fall day and I wanted to take advantage of David’s Tea‘s new seasonal winter tea list and as luck would have it, they had an apple tea!¬† So I ordered the Baked Apple tea to go with my Naughty n’ Spice cupcake and had myself a jolly good time!¬† And as the cupcake shot into the top 3 of my Cupcake Shoppe list of favourites, so did the Baked Apple Tea.¬† I mentioned here¬†in my first David’s Tea post that my favourite tea thus far was the Cr√®me Brul√©e and the Baked Apple quickly claimed the top 2 spot.¬† I had mine iced and it was like sipping sweet apple pie.¬† At times, some of the teas can come across as a bit diluted in flavour when iced, but this one is fantastic iced.¬† It was a yummy way to spend a fall afternoon; apple tea + spice cupcake¬†certainly equals everything nice ūüėČ


The Cupcake Shoppe is located in the Yonge and Eglinton neighbourhood at 2417 Yonge St., north of Eglinton on the east side of Yonge St.¬† The Eglinton David’s Tea location is only a hop, skip, and step away from the cupcakery at 2389 Yonge St.¬† David’s Tea is located at 4 other locations in and around Toronto, Scarborough, and Thornhill.¬† Click here¬†for a list of the other locations.

Scrapbooking materials used: mint green cardstock (Recollections); poppy red construction paper; apple and apple tree stickers (Sticko); cookie alphabet stickers (Martha Stewart Crafts); crystal adhesive gems (Studio 18); metallic gel pen; black Sharpie marker.

After Ate on Ate by Ate – The Cupcake Shoppe’s Minty Chocolate Cupcake


Try saying that one ten times fast!¬†ūüôā¬† I know I probably say this all the time, but this layout was SO much fun to make!¬† Not only because it incorporated both tea and cupcakes (what a dynamite combo they make!) but also because I was so excited to use my Martha Stewart cookie alphabet stickers (they make me very happy) and the colours were so fun and fresh and pastel-y, just the way I like them.¬† I took my cues from the display of tea mugs on one of the wall shelves in David’s Tea and it just screams spring!

I love the colour combination of mint green and brown together.¬† However, the same way I’m not a fan of coffee, I’ve also never been much of a cheerleader for mint chocolate either *ducks again*.¬† I know!¬† I have so many friends who looooove mint chocolate anything and EVERYTHING.¬† I can’t tell you how many mint Aero chocolate bars I’ve bought and sent¬†to American friends and how¬†friends rave about mint chocolate chip ice cream like its a god send.¬† I never acquired a¬†taste for¬†it.¬† But that didn’t mean I wasn’t willing to¬†give it a go.

What we have here is my lovely little After Ate mint chocolate cupcake from The Cupcake Shoppe¬†(chocolate cake with mint buttercream frosting and chocolate sprinkles) and a nice, cool glass of Caramel Pear tea from David’s Tea.¬† As I was choosing my cupcake, I thought, “ah, why not?”.¬† Over time sometimes you feel differently about the things that you eat.¬† Things you thought you hated (or things that really did make you go blech!) you grow to love and things you love may not seem as exciting down the road.¬† So I gave the little¬†minty cake a shot.¬† And surprisingly, I didn’t think it was all that bad!¬† The mint buttercream wasn’t overpowering and had just the right amount of “fresh mintiness” and sweetness to it so it didn’t end up tasting like a mouthful of Listerine and the chocolate cake was very moist and chocolate-y.¬† Strange as it sounds, it’s something¬†that’s actually hard to come by with a lot¬†of¬†baked chocolate goods as the ratio of cocoa powder and flour, for example, affect how dry and crumbly the chocolate gets.¬† Softness doesn’t even cut it with chocolate cake.¬† It needs to be moist¬†and sometimes it tastes even better when its a bit dense.

And the tea?¬† Quite yummy chilled!¬† I think the flavour might be a bit more enhanced if the tea was served hot, but it wasn’t overly sweet and the caramel flavour was smooth and subtly rich.¬† If you’re looking for something that actually tastes like pear though, order something fruitier as this tea tips the scale in favour of the caramel more so than the pear.¬† The Caramel Pear is a rooibos tea and I’ve really enjoyed going over all their flavours because there’s just so many to choose from!

I am¬†so excited to make more tea and cupcake scrapbook layouts with fun colours and yummy flavours to¬†get inspiration from and really, I wish I could spend all my days doing this because it’s that much fun.¬† I¬†was chewing on this layout for ages, mentally, and I’m happy I got to do it and share with you guys.¬† For as long as I’ll be eating cupcakes and drinking tea with them, they’ll be new layouts to get giddy over ‚̧


The Cupcake Shoppe is located at 2417 Yonge St. (Yonge & Eglinton) and the David’s Tea shop is just several shops down the street!

Scrapbook materials used: mint green, lilac, pale yellow, sky blue, chocolate brown, and purple cardstock (Recollections), Martha Stewart cookie biscuit alphabet stickers, Studio18 cupcake dimensional stickers, and EK success medium scallop circle paper punch.

Everyone, Meet James Brown & Little Miss Red Velvet From The Cupcake Shoppe!


Aren’t they darling??¬† Don’t you just want to stick your face in them and feel the combination of frosting and moist cake melt in your mouth?¬† Yeah, I thought so.¬† Here’s the deal: not only am I fiend for sushi, I am also a fiend for cupcakes.¬† I love baking them and I sure as hell love eating them!¬† What we have here are two lovely cupcakes from The Cupcake Shoppe, located at 2417 Yonge St, near the intersection of Yonge & Eglinton, north of Eglinton.¬† They open at 10am from Monday to Saturday and at 11am on Sunday.¬† And yes, it’s only one subway stop from Haru Zushi, the lovely sushi place I wrote about 2 days ago.¬† When the¬†weather is nice¬†here is what I do:

  1. Hop off the subway at Eglinton and proceed to walk to The Cupcake Shoppe.
  2. Marvel at all the delicious treats and lament that I cannot eat half a dozen on my own.  I pick one out of the many they have baked for that day.
  3. I then carry my little cupcake in its baggy (when you buy 1, it’s in a paper baggy.¬† When you buy 2,¬†they’re placed in those pink and white boxes you see up top.¬† When you¬†buy half a dozen, they come in a plastic carrier) and then proceed to walk to Haru Zushi for lunch.
  4. Then I stuff my face.
  5. On another day, rinse and repeat.

It’s so enjoyable *bounces*.¬† Now, when it comes to cupcakes, everyone has their preference.¬† Some prefer frosting, some prefer buttercream, some like their cake a bit dense, and some like it fluffy.¬† But everyone who loves cupcakes will agree that the easiest way to kill a cupcake is to have them dry and crumbly.¬† It is so not sexy.¬†¬†Depending on how you like your topping, these may not be for everyone as¬†many of¬†The Cupcake Shoppe’s cakes are¬†topped with buttercream icing.¬† But nobody can say that these babies aren’t moist.¬† They are SO freakin’ soft and moist and they’re delicious.

The cupcakes themselves have adorable little names.¬† The¬†chocolate one with chocolate buttercream¬†is James Brown and the one on the right that still makes me¬†whimper because of its deliciousness is simply Red Velvet.¬† The Red Velvet one was delicious.¬† Moist cake with tangy cream cheese frosting and a dainty edible pearl on top.¬† OH.MY.GOD.¬† Cupcakeries around the city vary by price, from $2.50 to¬†about $3.50¬†and The Cupcake¬†Shoppe is about average¬†coming in at¬†$2.65 per cupcake and the half dozen is priced at $14.50.¬† Yes,¬†of course I¬†can bake my own cupcakes and not go out and buy them.¬† But let me¬†tell you, seeing the artistry that goes into each batch and display, and smelling the freshly baked cake as soon as you step inside?¬† Not bad to¬†indulge every once in awhile.¬† And besides, cupcakes are just damn fun!¬† My only bummer about The Cupcake Shoppe as that they don’t allow pictures to be taken inside the shoppe.¬† It grates the photographer in me, but no biggie.¬† I find my ways around it ūüėČ