A Newfound Love for Rose Green Tea! Harney & Sons’ Jane’s Garden Tea, The Ate by Ate Daily, Vol. 003

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One of my new favourite things: rose green tea and cherry rose green tea!  For the past half year, I have fallen head over heels in love with rose green tea and cherry rose green tea, ordering a pot of it during afternoon tea and trying out different brands from different cafes.  I never thought I’d enjoy a tea with floral notes to it, not because I dislike floral scents or flavours but simply because it’s never grabbed my attention in the past.  I’m pretty open to desserts flavoured with rosewater and lavender and I love all different kinds of tea but my tastes tend to lean more toward dessert flavours, tropical and citrus flavours, and plain jane green and milk oolong teas so floral teas have never really been on my radar – until now.  One of my favourites is Harney & Sons’ Jane’s Garden Tea, a beautiful, aromatic, light and refreshing tasting green tea with rose petals.  It smells so nice and the tea steeps into this gorgeous shade of light grass green (which I promise I’ll post a photo of when I steep another cup!), making it a great choice for spring and summer both in appearance and in taste.  The floral notes are subtle (meaning not too overpowering or perfumey) yet prominent enough to stand out as its own flavour distinctly separate from the green tea.  And best of all, the tea benefits the National Breast Cancer Foundation, honouring Jane Llyod, a family friend of the Harneys.

For those who are wondering how I got my hands on a tin, I placed an order online on Harney & Sons website (https://www.harney.com/).  They ship to Canada and have different flat rate shipping brackets based on how much you spend.  Subscribe to their e-mails because they consistently send out great promotions year-round.  I took advantage of an amazing sale last year (I believe it was 30% all teas) and basically celebrated Christmas in August when my package came in the mail!  I know we can buy Harney & Sons at Indigo and Blue Banana in Kensington Market but if you’re looking for the endless selection, take a gander at the official website.  I’ll admit, it’s a dangerous thing to do, but for the quality, variety, and gorgeous tins, it’s totally worth it.