Tell the World I’m Coming Home, Let the Rain Wash Away All the Pain of Yesterday…


It’s been a little over a month.  I know.  I wanted time away to work out my thoughts and everything going on in my life.  And writing just wasn’t cutting it for me during my time away so instead of trying to force it I redirected my creative energy into what I love most and got back to why I started Ate by Ate in the first place: scrapbooking.  Photos and colours.  With just a few words here and there.  And pretty paper.  That’s all I needed.  I started working on something very personal and close to my heart and while I wanted to keep it relatively private, I thought you all might like to see at least the cover page to see what I’ve been toiling away at during my time away:


When I’m good and ready, I’ll be back, I promise.