Update March 12: WINNER(S) ANNOUNCED! Putting a Spring in Our Step – Ate by Ate’s Tea Giveaway!


teacollage*UPDATE: March 12: The winner for Ate by Ate’s tea giveaway has been chosen!  There were 14 unique entries/comments in total (the pingback from Food Bloggers of Canada that shows up in the comment feed doesn’t count so I skipped over that one when I counted the entries to determine the winner) and thanks to the nifty random generator which churned out the number 9, I get to congratulate:

Asiya from Chocolate & Chillies as Ate by Ate’s FIRST giveaway winner!  YAY!  You will receive the grand prize of the big and lovely tea prize pack that I will lovingly put together for you!

tea giveaway winner. random number generatorOh, but that’s not all.  I thought, “hmm, I like to share and this IS the first giveaway on the blog…better make it splashy”.  So I decided to churn out 3 more random numbers from the generator.  These 3 runner-up winners will receive a small prize pack of tea from me!  So oodles of congratulations to the following entries that were chosen!

  • Entry #7: Madeline
  • Entry #2: xiaoEats
  • Entry #3: Rebecca

tea giveaway runner-ups. random number generator

I will be contacting all 4 of you tomorrow night for addresses or drop-off/pick-up info if you live around the city.  Thank you SO much to all of you who read the post and participated; I means a lot to me that you all enjoy the blog enough to want to be a part of it so THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  Hopefully I’ll have another one of these for you all later on this year!

*UPDATE March 12: Contest is now closed – thank you to all of you who participated!  Winner will be announced later on TONIGHT!*

March 4: Happy first week of March, everyone!  February flew by (as it always does) and now I feel like I have my nose in the sand with everything that’s going on this month: St. Patty’s Day, Macaron Day TO (follow on Twitter @MacaronTO, #MacaronDayTO and like the Facebook page if you get the chance!), March break, maple syrup festivals, and all the spring goodies and eats that are busting out, not to mention all the cookie baking experiments I plan on undertaking.  I’ve been baking cookies for my neighbour’s kids, I already have Ate by Ate’s St. Patty’s Day post lined up ready to go, I’m mapping out my macaron route for the big day (March 20 – mark your calendars if you haven’t already!) and I’m giddy with anticipation over afternoon tea plans next week.  At times it’s a little overwhelming and tiring (and heartbreaking – I just found out the other day that I’m way too late to buy tickets for the Spadina Museum’s wildly popular Downton Abbey tea.  I’m so sad), but deep down it’s fun and life would be pretty boring without the craziness that surrounds food.

The first official day of spring is only a few weeks away (on Macaron Day, actually) but you really wouldn’t know it judging by all the snow we got today.  I admit, it wasn’t a ridiculous amount.  But it was still enough to warrant the use of the snow blower and right now all I can think of is how I was lounging on a picnic blanket on Macaron Day 2 years ago stuffing myself with sushi and a picnic basket full of macarons.

That is totally not happening this year.  I’ll be lucky if I don’t have to leave the house in three layers of clothes, much less sit on a picnic blanket.


So that’s where Ate by Ate’s special giveaway comes in.  Yes, GIVEAWAY!  I think we could all use a spring in our step right now (pun intended) so I’m hosting a special tea giveaway for all of Ate by Ate’s readers!  My collection has grown like crazy over the past year and I’ve been fortunate enough to try so many different types and brands and I want to share that with all of you!  The giveaway will be for a goodie box chock full of tea: loose leaf, sachets, and tea bags in a plethora of flavours from brands such as Tea Forte, 4 O’Clock, Harney & Sons, David’s Tea, and Twinings just to name a handful!  Everything will be packaged up in a decorated box and sent to the lucky winner by mail (if the winner lives in Toronto, even better, we can meet up and do a drop-off/pick-up!).


  1. “Like” Ate by Ate’s Facebook page or follow Ate by Ate on Twitter @AtebyAte.  Share this post via Facebook (head to Ate by Ate Facebook page, it will be stickied at the top of the timeline) or retweet this post via Twitter.
  2. Leave a comment on this post with your name and e-mail address (so that I can contact you should you win), telling me what your favourite tea is – I love recommendations!

The winner will be chosen one week from today on March 11, 2014 8pm EST by a random number generator (if the generator spits out the number 8 and your comment is the 8th one on the list, you win!).  One entry per person (duplicate entries will be deleted) and both parts must be fulfilled in order for the entry to count.  This giveaway is open to Canadian and US residents only.

I can’t wait to give the lucky winner their goodies – GOOD LUCK!

15 thoughts on “Update March 12: WINNER(S) ANNOUNCED! Putting a Spring in Our Step – Ate by Ate’s Tea Giveaway!

  1. Currently my favourite tea is Peet’s Coffee and Tea’s English Breakfast! I love it any time, but especially when I make scones and slather the scones with strawberry jam or lemon curd. Soo yummy!

  2. I like you on Facebook as Carolsue Anderson (MsCarolsueA) and I posted it on FB as well

    I love Harney’s tea! Great giveaway!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

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  4. My fave tea is … SO HARD TO CHOOSE JUST ONE! Ack! It depends entirely on what is happening when I make the tea – so many good teas for so many things! Waking up, feeling sleepy, feeling chilly, needing to cool off, needing to sit quietly, needing to focus, needing comfort, needing something tasty. So many to choose from! I make my own blend I call soothing blend which has chamomile, peppermint, fennel, lemon blam and hibiscus flower which is good anytime! Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. One of my many favourite teas is YOUTHBERRY WILD ORANGE BLOSSOM TEA BLEND from Teavana. I had that as a sample iced tea last summer and was hooked! I love any fruit teas especially the ones with tropical fruits in them. I must have my green tea every day as my wake me up tea! Thanks for this fabulous contest/website which my friend Jenn told me about!

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