Happy First Week of Fall & the Return of Ate by Ate!


fall collage

I’m going to keep this short and sweet: Ate by Ate is back.  For real this time.  I’ve wallowed in lethargy, frustration and melancholia long enough and it’s truly time to get back to everything that has brought me so much happiness here for the past several years.  After I came back from my summer stay-cation in August with my post on Tabule, I thought I had a whole summer of blogging ahead of me.  With folders and folders of pictures and memories I was pumped and raring to go until some personal things in my life pushed my heart so far down I couldn’t even look at Ate by Ate much less write and post in it.  Ate by Ate has been a happy place since day one and the last thing I wanted was to infect it with negativity.  So I waited it out.  I tried to let the bad feelings about the stuff that was bothering me run their course.  I wanted to feel hungry and inspired and I didn’t want blogging to become a chore.  So I simply stopped forcing the creative spirit to come when it just wasn’t ready to.  I took my photos and gathered my content but refrained from posting anything on all fronts because I so desperately needed the time away from the screen.  So what changed?  My favourite season, walking, exploring, focusing on the photos and the art, a little prodding, and lighting a fire under my own ass!  AND the unwavering support from all of you!  I love you guys for it and will always be so grateful for the love – THANK YOU for being in my corner whether it was repinning something, giving me a FB ‘Like’, or just sending me a message during my absence – it has definitely not gone unnoticed.  There’s a lot to catch up on, but we’ll kick things off with a market post, some cafe fare and comfort food, some weekend brunch, some tea, some cupcakes…and then we’ll go from there 😉

2 thoughts on “Happy First Week of Fall & the Return of Ate by Ate!

  1. Sometimes life throws us curve balls, and I still don’t know why. And knowing how bubbly your personality, it makes me sad that you were so upset. But now that you have mulled and worked through so much, things can only get better and brighter! I truly believe that 🙂

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