A Wine & Cheese Bar and a Courtyard Oasis – A Weekend Brunch Photo Spotlight at Caren’s in Yorkville, Part I!

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There’s a first time for everything!  Well, most things anyway.  I’ve never dined in a wine and cheese bar before and while this meal and first visit was strictly devoted to brunch, sans the wine and cheese (I could have had some, but I didn’t – this time!), it still counts as a dining experience in a beautiful, posh and classy wine and cheese bar in one of my favourite parts of town.  Welcome to Caren’s Wine & Cheese Bar on Cumberland St. in Yorkville!  My co-worker, Pat, who adores cheese even more than I do, told me about this wonderful gem run, in part, by cheese consultant and tastings extraordinaire, Tiffany MacIsaac.  I must have passed by the adorable house the bar is housed in a million times but I never realized it was such a popular destination until Pat brought it to my attention.  And I do mean popular – I was not the only one lined up at 11:30am sharp this morning out on their pretty front patio!  Yorkville is truly a gift of food that just keeps on giving.  Enjoy the photo spotlight; full-length Part II post to come tomorrow!


Caren’s Wine & Cheese Bar is located at 158 Cumberland St. in Yorkville, just east of Avenue Rd.  They are open for lunch (11:30am-5pm from Monday to Friday), dinner (5pm-10pm Sunday to Tuesday and 5pm-11pm Wednesday to Saturday), and weekend brunch (11:30am-4pm Saturdays and Sundays).

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