Kitchen Tours, Making Spring Rolls, & Food Trucks! An All-Access Pass to Swiss Chalet’s Fresh Impressions Tour, Part I

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Fries and Chalet sauce, please!

We interrupt your regular scheduled programming with this news bulletin: I WAS IN SWISS CHALET’S KITCHEN YESTERDAY NIGHT!  I took an exclusive, all-access pass tour through their kitchen where they cook and make all their famous food!  I got to hang out with the special Swiss Chalet fries and chalet sauce food truck that’s going on tour across the country!  I donned a special apron to make their chicken spring rolls!  And I got to sit down at a dinner table with marketing and media and fellow foodie folks and stuff my face with everyone!  OH.MY.GOD! 

Before I gush any further and bounce off the walls telling you all about one of the funnest nights ever and how all of this even came about (“you were in Swiss Chalet’s kitchen?!  For a tour?  And a special dinner?  Wait, what?  WHY?!”), let me just say that I have never interrupted one of my own blog series before.  And that I rarely blog about chain restaurants.  To date, I have only ever blogged about two popular sit-down chain establishments: the holiday gingerbread cake from Moxie’s and the eats at Spring Rolls.  You know how I feel about entertaining blog posts on chain spots.  To me, chain spots are just way too formulaic to do them on a regular basis (or in some cases, at all) and the whole point of Ate by Ate is to share my stories, scrapbooking, and photos of places that make Toronto (and its surrounding regions if and when I get to them!) special.  Thus, I only do them when there’s something I want everyone to know about, like the gingerbread cake from Moxie’s. 

You can tell this is big then.  I know this week was supposed to be enirely dedicated to good eats in Leslieville, but I HAVE to take a detour and play show-and-tell for today and tomorrow because I have NEVER had this type of opportunity presented to me before and I feel so happy and blessed that I got to take part in such a fun, memorable, special event at a place I’ve been dining with family and friends since I was a kid.  When I was little and growing up in Scarborough, my parents and I used to order Swiss Chalet take-out every once in awhile and I remember it being such a treat any time we did.  It’s a spot everyone in my family can agree on (my grandparents included!  And my grandpa is a picky eater!), it’s my dad’s favourite place to have a family meal out, my best friend and I have shared many a meal here during our days in university, and I’ll admit it: I finish off my Chalet sauce every single time and mop up my dad’s little Chalet sauce cup too because he generally doesn’t care for sauce on anything.  His loss is clearly my gain! 

I know I don’t ever talk about this type of stuff because of my commitment to keeping the blog focused on the special and unique, but in the context of the situation, it’s fitting and I know there are probably so many of you who have shared these same experiences with your family and friends over the years, so it’s a nice way for me to at least open a dialogue about Swiss Chalet, a place many of us have eaten at!           

The dining room and special table, just for us!

Swiss Chalet restaurant manager, Byron, leading our special kitchen tour!

Where the Chalet sauce cups are, and where all the plates get a final look before being delivered to hungry customers!

Me! In my snazzy red Fresh Impressions apron!

Garlic cheese loaf – one of the MANY appetizers we had to induce all our food comas for the night!

The BIG nitty-gritty post is coming tomorrow (this is more like a photo spotlight and sneak peek, introduction post), but just so everyone is on the same page: what I’m referring to is Swiss Chalet’s special Fresh Impressions Tour that is taking place nationwide this summer, complete with a Swiss Chalet food truck tour (carrying the fries and Chalet sauce so many of us love!) and special get-together events and all-access kitchen tours like the one I was invited to yesterday evening at the Swiss Chalet located at Yonge & Gerrard.  I will be completely honest and say that I had no idea this was going on and that it had already started at the beginning of the month until I was shocked out of my pants (or rather, dress and tights) with an invite over a week ago.  I had SO much fun, I got to share it with my boyfriend, and I ate in the company of some really nice, funny people who made this evening incredibly memorable.  Lots more exclusive photos in tomorrow’s huge post!


If you love the fries and Chalet sauce, check out Swiss Chalet’s Facebook page HERE to find out where the truck is touring, and on Twitter @MYSWISSCHALET #SwissFreshTour.

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