It’s Strawberry Season! A Strawberry Shortcake Style Yogurt Parfait

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It’s strawberry season!  Aside from strawberry ice cream, I loooove strawberry desserts and I’m really excited about the prospect of possibly going strawberry picking this summer.  I just need to find the right farm that’s not too far away, bring a floppy hat, and wear some comfortable pants and shoes and I’ll be good to go!  I’ve never been strawberry picking before and I want to so much.  The thought of bringing home a mini truckload of strawberries makes me giddy because it’s one of the few “pickable” fruits that I’m not allergic to!  I went cherry picking once when I was little down in Niagara, before my cherry allergy developed, and I remember having such a fun time, holding my little basket and filling it to the brim with plump cherries. 

We’ll see if the strawberry picking trip pans out, but in the meantime, I’m celebrating the strawberry love with a strawberry shortcake style yogurt parfait!  What we have here: vanilla yogurt, sliced strawberries, crunchy honey granola, and white chocolate chips.  I completely forgot about the graham cracker crumbles for this concoction, but it was yummy nevertheless because strawberries and white chocolate are meant to be and any excuse to use white chocolate is a good one.  

I’m going to keep my eye out for any and all strawberry fests in town over the next little while and although this is wishful thinking, I really hope Il Fornello will bring back their special strawberry themed menu from two years ago.  I never got the chance to try anything off of it and would love to go crazy and indulge in a 3-course meal chock full of stawberries!  There were so amazing strawberry dishes on that menu, both sweet and savoury, and you can bet I’d be posting up a storm here if I got the opportunity to take advantage of it the second time around.  So, with baked goods and savoury eats in mind, here’s to many delicious strawberry goodies over the course of the summer! 

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