A Moment to Cherish – Yours Truly (in Poached Egg & Salmon Form) on Page 16 of Toronto Life Magazine


I am trembling as I write this because I am beyond excited and overjoyed.  I’ve been going crazy because I’ve been keeping this a secret for the past month and now I can finally post about this and let everyone know the happy news: I GOT PHOTOGRAPHY PICKED UP BY TORONTO LIFE MAGAZINE!!!!!!  My beloved photo of my poached egg on salmon and mascarpone from my first post on L’Espresso Bar Mercurio will forever be memorialized on page 16 of the newest and latest special Neighbourhoods issue of Toronto Life Magazine!!!  I am still reeling from the excitement, happiness, and anticipation and my heart won’t stop fluttering.  This is one of the happiest, proudest moments of my life and I am relishing it.  This is my very first piece of published work and I couldn’t be happier that it happened with Toronto Life and more honoured that it was used to illustrate part of their feature on Adrienne Clarkson’s favourite spots in her favourite neighbourhood in Toronto, The Annex.

The magazine JUST came out, it’s on magazine shelves now, and if there was a strait jacket in the house, somebody would have put me in it because I swallowed every urge to run out the door to get my copy the second I found out it was released last Friday.  Logic told me that they needed to be delivered, sorted, and displayed to and in stores before I could hug and squeeze my own issue so I waited until today to grab one and I am telling you, it was one of the most amazing feelings in the world. 

I made a beeline for the magazine rack, spotted the magazine, and felt my heart do a cartwheel.  My heart was thudding in my chest as my trembling fingers held the glossy magazine, fresh off the press and I thought to myself, “this is silly!  Why are you so nervous?!”  But I was a silent basketcase nevertheless and as I vigourously flipped the pages and landed on the one with my photo staring back at me, it took all the restraint in the world for me not to hug the stranger beside me.  Instead, I gushed to the cashier.

The original, before getting edited and dolled up

As I checked out, the cashier paused to take a look at the cover, commented on how interesting the issue looked, and it was at that moment that I blurted out, “I just got my first photo published in this issue!!”  It felt so good to let someone, anyone know!  Aside from my family, my boyfriend, and my best friend and another close friend, no one else knew about this.  I kept my mouth shut for a month (I didn’t see the point in telling everyone until I had photographic evidence!) and it damn well almost killed me.  I was shaking with giddiness and babbling like a buffoon as I showed her the page and she asked me, “what your name, dear?”  “I’m Debra.”  “Congratulations, Debra.”  I walked out, hugging the magazine in my tote bag, feeling like I was walking on air.

I bought a new Philosophy lip gloss from Sephora to celebrate, Full of Fortune Cookie, and the sweet passage on this collection’s packaging (which Philosophy’s brand is known for) summed up exactly how I felt about the good fortune and blessings I’ve been given:

“A bright, sunny future is ahead of you.  Make the most of your talents, and they will be recognized and rewarded.  Believe in yourself and others will too.  Give thanks for your blessings, and more good things will come your way.  Keep your glass half full, and it will never go empty.  Love in abundance, and you will receive more love in return.  Eat right and sleep tight and you will live a long, healthy life.” – Philosophy

My name & photo credit!


The special edition Neighbourhoods issue of  Toronto Life magazine is out on magazine stands and will be displayed until December.  To view the original L’Espresso Bar Mercurio post, click HERE.   

7 thoughts on “A Moment to Cherish – Yours Truly (in Poached Egg & Salmon Form) on Page 16 of Toronto Life Magazine

    • Thank you, Yvonne!! And yes, they found my photos through the blog (they may have just stumbled on it or they may have heard about it from someone or somewhere, haha!) and they contacted me from there! 😀 I want to hug the magazine to sleep, lol!

  1. Congrats Debra, that’s super exciting news! I wouldn’t have been able to hold in such a secret either, but now you have your own copy to hug and cherish! I’ll be sure to look for a copy when I’m downtown today. 🙂

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